Burberry Mascaras, Effortless, Curve Lash and Bold Lash, Review & Comparison

I hope you are all having a great weekend. I managed to overlook all the black Friday sales since I shelled out all my money to Tommy's boys. A girl can never have enough boys right?

I have been testing the new mascaras of Burberry for a few weeks now. I have learned some time ago that mascaras has to be tested at least for a week before they start holding curl. In the beginning they don't work all that well on me. As they dry down a little, they start holding the curve better. 

Burberry added two more mascaras to their line recently. They used to have the Effortless Mascara, which has a transparent modern tube. New ones, Curve Lash and Bold Lash Mascaras have metallic look on the tube, similar to the Burberry compacts. They are most probably the most chic mascara in terms of packaging I have tried. But yet again, we know that there is nothing like Burberry packaging.

Burberry Mascaras, Effortless, Curve Lash and Bold Lash

The applicators of the mascara are all straight. Effortless mascara has the brush with the densest hair. Curve Lash mascara has the smallest brush with twisting hairs. Bold Lash mascara brush has irregularly long hairs. I have experienced that the formula of the two newer mascaras, Curve Lash and Bold Lash are wetter and Effortless Mascara is drier. They didn't smudge on my lashes during the day, nor dried and fell down under my eyes. They are all comfortable to wear and not too hard to take off. I use Bioderma Micellar Water to remove my eye makeup and try not to use an oil based product.  This is the reason why I don't use water resistant mascaras. Do you like them?

Burberry mascara tips of Effortless, Curve Lash and Bold Lash Mascara

Effortless Lash Mascara is offered in three colors, Midnight Black, Midnight Brown and Midnight Blonde. Curve Lash and Bold Lash are both offered in two shades, Chestnut Brown and Ebony. Chestnut Brown is a very deep brown, almost black as Ebony is a great for drama and definition. I sometimes find very black mascaras too much for the day time. Chestnut Brown offers a good trade-off between natural looking and dark. 

Swatch of Burberry Mascaras, Effortless, Curve Lash and Bold Lash

I would like to show you the effects of all three mascaras on my lashes. I have thick and straight lash to start with. They are rather long but only a few mascara can hold the curl on my lashes. Mascara is something very personal. I have experienced that what works for another might not work for you since our lashes are so different in terms of thickness and straightness. Take it as a review of full and desperately straight lashes. Below I tried to curl them but they look like this even after lash curler.

Lashes without mascara

Burberry Effortless Mascara has a rather dry formula, which works to define the lashes in a natural way. Since it is not too wet, it works also from day one and I didn't have to wait or get rid off the access on the first week. That meant though the life of the mascara is a little shorter than mascaras with wet formula. Because of the drier formula, if I can curve my lashes before hand, the curve stays put. It is claimed that this particular mascara strengthens the lashes by marine plant glycogen in its formula. I haven't tried it over weeks time so I can't report on that. Since the hairs on the applicator are rather dense, after some product gets dried in between, I couldn't get the between the hairs of my rather thick lashes as much as I wanted. At this stage, it is better to wipe it clean. 

Lashes with Burberry Effortless Mascara  in Midnight Brown

Burberry Curve Lash Mascara has very tiny hairs on its brush and if you have very thick and full lashes, this may cause the to clump. I believe it performs better on thinner and shorter lashes, as also written at Burberry website. On me it prolonged my lashes but it clumped a bit since the product was disposed too much through the flat surface on the brush and in turn didn't give me the separation I needed. I have made similar experience with all metal brushes in the past too. I will edit this post after Curve Lash Mascara dries a bit more. I like using Curve Lash for my bottom lashes though, since they are shorter, I can get to the roots with this one much easier.

Lashes with Burberry Curve Lash Mascara in Chessnut Brown

Bold Lash Mascara is my favorite out of the three. It seperates my lashes, gives more volume and holds the curve. The distance between the hairs on the brush is perfect to go into the roots. Although the formula is dense, it doesn't get clumped. It holds the curve on a lucky day when I can induce some curve with lash curler. Yes I try hard but sometimes it just doesn't work. Can you relate?

Lashes with Burberry Bold Lash Mascara

Also check out Sabrina's and Melanie's great reviews on Burberry Mascaras.

Final thoughts: I find Effortless Mascara great for a casual day look and its drier formula is easy to control. Ladies with shorter and thinner lashes should benefit from Curve Lash Mascara's prolonging effect. Bold Lash Mascara gives a drama wishing heart all that it needs, separation, volume and curl at once. I found the new formulas of Burberry mascaras a little wetter but therefore they last longer once they are opened.

What is your favorite mascara at the moment?

