Top Ten: Holiday 2014 Edition, My Picks and Don't Misses from Holiday Make-up Collections

The week started a bit unpleasant for me yesterday. Fingers crossed that before it ends, it will all get better. I hope your week is being nicer to you. Today I have a favourites post for you. I have tested and written about over 50 products from Holiday Collections in the last months. This is the first time I am going for an across the brands wrap-up. Please let me know if you would like me to do that more often. All the links below are to the previous posts in case you would like to read a more in depth review about a certain product. There are no affiliated links in this post.

This one goes out for those who are still pondering on what to get or wondering what not to miss...

My top ten picks from Holiday 2014 Make-up Collections

As for the lips, I fell in love with Tom Ford's new matte lipsticks. I have gathered quiet a bit of those. My favorites are Pussycat for everyday and Plum Lush for day and night. They both stay long on me and don't dry my lips. I have selected Plum Lush for this post because it is more X-massy. I will probably end up wearing that one to X-Mas Dinner.

Lips & Nails: Tom Ford Plum Lush, MAC Just Jewels, Givenchy Folie Scintillante

Two nail polishes stole my heart from Holiday Collections. MAC Just Jewels is a beautiful pink, very unique and playful. It can be applied on its own or as a top coat. I like applying two coats of this one, it lasts long. It is very feminine and pretty. Not that pretty when it is being removed though, so make sure you have some aluminium foil to go for glitter nail polish removal technique. I hope everyone knows that one.

The second one, which I haven't posted about here but shared with you at Instagram, is a beautiful top coat to vamp up your vamp nail polishes even more. Below you can see one coat of this over Dior Smoke, which I like as a base since it has a tad of aubergine in there. With just one coat of Givenchy Folie Scintillante, it starts the party on your fingertips. It is so pretty.

Swatch: Givenchy Folie Scintillante

Next comes my selection of palettes for this season. 

I can name Guerlain's Petrouchka as one of the best palette releases of this season, eye shadows are great quality, very wearable and the blushes are even better. I would just wish a taupe in there to cool down the things a little and it would have been my all time favorite palettte. 

Burberry Gold is a great everyday natural, especially for those who like it a little cooler. Gold is very versatile and it is everything but gold, you name it, copper, brown, taupe...

Charlotte Tilbury's Fallen Angel gets additionally the prettiest name award from me. It is very metallic but I like how it looks on the eyes. You can use this one dry or wet. I have used it dry for day looks and it was very pretty. I like it much more than her regular quads with glitter shades.

Suqqu Ex-22 Yukiichigo, be still my beating heart. Oh so pretty. I can't get over the shimmery aubergine combination with cotton candy.

Eye Shadow Palettes: Guerlain Petrouchka, Suqqu Yukiichigo, Charlotte Tolbury Fallen Angel, Burberry Gold

For the cheeks my picks are Guerlain Petrouchka again. To me, the texture of these blushes are much better than their permanent range, they apply and blend beautifully.

I am also loving the shade as well as the lovely sheen MAC Sweet Sentiment blush gives. One of the picks from MAC Heirloom Collection along with the nail polish.

This year's Chanel Collection disappointed me a little but the highlighter, Camelia de Plumes was a real hit. It is not too cool on me, applies beautifully to give a lovely glow. I don't think it is necessarily just for the night time because it can be applied sheerly too. It is a matter of brush selection. It can certainly be built up for a night glow though.

Cheeks: Chanel Camelia de Plumes, MAC Sweet Sentiment, Guerlain Petrouchka

One more for the cheeks, here comes Tarte Pin-Up Girl Amazonian Clay Blush Palette. I didn't have the opportunity to review this one but it is a great palette for travel or in the morning if you just would like to reach one product to complement the look with a blush. I just wished that one of the lighter colors had the shimmer to be used as highlighter but in here the darkest color has it. Interesting concept, have to keep on experimenting with it.

Tarte, Pin-Up Girl Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

This sums up my reviews for holiday collections. I hope it was helpful in one way or another. I am not that much fan of posts with only links to buy things, and these type of favorites posts have the tendency to become one hence I used no affiliated links. 

If I were to get only three products? That would be a tough one. I think I would get Guerlain Petrouchka and wear it with Tom Ford Plum Lush. Then I would highlight with Chanel Camelia de Plumes.

What are your must haves from Holiday Collections?



  1. these are great Picks...each one of them :)

  2. Awesome post, Sara! I'm still very slowly working my way through all the releases as well as waiting for a few to reach our shores. From your list, I also adore the 2 polishes and the Guerlain palette. Still shedding a tear over not being able to get the Suqqu.

