Burberry Nail Polish #205 Khaki Green, #206 Cadet Green and #299 Poppy Black, Review, Swatch & Comparison

Wish you all a happy Sunday. Here the weather now gone completely crazy. It is super hot and humid but suddenly starts raining heavily. Once it does, it is like hell outside for half an hour, then the sun comes out and it is very hot again. I am not loving this but the flowers in the balcony, they seem to love it. My never ending document filling out sessions going on and I feel super lazy and unmotivated to do any kind of sports. Especially with this weather the only thing I can imagine doing is to swim.

I am going on with my fall make-up reviews. Although none of us feel especially autumny at the moment it is nice to see what is coming up and start making a wish list. Burberry releases their autumn nail polishes during Autumn/Fall 2015 Runway in February/March. I ordered these back then and forgot that I did. Sometime late April I was like "Wait a minute, where is my order after all?". Then I called them to find out that these are "made to order" parts and may take up to 3 months! Not to mention that I already paid fully in February and my "made to order nail polishes" were sent sometime in June! *insert a terrified face here*. I only had good experience from Burberry Online Shop until then. After this experience though, I don't think I will order from the particularly early releases. What is a made to order nail polish? Are they mixing it by hand just for me?

Regardless how long it took me to get the items, the shades are very pretty. Especially for green/khaki lovers. Three of the shades which come in this nail trio are: Burberry Nail Polish #205 Khaki Green, #206 Cadet Green and #299 Poppy Black. Here are my notes after trying them out.

Burberry Nail Polish #205 Khaki Green, #206 Cadet Green and #299 Poppy Black for Fall 2015

Burberry Nail Polish #205 Khaki Green is a deep blackened khaki which I see as an alternative to black or very deep red. As all the shades in this collection Khaki Green in a straight cream. It is opaque in two coats, applies well and stays put. I really like Burberry nail polish formula. What I don't like all too much is the brush, which is not very flexible so application becomes harder than necessary especially if you have shorter nails. You can always use your own brush with these though. In this swatch I applied two coats. 

Swatch: Burberry Nail Polish #205 Khaki Green

My favorite of the three is Burberry #205 Cadet Green which is a deep forest green with a hint of blue. This shade has a very balanced neutral tone to that so doesn't lean particularly cool or warm. It will flatter many skin tones because of that and the fact that it is not so blackened is also great. Cadet Green looks so chic and classy to me. The consistency is nice and it is opaque in two coats, which is shown in photo below.

Swatch: Burberry Nail Polish #206 Cadet Green

One of the shades which come in this trio is a permanent shade of the line, a deep black called #299 Poppy Black. I already had it since hubby gifted it to me at some point because he loves black nails (rawr sexy). I love love the name and how deep and flawless this black looks. It is my favorite black ever. But yes, it is black after all so if you already have one that you love, it is hard to justify getting another. In the photo I am wearing two coats of Poppy Black.

Swatch: Burberry Nail Polish #299 Poppy Black

Here are some comparisons for fellow nail polish junkies. Burberry #205 Khaki Green is close to Chanel #601 Mysterious but it is slightly more yellow based. Burberry Khaki Green is also almost a dupe of Dior #605 Amazonia from some years ago. Chanel Khaki Vert is much lighter. Here I have to mention that Burberry line up also has a color called #204 Khaki (without green). That one should be lighter than Khaki Green. They also have #202 Metallic Khaki, which is a nail polish to die for. I reviewed that one previously here.

Burberry #206 Cadet Green is close to Dior #701 Metropolis (reviewed here) which will also be released this fall. Metropolis is cooler while Cadet Green is more natural. I like them both but might be slightly more in favor of Cadet Green. 

As I mentioned above Burberry #299 Poppy Black is the blackest of the black nail polishes I own. Here I swatched it side by side to Dior #902 Bar and Chanel #219 Black Satin. If you zoom in the photo you can see that it is denser than the other too.

Comparison swatch: Burberry Nail Polish #205 Khaki Green, #206 Cadet Green and #299 Poppy Black

Final thoughts: Lovely tones of khaki, green and black for the upcoming season from Burberry. All of them perform good (other than the rather stiff brush as usual) and I will surely get lots of wear from them. My favorite is Cadet Green and Poppy Black. The latter is available in the permanent line-up.

Does any of these catch your eye?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me.


  1. OMG the black. So gorgeous. I am a New Yorker and black is basic for us. They all look great on you. I like both greens but not sure I would reach for them, whereas the black..

  2. Say what? Custom-made nail polishes? That just can't be real! My favorite is probably khaki green, but I already own Amazonia and they look really similar!

  3. LOL I think the idea is they first make it after you order. Such a strange concept though, why would anyone wait for a nail polish for three months? If it is clothes, I imagine they make exactly your size in the color you wish etc.
    You are right, Amazonia is very close to Khaki Green. So you are set :-)

  4. Hi Alison, basic? wow, here it is vamp. Especially with my long nails, it is almost for s witch costume at Carnaval ;-) I like a nice black too, nice and deep and glossy, give me that!

  5. Not so much in summer, when there is a lot of variety, but for the rest of the year, New Yorkers wear black all the time-- it is the uniform. Some people only wear black. I am not one of them. Apart from summer, one will always see the black manicure (and pedi) here on women of all ages and kinds. And red too, of course, always. I go for textured blacks a lot-- matte or leather shades of polish. Or steely grays (like infra metal) but I have just been using some drug store brand for basic black mani, have to change that. This one looks great.

  6. That's a bit of a wait for nail polish lol. These colours are me all over, but yeah, I wouldn't be waiting for custom order polishes!

  7. Khaki Green is really lovely, liking that one a lot!

  8. This is a color family that I love. Everything you've shown here on your nail colour wheel looks very tempting to me... especially Chanel Khaki Vert, actually!

  9. I'm not really into these shades tbh... for some reason Burberry nail polish formula just doesn't agree with my nails. :(

  10. Khakis generally aren't my thing, but I'm still looking forward to trying some Burberry polishes! The packaging is lovely :)


  11. I love khaki! In your post you mention that the brush is stiff (which I totally agree upon) and that it is
    possible ti change it and use the one you like. What brush do you like best? Thank you so much


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