Friday Fun with Addiction Ready To Wear Palette #05 in Departure

After my last fun look with Addiction Ready to Wear Eye Palette #04 Mudd Club (here), nemesis86 managed to convince me to get my hands on the newly released #05 Departures Palette. I was pondering about that one but after her comments I pulled the trigger and placed my first order to Ichibankao. I was very surprised to receive it pretty fast and the communication with the customer service was very good. And once I opened the envelope...

Addiction Ready To Wear Palette #05 in Departure

... I was smitten by the color combination, the pretty texture and overall uniqueness of that one, even to my unreasonable stash. Check this out...

Close-up: Addiction Ready To Wear Palette #05 in Departure

Then I touched it and I knew it would never be the same! Buttery and so pigmented...

Top right: Khaki pulling bronze shade with golden shimmer.
Top left: Semi transparent periwinkle with glittery finish.
Bottom right: Must be the prettiest burgundy shade I own, with multi colored shimmer
Bottom left: Mid-toned gray/taupe with matte finish. 

Swatch with direct sunlight: Addiction Ready To Wear Palette #05 in Departure

These can be layered like no other. I was having so much fun mixing and matching, I don't even know which shade was applied where but I am guessing that khaki/bronze (inner lid), burgundy(outer lid and crease), matte taupe (blend), periwinkle shimmer (mid lid for dimension)

This picture doesn't really do it justice. In real life, it was prettier.

In-action: Addiction Ready To Wear Palette #05 in Departure

My only slight disappointment was a few minutes after when I applied the periwinkle glitter. At first application, it looked breathtaking but in a few minutes it started to fade and blend and I assure you I was not touching it. I looked if there is a fall out but none, zero, nothing at all. Where was the periwinkle shade then? I have no idea but I solved this situation by gently tapping another layer of it by my fingers and voilĂ , it stayed put.

FOTD: Addiction Ready To Wear Palette #05 in Departure

Final thoughts: Love, love, love that one. How come I waited so long!

What do you do when you would like to have some fun with your make-up? Bright lips? Graphic Eye liner? Let me know.


  1. WAAAAAAAH why you revive my desperate desire for this one? This look is SO, SO lovely D:

    1. LOL, yes I know. I also resisted for a long time but I am glad I gave up ;-)

  2. Possibly one of my top fave looks on you, Sara!!! AHHHH, so beautiful!!! ♥ ♥

    1. Hi Sharina, thanks so much. I love how the burgundy and periwinkle combine for such a gorgeous iridescent shade.

  3. This looks so gorgeous on you!!!!

  4. Hi Sara,I'm really happy you got it too!! Congrats on your first purchase at Ichibankao. Aren't they amazeball? Granted, the markups are steep, but the customer service is up to par. Yes the shipment is fast and easy and they offer all those yummy Japanese brands for us to try :)! You really rock that look! The blending of all colours is exquisite. Thank goodness that palette is NOT LE hehehe.. Yes I know the blue is quite sheer!, but because of the texture, it accentuates the other colours of the palette and is truly beautiful on you! Thank you for mentioning me btw:) Minh xoxo

    1. Ichibankao is really great! They answer all the questions very quickly and shipment was very fast. You are right about it not being LE. I started using it regularly and I might need another one if it goes on like this ;-) Thanks so much for convincing me about this one! xox

    2. Hi Sara, eeek Selfridges just got the Suqqu Xmas coffrets, but only the blue one ships internationally.
      I placed an order yesterday for some Suqqu creamy glow lipsticks before they disappear ! It is my first time, hence will get the C. Tillbury pencils next time. On another note, I think you will like the duo eyeshadows from the brand Three. Kate has some fab posts on them , and they are available on Ichibankao . They should get the Chrsitmas soon... So many to chose, we should make a wish list...

  5. Wahhh that burgundy shade is to die for!! Love that multi colored shimmer. So gorgeous!

    1. The burgundy and the blue glitter must have been my all time favorite combo. So pretty alone a well as together.

  6. ugh I loathe that lavender shade but the rest are soooooooo lovely ahhhhhh
    mustttttt resist !


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