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Thanks to everyone for good luck wishes yesterday. Today I learned that I have the job! It is very exciting and the change is coming as early as September, that is if I can come to terms with the current employee. More detail about that soon. Today I went to the grocery store, grabbed a champagne, came home to see that hubby is not feeling well. Oh well, celebration has to wait. On a side note I am super behind answering comments, reading blogs, leaving comments, answering some e-mails. Please bare with me, exciting times come with lots of things to do. I will try my best to catch up soon.

I am going on showing the pieces I picked up during my Japan trip in April. Most of my haul was brushes but I couldn't resist some pretty make-up neither. I have reviewed my picks from THREE here. Today I would like to show you what I picked from Addiction Beauty. I own a few of their eye shadow quads (reviewed here and here) and one of the limited edition palettes (reviewed here). I personally love the color stories, bright matte shades, crazy colors like red, yellow in a wearable combinations. But as well as the quality goes, the things I have picked up online up to now have been hit or miss. I have one more quad in Es Paradis which never made to the blog because of fall out and very sheer, not buildable shades. See, this is the dilemma of the make-up addict, everyone was raving about their singles and blushes so I had to try them. Here is a palette I put together... and here are my thoughts about the shades I picked up.

Addiction by Ayako, My Picks

Now first I would like to tell the setting. Me and hubby met with Toshiya (@fudejapan at Instagram) and had some coffee. After chatting, he kindly offered to take us to the Hakuhodo Flagship Store in Tokyo. It was raining cats and dogs so we walked like a km on the streets with our funny umbrellas which we purchased in Akihabara the day before. Needless to say I went overboard at Hakuhodo Store and it took us almost an hour. Then we walked back, it was almost 6 pm and we haven't eaten anything since breakfast. It was when I had the opportunity to check Addiction Counter. 

I started swatching all the shades, they were providing me with lots of cleanser. I was so hungry but I didn't want to pass on Addiction. I swatched and swatched, picked up two shades, then changed my mind. My stomach was talking too loud, my brain was useless. I picked up a nail polish, wanted a lipstick too, but I was not sure which one so the ladies told me there is another counter at the airport. I agreed, paid and we headed together for dinner. I was so hungry I couldn't even go for tax-free.

Oh the end of the story? There was no counter at the airport, at least not at the one we were, so I ended up with no lipstick for this look but here is how my palette looks like...

Addiction by Ayako, Eyeshadows Horizon, Flash Back, Blush Romantic, Coral Garden

I picked up 052P Horizon because I wanted a lilac eye shadow for so long and the finish of this one was so beautiful, especially under store light. It basically winked at me. 030 ME Flash Back is a lovely metallic pewter. I thought I would get much use out of this one especially since it is a little warmer than the other pewters I have. Blush 15 Romantic was the coolest blush color, the others were a little warm for me so despite the frosty finish, I went for it. I wanted to get one of the Blush Mixes, since I had a cool tone in the palette, I thought I should go for the coral so I can use this palette during my travels.

Swatch: Addiction by Ayako, Eyeshadows Horizon, Flash Back, Blush Romantic, Coral Garden

Now on to what worked and what not... 

Eye Shadow in Horizon is beautiful on the eyes, the photos don't do it a justice since they are taken by day light. But... The fall out from this one is horrible. Even if you do your base later, during the day the glitter goes everywhere on your face. It is really no fun. I doubt I will ever use it again. A definite miss for me.

In-action: Addiction by Ayako, Eyeshadow 052P Horizon

Here is the full make-up, you can see the product list at Instagram. I am wearing Romantic Blush from the same palette on the cheeks, which I really like. It is no where frosty on the cheeks as it swatches. It applies beautifully and stays much longer than any of my other blushes. A big thumbs up from me for the blush, a hit!

On this FOTD I tried something which I don't usually do, a bitten lip effect by dabbing Sisley Berry (reviewed here) on Tom Ford Pussycat (reviewed here). Can you see it or am I imagining things? 

FOTD: Addiction by Ayako, Eyeshadow 052P Horizon, Blush Romantic

Now onto eye shadow in Flash Back. That one is an instant hit. I love how it applies and how long it stays as fresh as newly applied. It is a one shade wonder, all by itself, it has enough complexity to wear. Definitely a hit.

In-action: Addiction by Ayako, Eyeshadow 030ME Flash Back

Here is the full look with Tom Ford Electric Pink on the lips and Addiction Romantic on the cheeks again. I love Romantic but Blush Mix in Coral Garden left me cold. It is very stony, almost no color pay off, the highlighter doesn't show up, another miss for me.

All in all 2 hits; Flash Back, Romantic, two misses; Coral Garden, Horizon. 50%... What about the nail polish?

