Wayne Goss Brush Collection Part I, #01, #02, #03, #04, #05 Review & Comparison

Today I would like to write about Wayne Goss brushes I purchased during pre-order some weeks ago and I have been playing with them over a week now. The reason why I haven't wrote about them earlier is to test them properly for example during usage or before and after washing. I haven't finalized my thoughts about them but I would like to give you my first impressions and some comparisons to the brushes I own.

Wayne Goss Brush Collection, all brushes

Wayne Goss designed eight brushes, they are numbered from 01 to 08. Each of them are made in Japan, which is carved up on the handle. The number of the brush and the brand "wayne goss" are also carved and painted in silver. The silver paint might take off during usage as it is the case with other brands too so if you like it to stay, you may want to go over it gently with a clear nail polish. I usually have no problem with it since it can still be read even after the paint is gone.

The handles of all the brushes are wooden and black. I am guessing ferrule is made of black brass-chromium as opposed to silver nickel-brass which is very common to brushes, such as G series of Hakuhodo. Back ferrule gives the brushes a classy look since there is no cut but it looks like one piece. I don't know where in Japan the brushes were made but to me the quality of the brushes are very similar to G series of Hakuhodo, which also has black bristles, which are a mix of blue squirrel and goat. 

I would like to go through each brush and provide comparisons where possible. The collection reminded me of misty set of Hakuhodo, which is a web special from hakuhodousa web page. (link is not affiliated, just for your convenience just like all the other links in this post). Misty Set also has black brass-chromium ferrule and I found some of the brushes to be similar. Please note that if you order G series outside this set, the handles are slightly longer and ferrule is silver. The head shape and the size is exactly the same.

Wayne Goss Brush Collection, all brushes

Wayne Goss #01:

This is one new addition to my brushes because I don't own anything like that. It is a duo fibre brush with natural as well as synthetic hair. This makes it perfect for cream or powder products. The synthetic bristles are a little longer than the natural ones and the brush is soft and dense. It is angled which gives possibility to use it at corners, such as under eye area for large area concealing. I used it to apply liquid foundation, under eye concealer and creme blush. I found the application to be very comfortable and results being better than my other duo fibres, such as Chanel foundation blending brush #7. I am just a little careful with this one since using it for foundation means washing it each second day. After washed though it didn't shed any hairs. I washed it for three times in total until now and it preserves its shape, color and smoothness. 

As for the dupes, I think this one is easier to dupe in Japan than in Europe or USA. I have seen this particular post and I think Chomotto Beaute Magenta Oblique Circle brush is very similar to Wayne Goss #01, they both have 20 mm diameter and their price range also compares. Another similar brush is Hakuhodo G5556, which has 40 mm of diameter. I have read that it is also possible to find G5556 with smaller diameter but I couldn't find how to order it online from Hakuhodo. If you know please leave a comment below.

Bottom line: Love it! Became my go-to foundation brush for flawless make-up.

Wayne Goss #01

Wayne Goss #02

This is a pointed blush/highlighter brush made of just natural hair. The exact type of hair is not provided but from how it feels, I am guessing it to be a mixture of goat and blue squirrel. The pointy shape makes it possible to apply and to blend at the same time. No shedding with this one, the shape is preserved also after washing.

wayne goss #02 vs. Hakuhodo G 5521 from Misty Set

I found this one very close to Hakuhodo 5521 from Misty Set. Usually I use Hakuhodo G 5521 to apply highlighter at the high points of the cheek since I like using a denser brush for blush application such as Tom Ford #06 Cheek Brush. Its pointy tip makes it suitable to use it as a contouring brush too. The quality is superb, no shedding, the shape is also conserved after washing. My Hakuhodo G5521 looks a bit leaning to the side because of traveling with me this summer, so excuse me for that. Originally it had exactly the same shape. There is a minor difference by their fullness. Hakuhodo G5521 is a little denser and the ferrule is 1,5 mm thicker. Their price is almost the same, Hakuhodo G5521 retails for $34$, Wayne Goss #02 can be ordered for $35.

Bottom line: Lovely brush but not unique to my stash. Since it is sold out at the moment, you may not want to wait for it to reappear and instead opt for Hakuhodo G5521, which is 1$ cheaper and has a little denser bristles.

wayne goss #02 vs. Hakuhodo G 5521 from Misty Set

Below I would like to talk about three eye shadow brushes briefly, since I don't own close dupes to these, I am going to write my first impressions:

Wayne Goss #03, Large Crease 

This is a round shaped pointed, rather large brush. It feels lovely and soft and has superb quality just like the other of the range. Bristles feel close to #02 in terms of softness and again I am guessing that it is a mixture of blue squirrel and goat. During application I found this to be too large for my crease and you know I rather have big eyes.  I think it would work better for powdering under eye or contouring the nose. 