The products in this post are provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review, all opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I have Curve Lash Mascara and I actually like it! I'm still trying to evaluate if I like it MORE than some of the mascaras I like a lot (Diorshow Iconic Overcurl, Givenchy Noir Couture Volume, Dior It-Lash...), but it holds curl pretty well!

  2. I love the new Helena Rubinstein "Lash Queen Mystic Black". Here is the pic on my lashes: http://s010.radikal.ru/i312/1411/ea/6e36de198825.jpg It is deep black, provides me volume, length and with the "cumb brush side" i get a very clean effect, all lashes are separeted nicely. but it is really hard to remove! P.S. I think-you can benefit from a lash-curler.

  3. hi sarah! i noticed that tom ford was selling lippies on thanksgiving but, everything was already sold out. i finally found the w magazine article where he talks about the lippies that are most popular and would sell out first. now, i can't find it but, anyway i think they're gone. tomorrow is cyber monday and i'll have a good hour to be on my netbook before i go to work. i heard you can purchase 3 lippies in a set just for monday. i just have such a hard time when i can't see a cosmetic item in person unless i see your review of course. anyway, i'm sure everything's sold out...this leads to my "impatience" with cosmetics and why i've been wearing the same one for as long as i can remember, in my local sephora, they had a display unit with practically every mascara they sold. not 1 worked for me. every mascara smudges on me. i wear my makeup all day and there's nothing worse than looking in the mirror and seeing "racoon eyes". i really liked the givenchy (with the little ball at the end). it made my lashes incredibly long and thick but, smeared before leaving the house. i even bought a special lash comb to prevent this. i have curly hair too and my lashes are stick straight. my favorite is chanel's inimitable intense. although it's not marked waterproof, i wonder if it actually is because this does not budge on me. even with a cry or two and yes, it does not budge. when i get home i'm usually tired and it takes a few minutes or more to get this off. that is the only thing i don't like about it. their le volume smudges on me too. i think i will stick with this one unless it gets discontinued. i loved your max factor post. years ago, i loved both their 2000 calorie formula and they had a clear one (great for brows). no max factor available in the u.s. there's a few items available online, just a few. have a happy week sarah!! xoxo. p.s. reve d' orient quad.....found out it was available early in november for $61.00. then, learned it was available during black friday at my local mall for $70,00 . i loved your review which pretty much convinced me to purchase. however, tomorrow it's suppose to be available on the official chanel site. i noticed that it said PART of the limited edition collection. the blush that was used at the dubai show is unavailable here. i'm hoping they'll offer the whole collection. i heard the nail polish that was used was discontinued in the states long ago. with that, my local chanel sales associate thinks they will get spring collection very soon, on counter first because they did not have the "orient" compact. maybe i'll wait for that instead. no wonder i get impatient sometimes!

  4. For some reason I knew before I even began reading your post that the Curve one is going to be better for those with short and sparse lashes! I guess I have used enough mascara to know what type of wand works great for what type of lashes. Hehe. Hopefully the formula will be less clumpy over time! :)

  5. Sara, did my eyes deceive me or did I really see a better curve using Effortless than Curve? This seriously piqued my interest as I wasn't impressed with Burberry's old mascara. Thanks for sharing this comparison!

  6. Very interesting to read the comparison Sara! I've been faithful to the Dior Show mascara for twelve years now and every time I change, it's never the same, so I always go back to it! I can even try the different versions of it (Iconic etc) as I think the classic is the best one! I have to say though, I was quite impressed but Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen as well. Haven't tried Burberry but I am yet to be convinced about the brushes, which I think is key to how a mascara apple. needless to day that both Dior and HR mascaras hold the curl, density and thickness on my eyelashes for about a whole day! :)

  7. The mascaras of Burberry is very good, it is easy to use.

  8. Great mascaras indeed! I am eyeing on the Bold Lash Mascara. I want a bolder and thicker look on my lashes. Its def a great brand for mascaras.

  9. I've never tried a mascara by Dior but the third one looks really interesting!

  10. The more dramatic my lashes are.. the better! I have small eyes and simply cannot live without a dramatic mascara. Currently loving the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara.
    Again, the burberry packing is simply stunning! I'm so lusting after a few Burberry picks - hopefully my Christmas wishlist will do the job ;) xx

  11. You did what?! YOU HAVE TOM'S BOYS?! OMG!!

  12. You convinced me about bold lash ! I love your blog, such an inspiration, you're one of the blogger that made me create my own beauty blog, if you understand french I would love if you come & visit : www.liliesofbeauty.wordpress.com. Keep on you incredible job Sara !

  13. Aww, thanks so much, very sweet of you.
    Just checked your blog, a very nice start! Keep it up. I can understand a little french but writing is hard ;-)

  14. Hopefully you're writting in english because even though I'm near to germany border mein deutsh ist schrecklich haha. Thanks for the comment you're my first it's an honor :)


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