FOTD: Addiction by Ayako, Eyeshadow 030ME Flash Back, Blush Romantic

Addiction Nail Polish 041 Super Moon: Gorgeous color, foil finish which I love love love. The shimmer is so complex, it flashes in so many colors, it is a joy to watch...

... But, it dries very very slow and even after 1 day, the tips wear off. So frustrated because almost all the japanese nail polishes (RMK, Suqqu etc.) last a week on me and this one is no where near that. Big sigh, another miss...

Swatch: Addiction Nail Polish 041 Super Moon

Final thoughts: All in all it was not such a successful shopping at Addiction Counter. Three misses and two hits. I blame my empty stomach! Next time I will plan more time and go there after lunch.

Have you tried anything from Addiction by Ayako? Any recommendations?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me.


  1. Flash Back is insanely pretty!!!! wow!

  2. Well, FWIW, you can't get a tax refund on consumables in Japan, and makeup falls under that category! So no harm going for dinner at that time :)

    Also it looks like only the Duty Free shop in T1 of NRT carries Addiction:

  3. Actually consumables are eligible for tax refund, Japan changed their no-consumables rule last fall.

  4. Sorry to hear about those misses, Sara. On another note, your husband is amazing to have accompanied you. Mine would probably just go eat on his own and go back to the hotel to sleep. HAHAHAHA!

  5. We were flying from Narita, so this explains it. I had no time to check there. There was a purple lipstick *sigh* so much wanted.
    Lauren is right, I could get tax-free to almost all the brushes and cosmetics. But they seal them in transparent bags and you are not supposed to use them until you leave the country. In case you use them, you have to pay the consumer tax.

  6. This is right, I could get duty free for most of the make-up and skin care I bought but they were all sealed, only to be used outside the country.

  7. That one knocked me off my feet! It seems Addiction can do metallic finish so well, also the blush is so pretty. Next time I will go for the metallic ones.

  8. Hahaha Lily, I know what you mean. My hubby is usually nice but in Japan the girls at the counter were always praising him saying things like "oh how nice you are that you wait". He started to get suspicious but luckily we flew back on time before it was changed ;-)

  9. Ohh that's a terrific change for us beauty junkies! :)

  10. Congratulations on the job! :D

  11. Congrats on getting the job, Sara! Sorry I've been out of loop and out of touch! (Not just with you but with everyone, ugh!) I am trying my hardest to get back into blogging regularly now but we'll see! Shadows that have glitter fallout throughout the day are a big no-no for me but I'm glad at least the other shades perform much better! Your trip to Japan sounds like fun and memorable! :D

  12. Hi Jaa,
    I think you are doing great, considering you moved from one continent to another, searched for housing and job, it is really impressive how you keep up with the things.
    I know, I hate to have all the glitter under the eyes, it looks worse than having no makeup on.

  13. Aww, too bad about Horizon, such a pretty plum on you. And Flashback is gorgeous! Congrats on the job, too!

  14. Loving the Romantic blush from the palette! And your eyes, oh my. Great news on the job front too xx

  15. Congrats, lady! Ugh, too bad about the nail lacquer. I do like the blushes from the palette though.

  16. Congratulations, Sara!
    I also have this flashback shade, must be one of the most popular.

  17. Huge congrats on the job- super exciting! And the eye shadows from that palette look amazing- cute packaging too :)

  18. Thanks Katherine,
    Yes too bad about Horizon, hate fall out, big time.

  19. Thanks very much :-*
    Romantic Blush is really romantic lol, gorgeous and it stays put like no other. I think asian cosmetics are really long lasting since they test it in humid climate.

  20. Blushes are nice, yeah that nail polish was a miss but it is gorgeous once on, just need to remove the next day ;-)

  21. Thanks Jane,
    Flashback is so beautiful. I didn't know it is so popular. After swatching everything I knew I wanted it.

  22. Hi Jenni,
    yes new job is exciting yay!
    I like the sleek minimalistic packaging here, very nice indeed. Thanks for pointing out.

  23. Hi Sara, congrats again on that job! I'm slowly catching up on the posts I missed over the past week... and I'm sorry coral blush mix didn't work out well on you... pink mix worked lovely for me. And fallouts so sad!! Maybe try patting over a cream base because it'd be such a pity to junk such a pretty shade! :(

  24. Congrats on getting the job!! Sorry to hear you had more of a miss with this haul than hit! I havent tried their NPs yet, and maybe now I wont. I've had generally good luck with their ES, but just so happens I havent tried any of their really sparkly ones yet. Romantic is beautiful on you, will see if I can get that if I visit Japan later in the year. And thaf TF lippie is just divine on you!!

  25. Horizon is so, so beautiful...such a shame that the formula is a miss. Congrats on your new job!


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