Chanel Le Volume Mascara in #40 Khaki Bronze from Fall 2013 Superstition Collection

You might have noticed how much I like Chanel's Le Volume Mascara, I use it on almost all of my eye looks and I would always conclude the eye look definition by saying "...and I finished this look with x coat of Chanel Le Volume mascara". I like how it provides me more volume and how it holds the curl of my stubbornly straight and thick lashes. When I found out that they were releasing an unusual limited shade for this Fall, I knew I had to try it out.

Chanel Le Volume Mascara in #40 Khaki Bronze

Chanel Le Volume Mascara in #40 Khaki Bronze has the same brush as the regular Le Volume Mascara. I usually use the black one, #10 Noir for dramatic effect or I go for #30 Prune which is a reddish plum if I want my eyes to pop and if the rest of the eye make-up allows using this shade. #40 Khaki Bronze is a soft brown with khaki undertone. I am usually not a khaki fan since those colors, especially on my eyes, seem to blend too much with my skin and eye color. Khaki Bronze however gives me a soft day time look since it is close to the color of my lashes, so I get defined lashes with more volume and it holds the curl nicely while looking very natural and not over done.

Chanel Le Volume Mascara in #40 Khaki Bronze

I am going to post a look using this mascara with the next post. For the time being I would like to show you how it compares to other mascara shades. I included Chanel Le Volume #10 Noir which didn't swatch very good since it is too much loved by me and is about to dry out. Next to it you can see #30 Prune which is almost a red with plum undertone other than a reddish plum. Prune is very close to Rouge Noir shade from Chanel Inimitable Intense mascara line. I would like to also include Armani ETK Excess Volume Mascara in #05. This one is a dark forest green shade which shows that Khaki Bronze is more of a brown than a green. I also included some close ups on brushes so that you can see the color on the wand more clearly.

Chanel Le Volume Mascara in #40 Khaki Bronze vs. Chanel Le Volume #10, #30 and Armani Excess Volume #05
Chanel Le Volume Mascara in #40 Khaki Bronze vs. #10 Noir
Chanel Le Volume Mascara in #40 Khaki Bronze vs. Armani Excess Volume #05

Final thoughts: Chanel Le Volume is by far my favorite mascara and new limited edition shade #40 Khaki Bronze doesn't disappoint. I think they should have added this to the permanent line since right now Chanel lacks a brown in that for softer day time looks. If you like your lashes thicker, holding the curl but not that dramatic and defined, make sure to grab one before Khaki Bronze is sold out.

Do you prefer black mascara or are you in for more natural lash looks?


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  1. I am a mascara lover. I love to collect almost all kind of mascara. Already I used from 46 different brands , but I love this one most. it is so pigmented and so gorgeous. I just recently did my winter makeup lesson , hearing this my sister-in-law send me few sets from U.S.A. I got my one there. And I absolutely love this! <3


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