Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #06 Ginbudou, Swatch & Review

It is no secret that since Selfridges started delivering to Germany, my bank account is in mortal danger. Seriously, who could resist that brushes, blushes, and that...

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #06 Ginbudou

Just that I thought I missed on Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #06 in Ginbudou, which is about to be discontinued, Selfridges added them to their website, under the limited editions eye color item. The eye Shadow Quads of Suqqu from #01 to #08 will be replaced by the new ones (#09 to #12) so if you are eyeing one of these, you may want to check them out sooner than later. Just keep in mind that these are less pigmented and gives your softer eye looks once compared to the newly released ones or limited editions from spring, summer or winter (Ex-15, Ex-16Ex-17).

Close-up: Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #06 Ginbudou

On top left corner there is a gorgeous soft shimmering gold. This one unfortunately doesn't show on my skin or on my eyes due to it being very close to my skin tone (even considered M.Jackson whitening process just for this pretty shade!). Next to it is a silver taupe with shimmery/metallic finish. On bottom right there is a cool matte white which I prefer to use to soften or add milkiness to some of the other colors as well as applied by itself under brow bone or right over the crease for a softer transition. Bottom left shade is a gorgeous deep plummy brown with matte finish, which must be my favorite of the bunch. Such a perfect crease/definition shade, natural yet edgy and plum and matte! You know how much I like my crease in matte. *happy sigh*

All in all the palette offers a great variation between shimmery to matte, light to dark, warm to cool. 

Swatch under direct sun light: Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #06 Ginbudou

I started using the quad by the most unique shade, the gold one. Unfortunately this one being very close to my skin tone doesn't show properly. Gold shade works better for me once layered on the other shades to give a wash of warmth as much as desired. For the below look, I used the silver taupe on the lid, deep plum on the crease, a mix of these two for the lower lash line. I have to admit this was not instant love and I had to work my way through by trying whatever works best. In the end I came to terms with the below look, but I think with this gorgeous quad, there may be better looks created. 

In-action: Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #06 Ginbudou

And here is my FOTD with Ginbudou on eyes... Please ignore my wild hair, I still haven't figured out what to do with those ;-) Rest of the makeup: Armani Rouge Ecstasy Day Break on lips, Chanel Joues Contraste #86 Discretion on cheeks.

FOTD: Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #06 Ginbudou

Also check out Kate's gorgeous looks and swatches (where the gold actually does show up) and Bellyhead's lovely post on Ginbudou.

Final thoughts: A very well balanced quad from Suqqu which is sadly about to be discontinued. As of today it is still available on Selfridges website though. I still have to experiment with this one to get the most of it but love the purpley natural hues of it.

Are you eyeing anything from Suqqu recently?


  1. I love that this palette has a matte shade and the purple-tones look amazing w/ your eyes. The top right shade in Suqqu quads is always my favorite and usually has the best pigmentation. This and the Konruri quad really caught my attention on the website but I've been on a little bit of a Rouge Bunny Rouge bender lately... thanks for the temptation, lol.

    1. Hi Jillian,
      yes the top shades are very pretty but for the palettes up to 9, they are not that pigmented like the ones after that or the limited edition ones. But this one has the pretty gold to layer on the others. Oh so you like RBR too, I love them. What have you picked up?

  2. You look so beautiful here Sara! I love the whole look. I am so so tempted by these quads but I want to swatch one in person. Selfridges is a killer on the bank balance

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

    1. Aww! Thanks so much Stacey, it means a lot to me. Aren't you the lucky one who gets to go to London from time to time? You should definetely check these out in person. I wish i could do that too.

  3. This is still a favorite of mine, I placed it in a z palette next to my other favorite things. I really love the dark grey and purple. The gold can work better over a sticky base that works on your skin.

    Are you going to pick up the xmas palettes? I think they will look amazing on you :)

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for the ideas, I will try the gold on a base and see if it shows up better on my skin tone.
      I am considering to check out Package B with orange kind of shimmer shade. But i am not very sure since I think they don't sell the quads separately but it has to be bought in the set, so still a bit undecided. Are you picking it?

    2. I'm going to try, will see how my cp person goes with getting some for me.

  4. Lovely on you!
    But I can't get the gold to show up either when used alone. I have to layer. That purple is so elegant in this quad!

    1. I totally agree! Or just a second, are we both liking the same quad? *faints*

  5. I just bought this palette too and it's on the way coming to me :D

    Just curious, with your huge collection of eyeshadows, how could you decide which palette to wear in the morning?

    1. Hi Eileen,
      enjoy it! Let me know how you like it after playing around with it.
      Your question made me smile. Being honest I don't give it a lot of thought, just grab whatever is on the table. I do change the ones on the table often though ;-)

  6. OH OH OH !! i am obsessed with this look on u !!!!
    *prints out * :)
    p.s. i NEED THIS TOO RIGHT ?


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