Skincolor de La Mer The Radiant Concealer Review & FOTD

What a wonderful day! I received some great news today in the morning and the day already started good. Right after more news, some beauty related made my day truly something worth a small bottle of champagne I am planning to enjoy tonight. How's your day been?

Today I have the famous concealer of La Mer for you. I was very interested to try it out for a long time since I heard many great things about it. When I got my hand on one, I posted a pic at Instagram and some said it is their holy grail concealer and some said it was drying on them. I was even more curious after I read the mixed comments and went on a journey to solve this mystery. Did Skincolor de La Mer The Radiant Concealer work on my very dry under eye area? Right after the jump...

Skincolor de La Mer The Radiant Concealer

First things first. I love the white chic packaging with a mirror on top and inside the compact and nifty small brush which comes with it. White leather pouch makes it a perfect show off piece for the restroom sessions. You take it out and open the compact to touch up, very elegant. The brush comes in a plastic pouch, so that you know where to insert it after the touch up and it is easy to clean.

The second thing which got me very excited is that this product offers SPF25! Recently I read on some face sunscreen products that they are not supposed to be used around the eyes and my mission on finding a suitable eye cream with SPF is going on. Do you have any suggestions? Anyhow I don't own any concealers with SPFs, I believe MAC Studio Finish has some sun protection which I have  yet to check out.

Skincolor de La Mer The Radiant Concealer
Skincolor de La Mer The Radiant Concealer is a cream product which makes it easier to build up than its liquid counterparts but also less likely to work for very dry skin. If you are really dry under the eyes, your best friend is a hydrating liquid concealer, like Dior Hydra BB. That said if you are dry and have dark circles, like myself, those light weight concealers may not give you the result you need without looking heavy or creasing because you used too much product.

Dark & dry, let me call it D&D is the worst combination you can have under the eyes and it is hard to find a solution which works wonders. Where am I getting at with that? I have D&D and La Mer Radiant Concealer doesn't work out of the box for me if I apply it directly on my deserty under eye area. So if this is the answer you were looking for, no it doesn't work that way. But... it works wonders if you use a bit of eye cream under it. Then it becomes the holy grail the fellow make-up lovers were talking about.

Skincolor de La Mer The Radiant Concealer

Now you pay all the $$$ and make it work? Well actually you don't make it work, it makes itself work in the most convenient way. For instance over La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel (or any eye cream you are loving at the moment), it is the most light weight, good coverage, natural looking and long lasting concealer I have ever tried. These include Cle de Peau, Dior, Chanel and many others! By the way some commented that I should try By Terry one, already ordered one, so will be reviewing it very soon too. Just as a sneak peak, it doesn't have the coverage of La Mer Concealer. 

So I would call it the mystery solved. Readers who told me that it is too drying for them must be trying it out without an eye cream. If you want your concealer double as your eye cream and have very dry under eye area, you should keep looking. 

Here is me with and without La Mer Radiant Concealer. No photoshop in these photos. In fact this concealer is the only one which eliminates the need for touching up to the FOTDs. Oh and please excuse my unruly brows that gone wild!

Before/After: Skincolor de La Mer The Radiant Concealer

Here is my with just my base and no make-up. I am loving this combination at the moment for summer. Products used:

La Mer Reparative Skin Tint (review) mixed with Estée Lauder EE Cream
La Mer Radiant Concealer over La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel (review)

La Mer Radiant concealer comes in three shades. Medium fits nicely to my NC20 complexion. It is great news that fairer ladies also have an option here because very frequently they are left out.

FOTD with Skincolor de La Mer The Radiant Concealer

Final thoughts: Skincolor de La Mer The Radiant Concealer offers a light weight texture, natural looking satin to matte finish and a very good coverage. It lasts and lasts too, which makes it a great concealer if you have dark circles. If you are very dry under the eyes, you have to use an eye cream under this one. I found that it works very well with La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel. If your eyes are dry, you should anyway hydrate them, just saying *points at her own eyes*

Product information: Skincolor de La Mer The Radiant Concealer  has 0.11 OZ/3.5 g of product and retails around 50 €.

What is your favorite concealer?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was provided free of charge for my consideration.
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I am enjoying the Illuminating Eye Gel you recommended. I don't feel it has changed the dark circles but it is extremely moisturising without clogging and the first moisturising eye product I would wear am and pm. I am also enjoying the Becca brightening corrector. It's sticky so it needs good moisture under neath but i find the two are a perfect combo for me at the moment. Cheers to the champagne! Susan

  2. Looking great!! And superb that it has spf in it. My holy grail concealer is from Youngblood minerals. Highly recommended. It has a really fine structure and it doens't crease in fine lines etc. and it also is an spf because it's mineral. It its not drying for me but I don't have a dry under eye area. Instead I do have a very sensitive under eye area. When cream or make up is irritation, my under eye area swells up and I end up with ugly bags. Took me years to found out.

    Youngblood mineral foundation is also highly recommended.

    What you also can do is do under eye exercises to improve the circulation. There are loads of excercises on you tube. These excercises also help with wrinkles. I do them now for a few months and these excercises have dramatically improved my under eye area.

