Kevyn Aucoin Eyeshadow Duos, 204 Gold Frosted Leaf, 205 Rose Gold/Iced Plum, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Hi everyone. I hope you all have a great start in the weekend. I am a little silent on this end because of all the things which are happening about the job front. Today I told my boss about the fact that I am leaving. You know what he said? Nothing! I am working for that guy over five years and this proves why I am leaving right? Anyway, I am so ready to close this book and open a new page. Can anyone relate?

Lately I snagged some items from lovely Martha's Blog Sale. Two of the items were Kevyn Aucoin Duos. I have one more at home which I purchased some time ago from Cult Beauty. I will review that one soon as well. The color pay off and texture of these duo are really one of the best in the market. The shade combinations are lovely as well. Only their names are a little longer and confusing. Today I have #205 Rose Gold/Iced Plum and #204 Gold Frosted Leaf/Auburn Shimmer to show you. 

Kevyn Aucoin #205 Rose Gold/Iced Plum and #204 Gold Frosted Leaf/Auburn Shimmer 

Kevyn Aucoin Duo in 205 Rose Gold/Iced Plum is a combination of warm rose gold and warm plum. It reminds me of Suqqu Eye Color Palette Ex-01 Benikakesora (reviewed here). The rose gold shade in 205 Rose Gold/Iced Plum is warmer, less peach, more gold and the deeper shade is also warmer and deeper. I think Suqqu is more sophisticated in terms of shimmer but Rose Gold/Iced Plum is a beautiful combination with a great color pay off. Rose Gold shade is metallic/frosty, plum has more of a satin finish. 

Swatch: Kevyn Aucoin #205 Rose Gold/Iced Plum

Here is the first time I have eyes shifted in different directions, LOL, sorry for that, too lazy to fix it at the moment but I am sure you can get the idea. I applied the rose gold all over the lid and deepened the crease with the plum. Alternatively you can also go for a full plum, rose gold accent look with that. Each of the shades can also be used as singles. It is as versatile as a duo can be.

In-action: Kevyn Aucoin #205 Rose Gold/Iced Plum

Here is the full look in context. On my cheeks I have Tom Ford Wicked, on my lips Tom Ford Matte Lip Color in Velvet Plum, review coming up very very soon.

FOTD: Kevyn Aucoin #205 Rose Gold/Iced Plum

Now on to the stunner. I was not sure if I should to pick this up or not but it turned out to be one of my all time favorite combos ever. Kevyn Aucoin 204 Gold Frosted Leaf/Auburn Shimmer is a weird combination of a cool taupe and red copper. I would never imagine these would work together but once I applied on the eyes, I knew I was in love. This duo is also more buttery to touch and has a better color pay-off than Rose Gold, which makes me fall for it even harder. Look how vivid and smooth this one pass swatch looks like.

Swatch: Kevyn Aucoin #204 Gold Frosted Leaf/Auburn Shimmer 

I love how the cool taupe is warmed up with the red copper and how the red is cooled down. Together they form Voltron! For the look below, I applied taupe all over the lid and copper on the crease. It was one of the days I constantly had to go to the bathroom to appreciate the beauty. And even better, these basically blend themselves.

In-action: Kevyn Aucoin #204 Gold Frosted Leaf/Auburn Shimmer 

I love how this eye combines with earth colors. A list of make-up products I used for this look can be checked here at Instagram. I am wearing Tom Ford Ravish on the cheeks and Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick Golden Girl (reviewed here) on the lips. This duo is one I would take with me for my travels. It is so effortlessly beautiful. 

FOTD: Kevyn Aucoin #204 Gold Frosted Leaf/Auburn Shimmer 

Final thoughts: I am loving the texture, color pay-off and the shade combination of Kevyn Aucoin Duos. 205 Rose Gold/Iced Plum is great for everyday subtle polished look.  #204 Gold Frosted Leaf/Auburn Shimmer is a true stunner. If you can wear a little red, don't miss that one, that combination almost killed me, in a good way. 