Wayne Goss #04, Medium Crease

Another round shaped pointed brush, like a smaller version of #03. I found this to be softer than #03 and guessing that the blue squirrel dominates, if not used alone. Who would have thought that I have medium crease (rather than a big deep one) but I loved this one to give depth to my eye look. The pointy edge blends my crease shade beautifully. This one became one of my favorite brushes of all time. 

Wayne Goss #05, Small Crease

This one has the same softness of #04 and great quality. Nevertheless I tried it on different ways and couldn't find it working in any of it. Firstly used it instead of my smokey brushes, such as Laura Mercier Smokey brush or Hakuhodo G5514 but in my opinion its bristles are way too long to smoke out a liner. It is also too small for my rather large crease. I tried to use it to apply a pop of color to a certain point like mid of the lid ad tried it with new Suqqu Quads from Fall but its bristles are not dense enough to pick up enough product. I think this one is more suitable for smaller eyes and can be used wonderfully on the crease. For me it is rather a miss but I will keep trying and let you know.

Bottom line: #04 is love at first sight, other two need a bit more trying for my eye shape and size.

Wayne Goss #03, #04, #05

This is the point I realize that I need to cut this post since it is getting really long. I will post the second part soon but until now I would love to hear your comments. 

Have you tried any of these brushes? How is your impression?



  1. Hey Sara, thanks so much for the review! I was thinking about getting a brush or two during pre-order, but I was afk the whole day and by the time I thought about it, everything was already OOS! The foundation brush kinda reminds me of Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush, which works really well for me! I was hoping there is a MAC 217 dupe in the eyeshadow brushes, but I don't really think so. Can't wait for part 2!

    1. I think MAC 217 is rather unique. There should be a post of Karima who tried to dupe it from Hakuhodo range you can check it out here:

      That said, I think duping 217 is not that necessary since there are better crease brushes out there, which are softer and better in blending. I love Hakuhodo G5523 for this purpose, maybe you would like to give it a try too.

  2. after re-reading this, I think Wayne Goss 01 it's a very similar to Hakuhodo G5552

    Here's the size comparison between Hakuhodo G5553 , G5555 ,G5557
    The G5553 brush is the same size to the G5552 one, except for the length of the synthetic bristles.

    I'll wait until the next part of the review :) Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Desire,
      i think you are right, these seem to be much closer than G 5556. G 5552 looks identical to Wayne Goss #01. Thanks so much for the heads-up. Thanks for your valuable comment.

  3. As much as I wanted to get 01 I have the G5553 which is a nice brush, but just not one I use enough to justify a duplicate. I'm glad I passed on 05. Your review definitely confirmed what I was afraid of. Love the quality of the brushes and I'm hoping to order 02, 06, and 08 as soon as they're restocked.

    1. Now the review of #06 and #08 are also up if you would like to check them. If you are tight lining, #08 should be a good addition to your brush collection. As for 02, you may want to check Hakuhodo G 5521 if you would like this brush to be a little denser. #06 is a lovely crease brush I think.

  4. Ok let's see if this works :) i'm too tired to type long sentences so ...
    1. do you think the #2 brush is similar to suqqu cheek brush?
    2. The #1 brush looks cool :) I have one that is a similar shape but i'm not sure if it is smaller or larger, from sephora. It's the pro angled contour from the professional line!
    3. Those eye brushes look like they would all serve the same purpose? Which for me would be putting shadow on crease/inner corner? Good for you for trying other uses though

    1. Hi Joyce,
      1. Nice question, you are lucky that I just received my Suqqu blush brush yesterday ;-) so I checked it for you, Suqqu doesn't have this pointed end and is fuller and of course softer.
      2. I don't own any brushes from Sephora but I am guessing it doesn't have natural hair? #1 is pretty amazing, it is my fav of the collection and only one that made it to my everyday makeup routine so far :-)
      3. Wayne thinks shader brushes are no good because they lay color in a harsh way. I can't agree with him and thinking those brushes for me are crease brushes and my lid work I carry on doing by using a shader brush. This is the way I like it. If you think the same then probably you are right. If you like a wash of color on your lids, these may help you laying the shadow on the lid as well.

    2. oooo lucky you for getting the suqqu brush! Thanks for checking and comparing the suqqu brush. I can't wait to see your review of that too! I believe you're right, and the sephora brush is synthetic, but yay about this one! Hmm, that is interesting! I've never watched much of his videos but maybe i should just to see! :)

  5. I really enjoyed your review and it helped me decide which brushes I'll end up buying.

    1. It is nothing better than reading that it was helpful :-))


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