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I am so glad that the "weather from hell" left here. No more melting foundation, breaking lipsticks, patchy concealers and sweaty brushes! To me make-up is like mediation in the morning. I have about half an hour dedicated to make-up, during when I don't think about anything else but which blush to apply to match the lipstick. The last two weeks have been a struggle to get anything stay on my face although I didn't give up trying. I gave a few products which I haven't used before a try, such as Hourglass Primer. Although usually Chikuhodo GSN-01 is too scratchy for my taste, but needed a goat mix to combat the sweat. Do you think goats sweat and squirrels don't?

Back to the topic shall we? Although I have already started with Fall make-up reviews, I am in the mood for summer. Last year marked the introduction of a new fragrance line for women by Narciso Rodriguez. I have previously reviewed Narciso Eau de Parfum. I enjoyed this modern interpretation to Gardenia theme during Fall and Winter. After the weather started warming up, I didn't reach for it all that often. Narciso EdP has a good projection on me so I felt like it would be too much for a warm day. Now that the brand offers an EdT as well and tunes it to be a fresher and subtler version, I am in. Today I would like to share thoughts about the new Narciso juice with you.

Narciso EdT Narciso Rodriguez

The bottle, it is minimalistic and chic. Although some like it with more glamour, I adore the beauty of simplicity. I also opt for clean, minimalistic furniture at home and my cupboards look close to these bottles mounted free on the wall. Narciso EdT is black instead of white. I like the idea of inversion here. Some stated why not making the heavier version black. I don't know about that but I like my summer fragrance to be resistant to sun ray, so here you go. The notes are listed as follows:

Top Notes
Bulgarian Rose, Peony

Heart Notes

Base Notes
Cedarwood, Vetiver
Narciso EdT and EdP Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso EdT reminds me of EdP very much so the signature is definitely there. The dry air which blows by the first whiff as well as almost artificial musk which has its own aesthetic qualities, warm woody base are all there in EdT too. In EdT version gardenia note is exchanged with peony. The difference is subtle but easy to tell if you spray them at the same time. Narciso EdT has a softer, more elegant start while EdP chooses to reveal itself louder by the first whiff. Parfum version is edgier, has more of the uniqueness it offers but therefore I can see it being harder to love. The softness and pleasantness of the new Eau de Toilette version would appeal to more people while keeping the spirit unchanged. Therefore I find the new version to be a success. It lasts longer than an average EdT on me.

Narciso EdT Narciso Rodriguez

Check out Sunny's review of Narciso EdT here.

Final thoughts: Eau de Toilette is a rounder and more pleasant interpretation of Narciso. The elegance of roses combined with softer musk and woody tones makes it a chic and sensual option among all the generic fruity sweet summer fragrances.

Availability/Price: Narciso EdT by Narciso Rodriguez is now available in 30, 50, 90 ml bottles, costs around 45, 70, 90 € respectively.

In general do you prefer EdT or EdP concentration?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was provided for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Hahahaha that trivial fact cracked me up so bad! I didn't know goats sweat (I know for a fact that dogs and cats don't)!

    Glad to hear you enjoy this one as well! I like it more than the original EDP, as it is fresher and less "dull" on my skin!

  2. I love the original Narciso, I'm more of a parfum girl myself. But I am very intrigued by this flanker because I love the original so much!! I adore the bottle, but am sad that it doesn't travel well.

  3. Hi Bella,
    do you mean For Her as the original or Narciso EdP?
    Yes you are right about travelling. My Narciso EdP is 30 ml but still a little fat to take with me. I guess best thing is to get a spray to fill it in. I have seen some love Narciso and some not so much. To me it has a very unique aesthetic, love it too!

  4. LOL Sunny, I didn't know that dogs and cats don't sweat. It makes sense though because with all the fur, it can be a little devastating.

    It was interesting to read your thoughts about Narciso EdP, which I really love. It proves how different it projects on different skin chemistry.

  5. I mean Narciso EDP, yes :). I had a bottle of For Her a couple of years ago and I used it up and liked it, but it was never as great on me as it was on the friend who inspired the purchase LOL! And yeah, Travalo for the win...

  6. The scent residue, many hours later, is lovely. I'm 60 and perhaps you would think that the white EDP Narciso would suit mature women better...well it is lovely too, but I prefer this EDT. Top marks, lovely skin reaction.


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