MAC Eye Shadow X4 in Showstopper from Gorgeous Eyes Collection

Lately it has been a challenge to keep up with all the collections MAC has been releasing. Six new quads must have been caught my selective attention. I can imagine some of the commands my brain was sending around: eye shadow, quad, eyes, gorgeous, taupe, take out CC, order!

Actually it has been a little more complex than that. I have read in some blog that the blogger loved this and it almost became her go-to quad. I always save these kind of information in case I have to act for a quick order. Showstopper quad sold out in less than a day in Germany without leaving any trace behind, even at MAC online shop and online retailers.

MAC Eye Shadow X4 in Showstopper

Once you see the shades, it is no brainer to guess that this one would be popular. Peachy, taupe tones with a natural matte brown defining shade and the price is in somewhat lower range than other brands such as Dior, Chanel or Guerlain. On the other hand, MAC is known for the inconsistent quality throughout their limited edition quads. I purchased that one sight unseen and I have to admit, I was a little let down.

Close-up: MAC Eye Shadow X4 in Showstopper

Shades are as follows:
  • A light peachy ivory with matte finish. (top left)
  • Light peach with satin finish. (top right)
  • Mid-tone taupe with shimmery finish. This particular shade produced a lot of fall out during application. (bottom left)
  • A deep cool leaning brown with matte finish. This one could be a little more pigmented and less powdery. (bottom right)
After trying those out on the eyes, I have to admit that I was not impressed. It was rather difficult to work with them considering the fall out and pigmentation issues. The end result was not that bad though. My expectations were raised too high by the fellow blogger who raved about it. I must have been expecting a flawless result.

Swatch under direct sun light: MAC Eye Shadow X4 in Showstopper

An everyday palette? I seriously don't have time to make it work everyday. I would rather invest in one which might cost like 20% more but saves me half the time. I wished MAC's palettes would be as good quality as their singles.

Below I applied the satin peach (top right) all over the lid, then tried to apply the taupe (bottom left) with minimum to no success (as you see peach turned a little more taupe). Then defined the crease with the brown shade (bottom right) and blended it towards the brow bone with the matte ivory (top left).

In-action: MAC Eye Shadow X4 in Showstopper

Final thoughts:
Too bad that taupe had fall out and brown was not that pigmented. But anyway it is sold out so quickly that probably I shouldn't be hoping for a better quality from the next quad either. After seeing their summer quads, I thought these were improving...

How do you feel about the quality of recent MAC eye shadow quads? Have you made any purchases?


  1. Such a shame about the lack of pigmentation and fall out, the finished look does look really nice though!

    1. H Charlotte. I completely agree with you. After checking the photos I said, hey it doesn't look bad but during application I was a bit frustrated to enjoy the look on me afterwards :-)


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