Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015 Review, Swatches & FOTD

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Mine was nice, I say was because now I have to start working on the lectures for next week. I noticed it can get really very busy next week so decided to get a few posts done and also show you the items I received recently from Dior Holiday 2015 State of Gold Collection.

Dior goes for the same ornamental holiday packaging for the fourth time this year. The first year it was a real deal, everyone was wowed. Last year it was getting a bit old but now it seems Dior sees this packaging something like "Christmas Dish which you are allowed to eat once a year, only on Christmas Eve". It looks like we will have many more years with the same packaging. The pieces I laid my hands on are Eyeshadow Palette 5 Couleurs State of Gold #576 Eternal Gold, Diorshow Fusion Mono #631 Blazing, Diorific Matte in #590 Troublante and #770 Fantastique as well as three of the Diorific nail polishes. I used them very briefly so don't take this post as a very detailed review. Here are my thoughts and first impressions.

Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015, Diorific Mat, 5 Couleurs #576 Eternal Gold, Diorshow Fusion Mono #631 Blazing

First things first, here is a small disclaimer. I have paid for the items. I purchased these from an insider. I can't tell you where you can get them because they are not yet available at the moment but I believe they will be released in a few weeks. I am using the luxury of "not being in the press list" of Dior and allow myself to show you the items before the collection starts raining on the Canadian Bloggers as a whole while my dear beauty bloggers in Germany start fighting for just two pieces. Enough said! ;-)

I have been disappointed for the Dior Quints many times after their reformulation. They have been rather too dry, too much fall out or alternatively not enough color but just shimmer. Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015 Collection has two quints. You can see the promo photos here at Isabella's blog. From what I can tell from the promo photos is that one of the quads is cool and the other one reads warmer. I have the cooler one called #576 Eternal Gold. If I could select, I would probably go for the one with the red though. 

Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015, 5 Couleurs State of Gold Version #576 Eternal Gold

Dior 5 Couleurs State of Gold Version #576 Eternal Gold is a combination of grey, ivory, white and plum as well as a glittery black shade. I was expecting a major fall out from the black but I am pleased to tell you that it was not the case. Also none of the colors were too dry to touch. On the other hand they were a bit too soft and less dense than what they appeared to be in the pan. Three of the shades applied almost the same on my eye lids. They are also all shimmery, no matte to balance it out. I believe those who love soft shimmery cool palettes with not much pigment, will love this one. I am unfortunately not in the camp. 

Close-up: Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015, 5 Couleurs State of Gold Version #576 Eternal Gold

Top left: Cool light grey with shimmery finish. 

Top right: Although it appears like a light peach in the pan, it is a shimmery off white once swatched. 

Center: This is the stunning shade of the quint, a light ivory with duo chrome finish, which shifts between gold and ivory. 

Bottom left: Medium to deep shimmery purple. It is somehow softer than it appears in the pan.

Bottom right: Gunmetal/grey with glitter. The glitter doesn't fall out that much which is great but the base shade is not as dense as it appears in the pan.

Swatch: Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015, 5 Couleurs State of Gold Version #576 Eternal Gold

On the eyes the first three colors are almost the same with the exception of the center shade which looks more yellow. I applied these on the inner half, applied the plum on the out half and tried to intensify the look with the black as much as I can since all the shades are rather soft, so it is hard to get some drama. This is my first try, I will be posting again (hopefully if I find the time) with a gold/purple look which I have to try with this quint. 

In-action: Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015, 5 Couleurs State of Gold Version #576 Eternal Gold

When I opened the lid of Diorshow Fusion Mono #631 Blazing, I was like wow! So much blink and in a nice complex way. Unfortunately after the swatch I was underwhelmed since it is the only thing it has, bling but no base color. I believe Blazing will be a good addition to vamp up the eye shadow for the night by applying just a little on top of it. Or alternatively it can make otherwise uninspirational shades look better on the lids once applied as a base. On its own, I personally don't see much use out of it.

Swatch: Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015, Diorshow Fusion Mono #631 Blazing

I think the stand out pieces of Dior State of Gold Collection are the Diorific Matte Lipsticks. I already love Diorific formula to start with, which lasts well on me and stays hydrating. Now Matte version of Diorific is lovely but it is not all that matte. It is close to Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet formula but I would say these are softer in terms of pigmentation. The swatches below are multiple swipes (like 6-7!) to build up the intensity. That said they apply beautifully on the lips, fade nicely and last long so I don't mind how they swatch really.

Swatch: Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015, Diorific Matte #590 Troublante, #770 Fantastique

Here is a quick FOTD with Dior 5 Couleurs State of Gold Edition #576 Eternal Gold on the eyes and Diorific Matte #590 Troublante on the lips. I am wearing Tom Ford Cheek Color in Ravish on the cheeks to complement the look. 

FOTD: Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015, 5 Couleurs Eternal Gold, Diorite Matte #590 Troublante

I also got my hands on three of the four shades of Diorific Nail Polishes which I swatched today for you at Instagram. Please leave a comment here or there with which comparisons  you would like . I will post swatches/comparisons of these soon on the blog. From what I can say for now is that I like these year's nail polishes more than last year's by miles. On the photo you can see Gris-Or, State of Gold, Mystére, from left to right.

