Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic for Fall 2015, Swatch, Review, Comparison & FOTD

I hope you are all having a great weekend. Saturday is almost gone, gone! *sniff sniff* But let's concentrate on the half- full side, there is a beautiful Sunday coming up, yay. Close to our place there is a light festival tonight. We are not trying to figure out if we can still make it. Probably not as it has been already quite late. In Germany everything closes super early. This one is until 12 although it gets dark only at 10:30. There is an hour and half time to see the beautiful lights they installed in the park. Almost all the festivals finish at 12:00. even Octoberfest!

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Now back to the topic. I already posted the first impressions and swatches of Dior Cosmopolite collection. Despite the weather, I tested these not summer appropriate smoky metallics last week. I would like yo share my thoughts with you this week. Let me start with the eye shadow palette Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic.

Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic

Now first the bad news, at least for me. It is not called Electric but Eclectic!!

What was I thinking when I commented that I love make-up with names having electricity. Booh! On a brighter note, I like this name more, Eclectic, it is beautiful and I don't think I own any other make-up product with this name. 

Now the good news? It may not swatch all that good (read: abysmal) and it feels very dry to touch but... It applies nice and with almost no fall out. In this aspect it is not like Pied-de-Poule (phew, who needs another PdP?). So yay for that. 

That said I didn't know what to do with very close purple shades and almost blackened green without any lustre. I will come to that soon.

Close-up: Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic

Here are the shades offered in the palette:

Top left: a reddish mid-toned plum with sparse bluish glitter. This is the only shade I haven't tried on my lids as it appeared very close to the other plum and looked like the glitter right fall out. I will update here if it does by the next try.

Top right: light nude pink with satin finish. This shade feels very buttery to touch and applies beautifully. It doesn't show up on me very much though because it is so close to my skin color. I use it to blend the other strong shades over the crease for a smooth transition.

Bottom right: very deep blackened plum with satin to matte finish. This is a dry shade which is not so bad in the end because I suspect if it would be smoother, it could have fall out. I like using it on the crease and outer corner.

Bottom left: a very deep blackened green with natural undertones and satin finish. This shade looks very much like the deep plum once applied on the lids and gets a little muddy when you combine these. Although the finish is satin, it looks more matte on the lids.

Center: this has an overspray to that and looks silver. Once it is used once, it becomes a frosty off-white. I swatched them side by side below so you can see. Too bad about it, I was loving the strong metallic white/silver here but what is underneath turned out to be subtler.

Swatch: Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic

Here is Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic on my eyes. I applied the green on the inner half, plum on the outer half and silver in the middle. I blended over the crease with the nude pink. I am wearing a green Shu Uemura liner along the lover lash line.

In-action: Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic

Here is the full look. More details about the cheeks and lips are coming up. These as well as the highlighter are all from the same collection.

FOTD with Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic

When I applied Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic, it reminded me of Chanel Les 4 Ombres Tissé Gabrielle. They are both smoky and have green and plums in there. When I swatched them side by side though, they were not very close. The resulting effect on me eyes is though. Now something to note down, the formula of the new Chanel quads are so good but I am rather disappointed with the Dior ones. During side by side swatch, I remembered that again. The following swatches are one swipe (Chanel side) and multiple building up/swatching (Dior side).

If you want any other comparison swatches, please let me know. I put this one close to Constellation and Bonne Etoile, they are very different in terms of finish and colors. Sigh, weren't those the days with buttery lovely Dior formula?

Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic vs. Chanel Les 4 Ombres #208 Tisse Gabrielle

Swatch: Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic vs. Chanel Les 4 Ombres #208 Tisse Gabrielle

Final thoughts: Dior 5 Couleurs Cosmopolite #866 Eclectic is a nice palette which is unique to my collection. No fall out here during application so yay! I am a little undecided about the finish and separability of the shades on the eye though. I am hoping that although overspray wore out, the middle shade can still bring some light to otherwise dark and close shades with not much of a dimension. If you like it super smoky, you may love it!

What do you think, yay or nay?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was purchased by me.


  1. I like this look on you a lot - the 'green' is very pretty indeed (it doesn't look very green in my monitor) and I also like the reddish plum swatch. I wouldn't have gone for this palette at all from the palette photos but now I'm quite tempted! Good luck with the new job start btw. Susan, London

  2. Hey Sara, this is an interesting quint and you wear it well! I saw some sneak peeks on Instagram and it seems like the other quint performs better, but now that I've seen this on you it's really not bad!

    Also, can't believe even Oktoberfest finishes at 12. Say what?

  3. Hi Sunny,
    yes the other one should perform better because it has more natural lighter tones. I believe a part of it being so dry is intentional. With those dark shades, if it wouldn't be dry, there would be lots of fall out.
    Yes, right? You wouldn't believe.
    The first time we were there, we slowly made our ways around 11pm and they were like "you just made it before the end". We could only hear 4-5 songs and had to go home. People start drinking around noon there. I really can't do that.

  4. This looks so pretty and, like you, I just love purples. Excited for it’s release in Australia…. thanks for posting xxx

  5. Hi Sara, I think you wear it very well. The Chanel palette does look very much better in your swatch comparison though. I haven't tried the "new" formulation of the Chanel quads yet. My experience with their old baked quads was pretty bad. I need to try these new ones because all reviews are positive. I might just start with this Gabrielle quad :-)

  6. I dunno, it looks so stunning in the pan, and the swatches look like a mix of sparkling plums and burgundies, but on the lid, it looks kind of dark gray with a little bit of violet. I'm not seeing the burgundy or plums at all. Maybe the shades are just blending into each other too much ?

  7. Hi Christy,
    first of all if you like purples, keep checking out because I am also a proud member of #Teampurple ;-)
    For a purple lover, it is a stunning quint for sure.

  8. Hi Lily,
    no way, you don't have any of these yet? Girl you need one of the new Tisse Quads. I think the permanent ones are really pretty. I love Vendome, Rivoli and Venitien too. Rivoli is a true stunner, just saying ;-)

  9. Hi Katherine,
    you are right, I missed a bit too much of the silver/white over the other shades so you can't really see their original color. The problem was that the deep green and deep purple, they look very close on the lids since they are both very deep. A white base or something would be great to make the colors pop. I will use the quint again and try to come up with another eye look which shows the colors better.

  10. It's crazy to have to review Fall Collections already when your heart still belongs to summer :) Thank you very much for your consistent work.When I first saw this palette I said "sure a must have" but then the swatches don't live up to my expectations.so maybe is a skip for me. I hope the other one gives a better result.i 'll have to have my hands on more Tisse Quads and you convinced me with Tisse Gabrielle!!! Haha!!the eye look you created though is stunning.the smoky green in the palette reminds me of "Metropolish" as you mentioned from the same collection! A nice combination though I think my eye color will "swallow" this smoky green eyeshadow.

  11. Oh, got it! I can see why this one can be tricky

  12. Hello Sara,

    The palette is very pretty for sure, but that vibrancy does not translate to the eye. I have swatched a few of the new Dior eyeshadows palettes and I find them to be a bit subdued for my liking. Some may prefer the subtle finish, but I love intense pigmentation from the get-go. Regardless, you look stunning and anything would look good next to your gorgeous eyes.


  13. I'd have a hard time coming up with a look using that combination but you nailed it! I don't have any Dior eyeshadows and from the sound of your review, it'll probably be harder for me to justify buying one now. :(


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