Vamp Tom Ford Nail Lacquers for Fall, #04 Bitter Bitch, #09 Plum Noir, #10 Viper, #16 Bordeaux Lust

After a silent weekend, here comes a fall choice post with four pretty vamps for your nails. These are from permanent line of Tom Ford and as far as I know they will stay so. Since both of the purple palettes are discontinued though, I have a bad feeling about the future of the vampy plums. So I would say if you happen to like one, don't wait very long.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquers, #04 Bitter Bitch, #09 Plum Noir, #10 Viper, #16 Bordeaux Lust

Why not starting by Plum Noir. This one is a deep plum, which is not too dark. It doesn't appear blackened and has a pure creme formula. Opaque in two coats, a just little watery but easily controllable during application. I have to note and apologize for some artifacts you may see on the bottle (see photo below), like waves. These are not because of the photos but unfortunately Tom Ford bottles have some quality issues. The design of the bottles are luxurious and chic so it is a little heart breaking but let's try to concentrate on the content for now.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer, #09 Plum Noir

The first time I have heard this name, it was clear that I needed it, Bordeaux Lust. Isn't it beautiful. Very Tom Ford in a cliche way too, I know but still I can't stop swooning after someone says this out loud. This one is also a little watery but opaque in two coats. It is pure creme but since it is very glossy, reminds me of a furniture, like furniture finish, if that makes sense. On fingers it is more bordeaux while looking more plum in the bottle. The shade is deep but not blackened. This one is the lightest of four shades. It also has good longevity, lasted on me about 5 days without chipping.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer, #16 Bordeaux Lust

Next one is the deepest of them all, it is the darkest Tom Ford ever. And the name fits that reputation too, Bitter Bitch. This one was the first Tom Ford nail polish I ever purchased because I found it to be rather unique, despite the size of my stash. It is a murky muddy plummy brown with smoky quality. It keeps reminding me of dried blood, the name may also be playing a role in this disturbing image. It is definitely one of that ugly pretty shades and I love it.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer, #04 Bitter Bitch

And here comes the purple of them all! Viper. I don't know about the name but this shade is love to me. I am sure you can imagine why :-) You can build and build on it, it stays dark vampy but never turns black. It stays as a purple, a real one. Not too red, not too blue. Perfectly opaque in two coats and I like the consistency. It is darker and more blue than Plum Noir. 

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer, #10 Viper

When it comes to comparisons, I could easily take out at least 10 more shades since my stash is heavy on vamps. You can never have too many of them, can you? Anyways I tried to stick to the recent releases and here are the ones I found to be closest.

Stash comparison: #04 Bitter Bitch, #09 Plum Noir, #10 Viper, #16 Bordeaux Lust

Dior #981 Orchid and Tom Ford Plum Noir are very close, Orchid being a tad more blue. Chanel Provocation is also close to these two. Tom Ford Bitter Bitch reminded me of Chanel Koala and Imperial. Here I swatched Imperial which is more of a brown, Bitter bitch has more red tones in it and is still unique to my stash. Bordeaux Lust is lighter than some other Bordeaux I own, like Chanel Rouge Noir or Chanel Accessoire. Tom Ford Viper is truly unique and magnificently purple and shines like a super star among all the others, well, at least to me.

Nail wheel:  #04 Bitter Bitch, #09 Plum Noir, #10 Viper, #16 Bordeaux Lust

Thanks to Lipstick Boulevards for asking me about Tom Ford vamps and inspiring me for this post.

Final thoughts: Lovely vamp nail polishes for this fall. My personal favorite is Viper and my most unique choice is Bitter Bitch.

You can never have enough vamp nail polishes

Mini Poll:
I am considering to publish my nail polish stash in form of excel sheets which I keep for myself for reference. Do you think it would be interesting or rather would scream the world that I seriously need an addiction treatment. (we are talking about over 200 Chanel about 100 Dior and many many other brands, ugh).

The reason I thought it might be useful is because you may check it to see if a shade is there and ask me to do a comparison of these with a newly released item. Or when I say "I don't have anything close to that one in my stash", you would know what is in my stash.

So what do you think? Please choose one from useful/stupid/I can't care less ;-) and let me know!


  1. OOOO Viper has to be my favorite! With all the purple nail polishes I own, I don't think I have anything like that! I think that Excel sheet sounds like a great idea! It'll be a lot of work for you, but it'll be really helpful!

    1. It is also my favorite, so vivid, yet dark and vampy. Love it.

      I already have the excel sheet, I use it to check out the polishes before I buy them to avoid double buy, lol, I know that sounds insane... Anyway I may just publish it. I hope no one will judge me for being the ultimate addict though.

  2. Sara - Thanks for this post....and the many others I've read (long time lurker). I think it would be great if you shared your spreadsheet - NO judging here!

    1. Thanks for your comment, glad to meet a mysterious reader ;-)
      I take your word for it lol.

  3. I really like Bordeaux Lust. Would be great on toes too!

    1. Yes this one would definitely rock on the toes. Actually you gave me this idea, now I should try it out next time I paint them!

  4. Wow, this is quite the collection of vamps!

    1. Thanks Liz. Do you like Vampy nail polishes too?


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