Dior State of Gold Holiday 2015 Nail Polishes, left to right: Gris-Or, State of Gold, Mystére

Final thoughts: Dior's limited edition festive packaging comes back this year once more. I find the Eye Shadow Palette 5 Couleurs #576 Eternal Gold a little underwhelming in terms of pigmentation but the formula is not bad (read: not dry and doesn't produce fall out). Diorshow Fusion Mono in #631 Blazing has a nice and complex shimmer but has a transparent base, so works better on top of other eye shadows. I think the stands outs are Dior Matte Lipsticks which are more satin/velvet than matte and they are not too pigmented but they apply beautifully, stay long and fade and feel nicely. I am loving the nail polishes which I will post about soon.

Are you eyeing anything from Dior State of Gold Collection?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me. 


  1. The soft cool look is pretty on you but the palette colors seem very dupe-able. The nail polishes are very lovely but not seeing the NOTD of the red one.

  2. Personally
    I’m not that in love with the eyeshadow palettes this year (my wallet will be
    happy), but the nail polishes look really nice. I excited to see how pigmented
    the lipgloss is going to be, I had one year ago that I loved and this new one
    looks kind of similar. Also Troublante looks great on you! Perfect for the
    colder weather which we are finally getting in Canada.


  3. Hi Alison, the last swatch is up on Facebook and Instagram. I didn't want to spam swatches so waited for it :-) That shade is close to the one from Fall, which I also liked. Did you pick the fall one up?

  4. Hi Marie,
    I passed on the lipgloss since I don't do lip glosses. I don't think it is pigmented, I believe it is more of a shiny top coat for other lipsticks. I like the lipsticks, Fantastique is also right up my alley!

  5. Thanks for showing us this so early, I had that quint and cream shadow on my to get list but it sounds like they may not be quite as I expected, the lipsticks on the other hand look great so I'll be checking those out :)

  6. The shimmer in the quint looks quite complex overall. Honestly, I don't think Dior has brought the glory days of their eyeshadow formula even after the recent reformulation so I'm a bit skeptical about the formula itself. I should swatch these in person.
    And those Diorific stuff - fantastic! <3

  7. Looks like Suqqu ex-11 and Chanel Perles. Can Dior colors be layered? This palette is too cool for me and the other one is too warm. I plan to check Dior lipstick 580 Fascinante because eyeshadows on my Christmas shopping list are from Chanel and Givenchy. This Dior cream eyeshadow looks nice, but on photo it is too similar to the one from last year :)

  8. Hach :))) tolle tolle Sachen <3 Die Palette sieht wirklich wundervoll aus und der dunkle Lippenstift hat mir sehr angetan <3
    Liebste Grüße & Bussi :****

  9. i will take a look on the pink lipstick and the mono eyeshadow - i dont know why but i do not like this golen packaging at all. but the shimmery vernis looks pretty too. so i will go the kadewe have a look and we'll see what i pick up. this year there's not mind blowing product for me from the LE's. not from dior nor chanel yet.

    bisous, patricia

  10. This does not inspire me, but then Dior seldom does, funny how everyone has that brand. The lipstick and Tom Ford Ravish are just so stunning on you though!!

  11. The Dior quints have been so disappointing and this one is no exception. I have 2 other Dior Mono Fusions, love them, and was eagerly awaiting Blazing, because I love cooler golds, but if it's just sparkles with no base color, meh.

  12. Aw such a shame for Dior, everything looks so gorgeous but the payoff doesn't reflect it. I think those lipsticks look gorgeous, though!


  13. I looked at the quint swatches and I wasn't convinced, but then I saw it on your eyes and I was convinced! I'll think about it at least, but maybe not. I'm not very good at coming up with looks, I need structured palettes.
    What a shame for Blazing, I had really liked the promo pics. I already got Fairy Grey (two pans) which achieve a "veil" type of thing so I don't think I need this. What would you think comparatively? What are they, the same effect? Fairy Grey is very gorgeous and you were excited about it, but not for this one.
    I like Gris Or, it reminds me of a lighter Destin, and State of Gold (over Gris Or - nice combo there. I hate these diorific bottles because of the brush so much though, grr.

  14. The nail polish packaging is just darling. I love the little pots. The lipsticks look good too, but nothing here I have to have. I don't know what it is about Dior.... I like a few of their base products but nothing else really speaks to me in this brand.

  15. Dior's holiday releases are always so beautiful! Those lipsticks are dreamy and I love the retro packaging of the nail polishes :)


  16. I do agree the packaging is getting old, and those eyeshadows really do seem quite uninspiring, although that shimmery purple shade is tdf!! The Diorific lipsticks look good too, that's going to the top of my list!

  17. Sara, I got the Continental lippie which I wear constantly, but the NP- no. I try to hold back on NPs because I have so many and in my new job it's very much a no NP place so I have to do nudes and subtle stuff. It looks like the earlier one had a slightly better formula.

  18. I'll probably pick up the glittery gold and burgundy polishes, but otherwise, nothing's really speaking to me. The shadows looks pretty and complex in the pan, but on the lids they do seem to fall a little flat. I feel underwhelmed in general by holiday collections this year, except for Guerlain's. Chanel's looks too vampy for me.

  19. I agree with you, re-using the same packaging and theme for the 4th year in a row is just boring. If Dior wants to have us beauty enthusiast excited, they should try to innovate!
    I was not excited for the lipsticks (I don't like the bulky gold tube) but after seeing a few swatches I think they look amazing. I'll definitely have to check them out in a store when they're released!

  20. Oh Sara you created such a classy look with the palette and the lipstick! I wish Blazing Fusion Mono could be more complex but...never mind! Nice products and very unique color combination of the palette but with such a huge amount of launches this Holiday I really don't know if I can buy anything more than GrisOr nail polish and maybe Troublante!
    Thank you for your first impressions!

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