Burberry Nail Polishes #200 Steel Grey, #202 Metallic Khaki, #203 Storm Grey, #106 Dark Trench, #103 Ash Rose, #303 Oxblood Review, Swatches & Comparison

I was at the Burberry counter in Douglas, Koenig Strasse to return something and there they were, chic packaging, modern shades. Meet Burberry Nail Polishes.

Burberry Nail Polishes #200 Steel Grey, #202 Metallic Khaki, #203 Storm Grey, #106 Dark Trench, #103 Ash Rose, #303 Oxblood
As a starter I picked up six shades. Two nudes, two greys, a red and metalic shade to have a feeling of the line. To be exact, these are called " Iconic Colour Nail Polish" and I wonder why not "nail varnish" if it is all so british. I really like the bottle design and find it to be very modern. Each bottle offers 8 ml nail polish and retails some EUR cheaper than Dior and Chanel which makes it almost the same price as Dior's 10 ml polishes. 

Let's check out the shades I picked up to show you, then we can talk more about my impressions. Here comes Dark Trench, #106 from my nude picks. This one is a very light cool grey-taupe with creme finish. I don't know why it has "Dark" in its name because it is so light. There is also another shade "Stone" at Burberry range which is close to Dark Trench but a little warmer. I love coolness of this, since I already have many beiges already. I loved how clean and elegant Dark Trench looks. Below I applied two coats.

Burberry Nail Polish #106 Dark Trench

Next comes a little more feminine version of a cool taupe, Ash Rose, #103. Again not too pink which would make it more common to my stash therefore less desirable for me. Ash Rose is a very pretty light rosy taupe with creme finish. It applied smoothly and two coats are enough for full coverage.

Burberry Nail Polish #103 Ash Rose

From all the reds of the line, I opted for the most vamp and dark one, Oxblood, #303, a deep bordeaux with creme finish. I love this one because although it is dark, it is not too dark nor blackened. Two coats are enough for a perfect coverage.

Burberry Nail Polish #303 Oxblood

Although I am usually not a great fan of khakis, I wanted to test one of the metallic finish nail polishes and ended up getting Metallic Khaki. The name describes the shade pretty good. It is a mid-toned khaki shade with golden metallic finish. I like it because again it is not too dark and not blackened. Two coats apply beautifully.

Burberry Nail Polish #202 Metallic Khaki

Taupes and greys couldn't be done better than how Burberry does them. First I would like to show you Storm Grey, #203. This one is a mid-toned bluish grey with creme finish. I think the blue in that makes it unique and pretty, again two coats applied for perfect coverage.

Burberry Nail Polish #203 Storm Grey

Last shade I would like to show you, stole my heart by the first sight. Steel Grey... It is a mid-toned taupe with secret golden shimmer which makes it pull a little warmer than it is. Secret shimmer can be noticed under direct sun light but even if it is not there, the base color is also very pretty... 

Burberry Nail Polishes #200 Steel Grey

Here one more shot to show you how gorgeous this looks in the bottle. I wished that shimmer would be more apparent on the nails, not too much but just a little more. Still it is beautiful and a gorgeous shade which would work across different skin tones. I applied two coats.

Burberry Nail Polishes #200 Steel Grey

I didn't want to make this post even longer so here is a quick comparison of Burberry shades with some close shades from my stash.

Burberry Nail Polishes #200 Steel Grey, #202 Metallic Khaki, #203 Storm Grey, #106 Dark Trench, #103 Ash Rose, #303 Oxblood vs. close shades from my stash

I found Storm Grey #203 to be very close to Dior #707 Gris Montaigne, which is a little warmer and less blue. Steel Grey is warmer than Gris Montaigne. 

#202 Metallic Khaki reminded me of YSL's polish #28 Bronze Aztec that I fell in love at the counter but not so much on my nails since it was way too blackened. Good news is that Metallic Khaki is lighter in tone, therefore shows more of its color. My attempt to find something close to Metallic Khaki from Chanel range failed. I also tried matching Metallic Khaki with Alchemie, which is more of a gold than khaki and therefore very different.

Burberry #106 Dark Trench and #103 Ash Rose are both close to Chanel #559 Frenzy. Frenzy has a little bit of lilac in it and pulls a little warmer than Dark Trench. Ash Rose has more pink but all three have similar "feel" once on the nails, clean, minimalist, modern and elegant. I love them all! Do I need Burberry Stone too? Maybe ;-)

Burberry #303 Oxblood is close to Tom Ford's Bordeaux Lust which is a tad more red and warm. Again I couldn't find a similar shade between 50 shades of Chanel's reds.  Rouge Fatal looked promising but turned out to be too warm once compared. Chanel Rouge Noir is deeper and more blackened than Oxblood.

Comparison to close shades: Burberry Nail Polishes #200 Steel Grey, #202 Metallic Khaki, #203 Storm Grey, #106 Dark Trench, #103 Ash Rose, #303 Oxblood

Yes, gorgeous shades, that greys, taupes, all wearable but not boring. As for the consistency, I have to admit although these cover beautifully with two coats, they were not the easiest polish to work with. I had to remove a few nails and reapply because I experienced some pooling. The brush is wider than Chanel but not as wide as Dior, it might be similar to YSL. I do agree to this review by Belletristic Beauty though, it was kind of stiff and therefore making the application a little harder.

On the bright side, these do last and last. I can say, on me they don't chip and there was only minor tip wear at the end of day 4. This makes them among the longest lasting polishes I tried. Oh and, have I mentioned that the bottle design is gorgeous?

Burberry Nail Polishes 

Final thoughts: Burberry must have released the most interesting and chic debut nail polish range ever. I love how wearable and yet interesting the shades are. Coverage is great, even with lighter shades two coats are enough. The consistency could be a little thicker though and brush may need some improvement. All in all, really enjoying these!

Do you have your eyes on any of these?


  1. I'm so glad this line isn't boring at all. You know how Burberry tends to play it kinda safe. Although they do make amazing neutrals. I am loving all shades actually, naturally I'm most interested in the khaki one, but those first two look very chic as well!

    1. Hi Teri,
      yes I agree with you, they are not boring and at the same time classical. I went there to pick up Nude Beige as well, it looks like a cult color although it is very newly released. Burberry knows how to do this ;-)

  2. Wait a minute: Metallic Khaki looks like Givenchy Bronze Precieux (which is on my nails again for the moment)! I've got to check these out soon!

    1. As far as I remember your swatches, this might really be right! Let me know after you check it out!

  3. Oooh, I definitely need Steel Grey! Did you happen to see Mink while you were there? That's another one I've had my eye on.

    1. Mink is also very nice. I like more lighter nudes, therefore in the first purchase I went for those but Mink is definitely on my wish list ;-)

  4. Gorgeous presentation, so elegant!!! We don't have Burberry in my area so I've never tried anything from the brand. Hopefully it'll be available eventually. :)

    1. Hi Icaria,
      I hope you also get the brand. They have some seriously pretty nudes and naturals.

  5. I've been waiting to hear more about these so was so pleased to read your thorough review, so helpful. I was just thinking of getting Metallic Khaki but after seeing Steel Grey on you that will have to go on my list as well :)

    1. Steel Grey is so pretty, I am sure you will love it. :-)
      I will be waiting for your review!

  6. Oh They look all lovely. I am so resisting the temptation :) XO

  7. I have Stone and Oxblood and I really want Storm Grey now :).

  8. Kindly mention the prices


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