Dior Cheekstick #765 Rosewood, Rouge #753 Continental, Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder, Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

I find it so interesting to find out how "busy" one can be during holidays although chores are nothing else than going to the beach, swimming, reading a book, relaxing, spending time with the family  and writing some e-mails. I am behind answering the comments and I am slowly coming to taking the photos for the upcoming Fall Collection posts, such as Guerlain, Laura Mercier, RMK, Clarins and some upcoming items from Rouge Bunny Rouge. 

During the next days I will wrap up my Fall Collection reviews of Chanel and today it is my last Dior Fall Collection post, until I lay my hands on the missing three nail polishes, I think I am pretty much done. All three items I will present you today are my favorites of Dior Fall 2015 Cosmopolite Collection, these are Dior Cheekstick #765 Rosewood, Rouge Dior #753 Continental, Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder. I have previously swatched the products I have here and published an in depth review of two of the nail polishes here and Fluid Sticks here

Dior Cheekstick #765 Rosewood and Dior Rouge #753 Continental

My most favorite items of the Dior Fall Collection are Rouge Dior #753 Continental and the matching nail polish #785 Cosmopolite. I love new Rouge Dior formula, very hydrating and comfortable as well as relatively long wearing. It has a bit more slip than I am used to but with these type of deeper shades it applies just right. Continental is a mid to deep berry shade, which will be my staple for this Fall. 

Swatch: Dior Cheekstick #765 Rosewood, Rouge #753 Continental

Diorblush Cheekstick #765 Rosewood is a surprise favorite for me. This one is very pigmented and can make you terrified at the counter. Many have reported they ended up not getting it because it was way too pigmented for a lipstick. The truth is, it can blend so beautifully on the skin and applies very smoothly. I am also loving the color of Rosewood, which is a very pretty neutral pink which would flatter many skin tones. The packaging doesn't feel very luxurious but it is very practical. This particular formula works for dry to normal skin and lasts very well for a cream product. I can whole heartedly recommend it. 

Below I compared Rosewood to some of the now discontinued Chanel Cream Blushes. I am so mad at Chanel for discontinuing these, they were really superb. What I liked most about them was this blurry kind of effect they gave and how they perfectionized the face. You can see this effect below on my swatches. Rosewood is more of a satin compared to the Chanel blushes which have more of a cream to powder matte finish. The shade is close to Chanel #69 Intonation (reviewed here) and #65 Affinite. #66 Fantastic is deeper, #67 Chamade is redder.

Swatch Comparison: Dior Cheekstick #765 Rosewood

Now on to the pretty highlighter of this collection, Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder. I have stated that it is one of the must haves on my first impressions post. Now that I am using it, I would like to say, it works better as a face powder than as a highlighter on me because of two reasons, the base is not light enough to make a highlighter on my light to medium skin tone and because the shimmer is too subtle. If you have deeper skin tone and if you don't prefer too much shimmer than you might get use of it as highlighter as well. In other words Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite is a little too nude for me, if that makes sense *grins*.

Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder

It is so pretty to look at though, so my crazy make-up collector self is happy to get it. Here are some comparisons to give you an idea. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Champagne Pop is much more shimmery and warmer, Chanel Poudre Signee, one of my all time fav highlighters is lighter and warmer. Powder Signee shows up nicely on me although it is subtle too but Cosmopolite is hard to detect on my cheeks. It might also be the undertone which blends so well with my skin. The highlighter shade from Tom Ford Pink Glow (reviewed here) is deeper and much pinkier.

Comparison swatch: Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder

You have seen a close up of this look already here. I am wearing Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic on eyes, Dior Cheekstick #765 Rosewood on cheeks, Dior Rouge #753 Continental on lips and Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder on the high points of the face.

FOTD: Dior Cheekstick #765 Rosewood, Rouge #753 Continental, Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder

Check out Sunny's swatches of this collection as well.

Final thoughts: My highlights of Dior Cosmopolite Collection are Rouge Dior #753 Continental and the matching nail polish #785 Cosmopolite. I can also whole heartedly recommend Dior Cheekstick #765 Rosewood for cream blush lovers. Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder is more of a face powder than a highlighter due to low degree of shimmer and rather deeper/skin-like color on me and it is very finely milled and silky in case you are in the market for a illuminating face powder.

Have you picked anything from this collection? Which is your favorite?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me.


  1. Hey Sara, thanks for the link love! I think we have the same opinions on pretty much everything LOL I really love Cosmopolite Rosewood and Continental as well. For some reason I am not very big on berry nails (yet) tho. I also find the highlighter too subtle.

  2. These 3 were the first I ordered online and will be delivered at my home in Greece :) I'm so glad you liked Rosewood and Continental

  3. Hi Sara, thanks for clearing up regarding the cheek stick. I have to check it out now. I love cream blushes!

  4. Hello, I' m crazy about Rouge Dior lipsticks ( for me the best with Estee Lauder envy sculpting etc etc !) and this "continental" is really chic and flattering for fall and winter : good choice !
    For cheeks, this color is nice but I ´ m not a cream blusher lover 😉

    Bises !

  5. I am also really disappointed that Chanel discontinued their cream blushes. Why would you discontinue a product that was pretty much universally loved? I get that they released the Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Sticks, but to me, those a different kind of product because they're much sheerer. I do love the sticks, because they're so foolproof for me in the mornings (very swipe and go), but they've only released three colours so far. Not cool, Chanel.
    I was a bit scared of the Dior sticks because they do look very pigmented, but Rosewood looks so pretty in your review that I will definitely take a closer look. My local counter has received testers but no actual product yet, and the display isn't out, so I haven't been able to properly try everything out. Soon I hope!