Do you own any Kevyn Aucoin products? Would you recommend me anything else from this line?

Disclaimer: The products in the post were purchased by me.


  1. Hey Sara, oh well his loss! Glad to hear you got the new job and you are moving on!

    I really like how

  2. How can someone sell such beauties?! :) Boss is a definite jerk, but everyone reaches his limit in a positive karma score at some point, so I always feel sorry for such people.

  3. I swatched his eyeshadows in States in some of the department stores and liked the texture a lot. Would buy a few, but a SA just wouldn't leave me alone to think which shade do I need and I don't like this intimate moment between me and makeup to be observed by other people :)

  4. I don't have any K Aucoin products but these look beautiful on you. Congratulations on your new job!

  5. Genau diese beiden interessieren mich auch sehr! ♥

  6. Better off out of there if that's your bosses reaction. How rude! I've not tried any KA eye shadows, but these look insanely gorgeous on you, especially the second look xx

  7. Good luck with your new job, reactions to leaving can be a bit odd, I remeber once with one job my boss didn't talk to me for the entire day after I said I was going, was a bit strange as it was only us two in that day!
    Those duos look lovely on you, I'm a bit lukewarm with KA, I had one duo perform really well but another was patchy.

  8. Hi Anne,
    thanks very much. I am also late to the party about Kevyn Aucoin other than the sculpting powder. I am impressed with these two so I will probably end up with more duos soon.

  9. Hi Sunny,
    yes moving on, can't wait! I was so demotivated here in the end, I don't remember being so out of motivation for a long time.
    Gold Frosted Leaf is really unique, I haven't seen anything like that before.

  10. LOL Jane, Martha said she doesn't put on so much makeup anymore and she wants they are being used. I really love the way she sell her items for reasonable price too. Some of the blog sales are so expensive! Sometimes more expensive than the originals. LOL about the karma :-)

  11. Hi Jane,
    yes you really need this duo. I was almost drooling after I put it on. Taupe is not that green, which is a good thing too. I recognized, this one is sold out on most of the stores too. Seems like many people know it, how come I didn't get it before lol

  12. Yes isn't that rude? Or am I a bit too sensitive. You never know, engineers are a little emotionless sometimes. In that sense I never felt like a real engineer lol.
    That second duo kills me. So beautiful.

  13. LOL boss not speaking for a day is funny. It is so childish lol.
    I checked your reviews. It is interesting that one worked so well and the other one didn't. Both of these work so well but it seems I might have to be cautious and not get all the rest depending on these two after all. Thanks for the warning.

  14. I'm with you, Sara. The auburn shimmer duo is spectacular and really highlights your eye colour.

    When I was working in the real world (I'm now retired and a farmer) in Science and Technology sector, I felt it was important to keep my work fresh and inspired and that meant moving from success to success; no 'holes' in the resume. I also felt 5 years was sufficient in any one job. So yes, I think your instincts are absolutely spot on. Find a place to work where you feel inspired. Clearly working for Mr. Excitement has run its course. Best wishes for continued success somewhere else :)

  15. What gorgeous duos and looks you created! Some of the most cherished stuff of mine also came from blogsales.
    I wish you good luck with your new job. :)

  16. Frosted leaf is gorgeous!! It's like a pewter, I would never think to pair it with such a warm shade like Auburn. Hmmm, might need to do some experimentation with my stash to see if this combo will work on me !

  17. Omg I need these!!! Gah! You just made me break my no-buy!!! :))

  18. Hahaha, but at least for something fun.
    Do you have Kevyn Aucoin there or do you order from beauty bay or another online shop?

  19. Do I spy a peach/plum combo? So me - lol. Thank goodness KA is hard to get over here.

  20. Oh I was curious about these duos. That #204 looks so beautiful!! It's not your every day duo, but you are right. The combination is amazing :-)

  21. These are really beautiful!!! And the eye looks you did :) heading to rearrange my wish list.i'm hopeless!


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