    1. Oh, I know what you mean, Suqqu is hard to get hold of but it is getting better. I am hoping from 2015 more Suqqu availability lol. Do you have Givenchy there?

  3. These are some perfect picks! Am so tempted by the Burberry and Guerlain palettes and that Chanel highlighter really is a thing of beauty :)


    1. Chanel highlighter is very pretty indeed. They have done so many pretty highlighters, this one must be the prettiest of them all lol. Let me know if you check out Burberry or Guerlain.

  4. So viele wunderschöne Schätze! ♥

  5. Great picks, Sara! I am absolutely in love with the CT Fallen Angel right now. ^_^ I decided to pass on the Tarte blush palette because I have so many of them in singles. :)

    1. Hi Jaa,
      these were my first Tartes ever, can you imagine? ;-)
      Fallen Angel is a great palette, name and shade/texture wise. I can't wait for your review!

  6. Hey Sara, I hope your week will pick up!

    Burberry Gold Complete Eye Palette, Bobbi Brown Black Scotch, LM Caviar Stick set (value sets count, right?) would be my top 3. If I could pick two more, than Guerlain Rouge Parade Rouge G and the Burberry highlighter!

    1. Aw, thanks Sunny, I am hoping that too. It is already a bit better!

      I have checked Black Scotch, it is really so pretty. I could stop at the last moment but no guarantee when I go back lol. I just stopped because I rarely use those type of liners. I rather reach for eye pencils but yeah, pretty so... ;-) Rouge Parade looks awesome on you!

  7. I am both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by this year's Holiday collections. There are some pretty things for sure, but nothing that screams "Pick ME!". I think my wallet loves me very much this year. LOL!

    1. I know what you mean Lily, I am underwhelmed too. I was really searching rather hard this season. I liked Fall Collections though, and Spring is never that much my thing, so I should be living for the next fall lol.

  8. Hey Sara, wenn ich fragen darf; wie belichtest du deine bilder so toll? mir gefallen sie so gut!
    und was ich auch schon immer fragen wollte, arbeitest du in einer parfumerie? :)))

    1. :-) Du darfst alles fragen! Ich benutze eine "Fotostudio Koffer" von
      Ich bin aber nicht sehr zufrieden. Lichte sind nicht stark genug obwohl ich die teuerste habe. Die Fotos muss ich danach mit Gimp überarbeiten und heller machen.
      Ich bin Ingenieurin aber mittlerweile wegen meine Sammlerleidenschaft es ist wie eine Parfümerie in der Wohnung :-P Du kannst mehr über mich unter "About Me" Post erfahren. z.B.

  9. Hi, Sara! Since that moment I saw the first promo of Christmas collections Guerlain, Chanel, Dior and Givenchy I dreamed about: Dior Eyeshadow Palette 756 Golden Shock, Guerlain's Petrouchka, Chanel Camelia de Plumes & Les 5 Ombres De Chanel #12 Oiseaux de Nuit, Givenchy Rouge Interdit 37 Revelateur Prune Folie & Givenchy Le Vernis Folie Scintillante. Now I have almost everything, except for the last two points :( , because Christmas Givenchy not taken to Ukraine this year... I can only admire this beautiful top coating on pictures in Google)))))))).

    1. Hi Olia,
      don't worry I think they will release similar top coats in the future. It happens to me very often that I start waiting for a product just to find out that it was not released in Germany, what a bummer.
      Now we should start dreaming about Spring Collections :-) Are you eyeing anything?

    2. :) Course! I want the powder-rattle) Givenchy (oh, I hope Givenchy spring 2015 will be release in Ukraine...), Guerlain meteorites compact, Dior hasn't attracted me yet (but I can change my mind after the test in the store :) ). And Chanel ........... I want the whole Chanel spring collection!!!!!!!!!!)))))

  10. Lovely picks Sara! I passed on that Tarte blush palette this year as some of the shades felt dry to me, i preferred last year's palette. And gosh i'm so envious you've got EX-22!!!!

  11. Oh my, that Givenchy nail polish is perfection!

    And just today I had to walk quickly past the chanel iluminator. It is gorgeous, but a)I don't need another highlighter and b)I am warm toned so no

  12. So from your list I picked up Fallen Angel, the Chanel highlight, Burberry Gold palette (the best palette I think), the Tarte palette and Plum Lush!! Yey, great minds!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict xx


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