  6. Wow, that Dior cream blush looks crazy pigmented, but that might work for me -- my cheeks like to eat blush , so if half gets eaten, it will look perfect on me LOL. I'm also liking that Dior illuminating powder -- I prefer my shimmer to be subtle but the color might be too peachy orange for me. Will need to swatch both at the counter. Thanks for the review and swatches!

  7. The only items I was interested in from this collection were the fluid eye shadows and the highlighter. I won't be getting the fluid sticks as they just seem to be too much work to apply when you're in a hurry. Now, after your review I'm unsure about the highlighter. At the moment I am probably the same shade depth as you except that I have strong pink undertones so I wonder if it wouldn't work on me as a highlighter, either. And I'm not really after another illuminating powder. Thanks for your reviews.

  8. Yes exactly like you said. The highlighter is marked as "illuminating face powder" so I think this sort of tells that it is more of an overall thingy? Maybe I am imagining things. Continental is gorgeous and I think it will look fab on you, can't wait to see your review.

  9. Hi Hara,
    yay for you going to Greece soon and meeting your pretties there. This dress sort of saved my life because I had to overview Fall Collections when it was 40 C outside. Red matches perfectly with the mood without getting too hot so you can see this dress in lots of shots lol.

  10. Hi Lily,
    I think you would love this one. Especially if you are a cream blue lover. There are two more shades but I believe this one is more universally flattering.

  11. If you are not so much into cream blushes, then it is an easy skip. I also prefer powder but from time to time I like the natural look of a good cream blush. If you like the formula, you shouldn't miss continental. It is such a lovely fall shade. I don't have anything like that.

  12. Hi Jess,
    I really don't understand why Chanel discontinued Cream Blushes. You are right, it got very positive reviews, there was nothing but love for them. I am usually not a cream blush person but cream to powder texture of Chanel won my heart. Now about Dior, they had cream blushes in pots about 3 years ago, they were limited edition. Now these three are also limited editions. Can it be that the cream products have shorter expiration dates and at some point it starts getting very expensive for the brand so that they discontinue it and release another one next year. This way they get rid of the old products and sell much more because of limited edition claim. It is just wild guessing but there might be some truth in that.

  13. Hi Katherine,
    best thing about these blushes is that they work on a person like me, easily clown able (is there a word like this anyway haha). But it would also work on you if your cheeks need more color. Illuminating powder is really a bit too peachy. I wouldn't call it an orange but there is lots of pink in there which disappears into my skin. If your skin tone is deeper than mine, it might work better on you.

  14. I think your decision of not getting the Fluid Sticks is spot on. I am not getting any other either although one is really calling my name. They are really not the swipe and go type. If you have pink undertones and similar skin color to mine, this highlighter may not show up on you either. Make sure to try it out before splurging. Glad it was helpful.

  15. Ah, I am so tempted by Rosewood! Love the pigmentation, but also that it's blendable. Have a fantastic weekend, Sara! :)


  16. Hi Jenni,
    Rosewood is very pretty, blends easily. Thanks so much, right now I am on holiday so everyday is weekend ;-))

  17. Thank you so much for the blush comparisons-- so helpful. I'm a huge cream blush fan and don't understand why Chanel is discontinuing. I have both Intonation and Affinite, but the only new Chanel blush stick I got was the bronze-y one because the other two just disappeared on me. Thankfully, Rosewood is more pigmented. I ordered it. One thing I like about the stick delivery is that what with sunscreen and all I keep my face rather dewy in summer, and with a stick you don't have to muck up either your cream blush or a brush by going back and forth between the product and your face. I was also tempted by the baby pink but have not gone for it yet.

  18. I was interested in the blush stick but I think I'll pass. I have Intonation, Chamade and Affinite so I won't miss Rosewood LOL. I am currently absolutely adoring Chanel blush stick no 21(mine is really pigmented and long lasting, unlike that of Alison) and I have hit pan on my blush cream in Revelation (must get a backup before it goes!!!).

  19. It's possible, although both companies have cream shadows as part of their permanent lines, and you would think that those would present the same problems in terms of expiration dates.

  20. Oh I am very curious to hear how you like Rosewood. Did you receive it yet?
    I think you will love it, let me know. Dior doesn't have any permanent cream blushes, I think cream blushes expire and it is economically not good for the companies to constantly replace them, so they might go for limited edition, less production and next year another package...

  21. I haven't tried Chanel blush sticks. I am trying to resist since I rarely use cream blushes but just for the sake of the blog I might get one. If you say 21 is nice, let me get that one then :-)

  22. Hello Sara,

    I've been waiting to see this illuminating powder. I have to say, it looks so sophisticated on you. I have looking for a subtle powder highlighter (especially one I can use with a dampened brush) and I think I like the look of this guy.
    I went to my local counters and none of them had this on display (some of them didn't even know what I was talking about).
    Thank you for the comparison shots with the other highlighters--I was contemplating Champagne Pop but, I saw it in person and it was just too much for my liking. Great post as usual lovely :)

    -Maria // www.ifmakeupcouldtalk.com

  23. Oooh that cheek stick looks divine! But seeing as its so close to Affinite which I own i may have to skip.

  24. I did get Rosewood and liked it so much I got the lighter pink one too. The light pink tends to fade more, but the sticks are a great summer product. In the fall I can go back to Chanel. I have both the ones you show to be similar.


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