  3. Hi Susan,
    cheers to you too, and on real time because right now I sit here with my champagne next to the bed and type this :-)
    You are right, Illuminating Eye Gel is really nice for hydration and the effect lasts longer than other creams I try. If I use it regularly, I observed that my dark circles are less dark, not gone forever but a little less prominent. This effect lasts only while using it though. After that I had to switch testing other products (story of my life) and now you see my darkies are back on (as in photo above). Since I can't get rid of them, maybe I should give them names, it might make them more bearable hah.
    I am very curious about Becca one. I have like million concealers here, for science of course ;-)

  4. Hey Sara,

    I don't know if you have tried the Sunday Riley start Over not great for hydration but great for dark circles I use that plus the la met eye cream or the sk-ii on top and my dark circles have diminished.


  5. Hi Melissa,
    I will definitely check Sunday Riley eye cream.
    Which La Mer eye cream do you use? Illuminating gel? I can definitely recommend that one.
    which product from SK-II?

  6. Hi Sunny,
    once you have very dry under eye area, you want everything hydrating and it is hard to find something which really works. I have tried countless products over the years. If I am lucky the effect lasts for a few hours lol. This is why I am so crazy about Illuminating Gel because I apply it at night and in the morning the effect is still there. How did they do this? lol
    MAC Matchmaster, I have to check that one out! it is good that it doesn't look cakey and doesn't crease. I have a few good concealers (like Dior Star one) which are good too but lasting power is not their strongest point. This is why I was impressed with La Mer one, it stayed until the evening and survived a full day at work. No need to touch up ;-)

  7. Hi Mirjam,
    yes SPF is really necessary and so little concealers have that right now. I wonder why. Youngblood, I never heard of it and will check it out for sure. Bare minerals also have a concealer which has SPF but sometimes mineral based things doesn't work on me. MAC Mineralfoundation for example (the old one) was terrible.
    Oh and yes, under your eye can swell because of eye product. I experienced that as well. I will definitely check out the exercises you recommended. Sounds like something I might need. I usually don't have bags but looking at the photo above, ugh, seems like I got it lately. Also the monthly changes play a role *sigh*

  8. Wow seriously? The Dior Star one really lasts on me, but I wouldn't call it hydrating!

  9. I have used the la met illuminating eye gel and the sk-ii power eye and treatment essence eye both are really great as a topper for hydration over the Sunday Riley start over.

  10. Sarah, have you tried the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer ? There's a waterproof version and another version with collagen and vitamin A&E. It's a favorite of many bloggers and readers, has won many beauty awards. It's full coverage and hydrating, and you only need a small dot. It's made specifically for the under eye, but many people use it elsewhere as well. No SPF though, but I usually use a separate SPF. Even if the concealer has SPF, you usually have apply a lot to make the SPF effective, and by that time, there's way too much concealer on the face.

  11. Hi Sara, this is my friend's HG concealer as well! I think I'm too in love with the RMS un cover up to try anything else. That one doesn't have as much coverage as this, but I like that - medium coverage, goes on smooth and dewy, just like skin. Have you tried it?

  12. Thanks, I will definitely check them out. :-*

  13. Hi Lily,
    haven't tried RMS one although I heard a lot about it. The problem with concealers is that if you can't try it out on a counter, it is very likely you pick up a wrong shade. For By Terry one, I checked in France and purchased when I was back. I don't know of any RMS counters close by so it is a little bit of a bummer.

  14. Hi Katherina,
    oh that sounds good. I wish I could check out to find the right match of shade. Are these online only or you get them at counters too? I might check next time I am in the states or in UK if it is available there.

  15. Sara, you can buy on website, as they will ship to Germany. There are only 4 shades, but if you google, you will find plenty of swatches online. And one tube will last you forever.

  16. Hello Sara,

    Thank you so much for this in-depth review. This looks so luxurious, the packaging alone is heavenly. Personally, I don't have discoloration only a few green veins that need attending. I use Diorskin Star Concealer. The concentrated pigment really does a nice job in covering my issues. The formula is such that it goes on silky smooth, sets nicely, and does not crease or dry out the skin.

    BTW, you look so fresh faced without any makeup--in your pictures, it looks like you don't even need foundation :)


  17. I'm so glad you managed to make this work, Sara. I love this and find it less drying than the CdP one. Btw, I don't see any dark circles on you at all!! *rofl*

  18. Hi Sara,
    Right now my favorite under eye concealer is By Terry. Haven't tried La mer concealer..after putting my foundation on I use Becca brightening corrector (love this too)
    Then By Terry densilis concealer. Never creases and goes on smooth and beautifully. I do like cle de peau concealer also, but if I had to pick one it would probably be By Terry. I like to set with Yves Saint Laurent souffle poweder very pale pink brightens your eyes up.
    Also you were wondering about spf.
    I have an eye cream by Skinn sof 32.
    I use my favorite eye cream first though. Also Perricone makes a very nice under eye concealer called No Concealer with spf 35. I also like that.
    I was very skeptical about that at first because it comes only the one shade and I'm light/med, but was pleasantly surprised.


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