Laura Mercier Nail Polishes in Forbidden & Bewitched from Dark Spell Collection

Two of the three items which I selected from Dark Spell Collection of Laura Mercier were nail polishes. I have already talked about the third item, a gorgeous highlighter called Spellbound (reviewed here). Today its their turn, Forbidden and Bewitched are...

Promo photo of Laura Mercier Nail Polishes in Forbidden & Bewitched (source)

...two gorgeous nail polishes which winked at me through their promo photos and I knew I had place for them in my very tightly packed nail polish stash. These days I have to give it a second thought before I commit, as I started running out of place and I don't want to start giving away some discontinued Chanel, not just yet. ;-)

Under sun: Laura Mercier Nail Polish in Forbidden

Forbidden is defined as "silver" but it is a warm taupe leaning platinum shade with metallic finish. Formula is good in terms of consistency but it is prone to visible brush strokes. This doesn't bother me that much since this kind of finish almost always comes with it but if you hate it, this particular shade might not be for you.

Indoors: Laura Mercier Nail Polish in Forbidden

I like how Forbidden changes in each light, pulling warmer or cooler, metallic or more shimmery. Although I don't like metallic eye shadows, I do love metallic nail polishes so Forbidden is a winner for me. I believe Forbidden could be worn all year around.

In shadow: Laura Mercier Nail Polish in Forbidden

The second nail polish from Dark Spell Collection was what most of beauty blogosphere raving about. This one is described as "black with green sparkle". I would call it as deep forest green with gold and teal sparkle. It has a dark base but I don't think it is black. The lovely sparkles which is visible in the bottle transfers onto the nails beautifully, making this one "happy sigh" worthy.

Under sun: Laura Mercier Nail Polish in Bewitched

Consistency of Bewitched is perfect and it is a one-coater for those of you who would prefer to stop right after a full coverage is reached. I almost always use a second coat to increase longevity. I used two coats for the following swatches too.

Indoors: Laura Mercier Nail Polish in Bewitched

I don't have anything like Bewitched in my stash. The size of the sparkles and the base shade makes it very unique. Bewitched offers a seat in the last wagon of "emerald green" train before 2013 is over, so if you like the shade, don't think twice. It is a gorgeous Fall color, but I am thinking about wearing it also during holiday season.

In shadow: Laura Mercier Nail Polish in Bewitched

Final thoughts: I love nail polishes of Laura Mercier's Dark Spell Collection. A lovely metallic shade, Forbidden, is for metallic polish lovers who would tolerate some brush strokes such as myself. Bewitched is a gorgeous unique green with large golden sparkles which are visible on the nail, it is breathtaking.

Have you checked Forbidden and Bewitched out? Can you war nail polish with brush strokes or is it no-go for you?



  1. I like Bewitched, but it reminds me a lot of a england Beauty Never Fails, only the gold flecks are bigger in Beauty Never Fails (and maybe the shade is darker)!

    1. Hey Sunny,
      You are right, beauty never fails would be the closest thing in my stash. If I were home, I would edit the post with a comparison for you. Now I can only describe the difference, this one is lighter as you already pointed out. Also Beauty Never Fails has more of a holo fine shimmer kind of finish but this one has chunky glitters. Base color, apart from being lighter in Bewitched, it is also leaning more blue whereas Beauty Never Fails leans a bit more khaki if this makes sense. I think they are close but not that close :-))

  2. LOVE Bewitched, stunning colour and something I really want to get into my stash pronto. Great images, thanks :-)

  3. I like Bewitched too, because it remains me of O.P.I Live and let die, which is one of my favourite nail polishes for fall and winter.


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