Chanel Le Vernis 655 Beige Rosa, 659 Beige Beige Pur, 661 Precious Beige & 663 Lovely Beige, Review, Swatch & Comparison for Les Beiges Summer 2015

I hope you are all having a great weekend. Today it is the day of cleaning in our flat so I have to run here and there in between. Also in about an hour I am going to meet a friend who I haven't seen for ages. When I say ages, it is like almost three years or more. I am a little excited about that too. The super melty weather conditions are going on here. It is very unpleasant. I will try to put on some make up soon and wonder how if it will last for an hour or two. I might have to look into new MAC foundation when I have the chance this week.

Today I have the nail polishes from Chanel Les Beiges 2015 Collection for you which a very dear friend was kind enough to purchase for me in the States. The collection haven't arrived to the counters in Germany yet but I believe it will soon. I will try to learn more about the release dates and edit this post accordingly. Since I am collecting Chanel nail polishes, I got all four shades, although beige is not my favorite color of nail polish. Sometimes I find it very office/appointment friendly. Also if I don't have lots of time during the week, I tend to wear nude colors on my nails so that they don't look bad if there is tip wear or slight chipping. 

Chanel Le Vernis 655 Beige Rosa, 659 Beige Beige Pur, 661 Precious Beige & 663 Lovely Beige

I would like to start with my favorite of the bunch, Chanel Le Vernis #655 Beige Rosa is a lovely nude, which doesn't look pastel or too bright but very brightening. The consistency is a little thick, which doesn't bother me since there is no streakiness and it is opaque almost with one coat. I applied two coats for the swatches below and no top coat. I usually do so even with one-coaters because it lasts longer that way on me. 

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis 655 Beige Rosa

I've heard that Chanel 655 Beige Rosa wouldn't be available in some countries (I will check this out for Germany). I hope it will because it is really lovely, especially if you find beiges to be too warm on you, you should definitely give this one a go. Here is one more shot with the lovely flowers in the balcony my mother-in-law planted for us. I am loving to sit there and have a cup of coffee at the moment. 

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis 655 Beige Rosa

The next one is the least favorite of the bunch. It is a classical sheer nude with warm undertones. That said, none of the polishes in this collection pulls too yellow or warm. Also upon comparison swatching I recognized that the formula of Chanel nail polishes improved immensely over the years. Although sheer, Chanel Le Vernis #659 Beige Pur is more opaque than similar shades which were released some years ago. Still not love because my hands look like dead while wearing that one. I need a touch of pink for those type of shades to work on me. 

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis 659 Beige Pur

The swatches are with two coats and no top coat. You can slightly see the nail line. I believe with three coats, you can get better opaqueness. Again good, self leveling formula, no streakiness.

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis 659 Beige Pur

Chanel Le Vernis 661 Precious Beige is a light to mid-toned nude with silver hidden shimmer. The shimmer in this one is very subtle but it can be seen under direct sun light. It adds a certain depth and makes the polish look more interesting. Precious Beige also has a touch of pink in the base and is my second favorite from the collection. The consistency is just right and it is opaque in two coats. Below swatches are with two coats and no top coat.

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis 661 Precious Beige

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis 661 Precious Beige

Last shade in the line reminds me of caramel and milk coffee. I don't know what else but it looks yummy. Chanel 663 Lovely Beige is a mid-toned nude with a slight touch of pink which makes it pull natural than warm. It is perfectly opaque in two coats and the consistency is great. I believe this one would make a great nude polish for deeper skin tones as well. Below swatches are taken with two coats and no top coat.

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis 663 Lovely Beige

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis 663 Lovely Beige

Now here are some comparison swatches. Chanel 655 Beige Rose is close to Dior 499 Rose but Rose has some shimmer and it is a tad warmer. Dior 357 Peony is brighter, Dior 259 Sunkissed and Chanel 569 Emprise are both warmer. Dior 294 Lady pulls cooler.

Although Chanel 659 Beige Pur looks like a very generic shade, upon swatch I haven't found something close in my stash of Chanel and Diors. Closest is Chanel #625 Secret which is less brown. Chanel #87 Flame Rose and #567 Beige Petal as well as #15 Beige Nature are all sheerer. Chanel #565 Beige is much warmer and browner.

Chanel 661 Precious Beige is very close to Chanel #521 Rose Cache, one of my all time favorite nudes. Not to wonder that I liked Precious Beige too. Rose Cache is a little cooler though.

Another hard to dupe shade was Chanel 663 Lovely Beige. Chanel 633 Intention is warmer, Chanel #491 Rose Confidential is deeper and more pink.

