Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer Angel Wings & Butterfly Wings from White Magic Collection Holiday 2013

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It has been sometime since I posted so I thought between all the holiday rush and my travel schedule, I could manage to write a few lines between photos which were taken like ages ago. I am very much behind the posts I planned for this year and much of the photos might never be revealed because of that. If that happens I was thinking about a spam charactered post with all those you missed because of me being slow and busy. Would you like that?

Today I would like to share two of the items I purchased from Laura Mercier White Magic Collection for Holiday 2013. I also picked up one illuminating eye shadow and one of the limited caviar sticks which I am loving for the real snowy icy look on my lids at the moment. Remember that is sort of the trend right now? Just to name a few, Tom Ford's Ice Queen, Dior's Golden Snow... But we will come to that hopefully later. Today it is all about the nails...

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer Angel Wings & Butterfly Wings

I picked up those sight unseen since my LM counter in Breuninger received the products but were not allowed to sell it. They didn't have testers either. Once I have seen them available online, I decided to order. So here it goes, Angel Wings was for me a bit of a disappointed since it went so sheer. It is very close to Diorific Vernis #128 in Winter, which I also use as a overcoat rather than stand alone. Diorific Winter is a little warmer and even more sheer. Below you see two coats of Angel Wings. I do like how complex the shimmer is under light but still too sheer for my taste.

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer Angel Wings

Butterfly Wings, on the other hand, is rather an interesting duo chrome pearly nail polish which shifts between an antique rose and a greenish taupe if that makes sense. I don't think I own anything like that so this one is unique to my stash. With two coats one can still lightly see the nail line so you may need three. Below I applied two coats. I think photos doesn't make this one justice.

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer Butterfly Wings

Both are available at Laura Mercier counters and online. I like the consistency and lasting power as well as drying time of Laura Mercier polishes. I am just a little confused about the sizes and designs of the bottles which kept changing (i reported about it previously here) and glad that the bottles haven't changed since then. I liked their Fall polishes a little more, but I am also happy to own Butterfly wings.

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer Angel Wings & Butterfly Wings

Final thoughts: While Angel Wings is for sheer nail polish lovers, Butterfly Wings calls nude loving ladies who'd like their polishes with a twist or perhaps with some color shift. 

Are you also in Holiday rush? How have you been lately?

Oh and would you like some "Best of" kind of posts?


  1. Oooh I am glad you have reviewed these as I have been wondering about them every-time I walk past the counter, think I might have to pick up Butterfly Wings xx

    1. Hi Clare,
      I have had this post ready for sometime but couldn't post because it was very busy during holiday. Butterfly Wings is very pretty, I am sure you would like it.

  2. Would love to read about the LM eyeshadow from this collection - I have been swatching all three every time I go past but not sure what look I would create or which to get (and all three is not an option at this time of year!) Susan UK

    1. Hi,
      The eye shadows and stick work well together. I was very busy during the holidays so couldn't post but I will try to do that soon.


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