Comparison swatch: Chanel Le Vernis 655 Beige Rosa, 659 Beige Beige Pur, 661 Precious Beige & 663 Lovely Beige

Final thoughts: All in all I like this nude nail polish release from Chanel more than I thought I would. The formula on all of these are better than previous nude polishes from the brand. Only 659 Beige Pur have a bit of a sheerness issue but can be build up with three coats. Both 661 Precious Beige & 663 Lovely Beige are great for effortless chic, office appropriate tips. My favorite of the bunch is 655 Beige Rosa since it is more brightening on my natural undertones than the other shades.

Are you eyeing any of these? Which one is your favorite

Disclaimer: The products in this post are purchased by me.


  1. Thanks for the swatches, Sara! I've been looking for THE perfect nude nail polish for so so so long, but I have yet to find one that makes my heart go pitter patter. Precious Beige looks close, if only there's a tad more pink in it. LOL I'm fussy :-P

  2. I'm afraid (or very happy) that none of these will work for me. Fortunately I still have Secret from last year (or the year before?) and I love to wear that for a nude pink look.

  3. Haha Beige Pur is so much prettier on you than it is on me! Most beige nail polishes look really bad on me :p Have fun meeting your friend! The longest-lasting foundation I've had is Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, but I seldom use it because it photographs bad.

  4. Love Precious Beige! I always love your nail posts! Mentioned you in my Dior post yesterday xx

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  5. I love wearing muted colors on nails in summer! Beige Pur especially looks beautiful on you!

  6. How does Lovely Beige compare to Delicatesse?

  7. Thanks Lena,
    I didn't like that one all that much but if you say it looks nice, I will wear it soon ;-)

  8. Oh you did? Thanks :-* I will check your posts I missed soon.
    Glad they are helpful. Takes so long to find the comparisons.

  9. Hi Sunny,
    thanks but I am not sure if I like Beige Pur all that much either lol.
    I have the same feeling about beige nail polishes lol. Only ones with enough pink look nice on me. Oh Double Wear photographs bad? I didn't know! Thanks for the recommendation though.

  10. Hi Bella,
    you should be happy, good for your wallet, more money for other pretties!
    Secret is reasonably close to Beige Pur.

  11. LOL Lilly, let me know when your heart selects a polish.
    Rose Cache might have been the one then. It is discontinued I believe but you can find one at a reasonable price in evil bay. It is rosier than Precious Beige and is one of my all time fav nudes.

  12. As far as I know, both Double Wear and Double Wear Light aren't that photogenic, and it doesn't even have to be flash photography! I have no idea why tho. It's not the SPF or anything. It looks good in real life, but in photos it makes the skin look almost plastic... I say get a sample tho!

  13. I really like Lovely Beige out of the 4. I usually gravitate to either greys, purples or brighter pinks but I always get a Shellac on my hands because firstly I paint nails horribly and it lasts a couple weeks, so I don't have to worry about chipping. I only ever paint my toes myself and feel darker colours work better for me xx

  14. I love Beige Rose and Precious Beige the most! And you are right, the formula here is definitely improved! So happy with Chanel polishes lately!

  15. great post! I do not care much about beige either but I must admit they are very handy in some occasions, I will definitely be looking into beige pur and precious beige!

  16. Great and usefull post ! I only have Beige (565) and I need Precious Beige !!!
    And perhaps Lovely Beige too !

    Merci Sara

  17. I love them all, but I have so many beige nail polishes in my stash! I would only buy Beige Rose, but it isn't available in Italy (where I live now)!! The evil Chanel people just sent the 3 similar beiges (pur, precious and lovely) but not Beige Rose, I'm so disappointed. Do you know where I could buy Beige Rose online? very useful post and very clear pics, by the way!

  18. Hi Lara,
    so sorry that Chanel decided against bringing Beige Rose to Europe. It seems UK have it but I know it is tricky to send nail polishes by post from there. In your case, I would check evil Bay because Beige Rose is released in Asia. I am sure there are a few sellers from Hong Kong or Singapore who ship world wide. Please let us know how you end up getting it, it might be useful for the others.

  19. Thank you Sara! I'll let you know for sure in case I find something. Until now I just found one seller on the Evil bay who sells this Vernis for.. 80$. :(
    So is it true, no Beige Rose in whole Europe?? how disappointing!

  20. I like all 4. Thank you for the comparisons, they are very helpful. I live in Tenerife, Spain but am now in Canada on vacation and I saw all 4 shades are available here.
    Now that you say that the Beige Rose won't be available in Europe, I'm thinking of buying it here (even though Chanel cosmetics are much more expensive in Canada than in Tenerife 😞).
    I also saw the 2 new blue nail polishes here in the shops - 665 Vibrato and 681 Fortissimo.
    And also the wonderful green 767 Fraîcheur is coming soon here in Canada. Do you maybe know of these 3 shades will be coming to Europe ? I absolutely need them but would rather wait and buy them in Tenerife if only I could be sure they will arrive there too.
    Any info would be much appreciated 😉
    Thanks, Sara


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