Laura Mercier Spellbound Face Illuminator from Fall 2013 Dark Spell Collection, Review & Comparison

So many pretty products, so little time. Today I would like to talk about an absolutely beautiful highlighter from Laura Mercier's Fall 2013 Collection, called Dark Spell. Here is Laura Mercier Spellbound Face Illuminator...

Laura Mercier Spellbound Face Illuminator

Already in July you might have heard of the buzz in certain blogs as the collection was released early in US. It is still not on the counters in Germany but here is the thing, my favorite SA from Breuninger Laura Mercier counter confessed that they received everything already in July but they were not supposed to sell them! I tried hard arguing that I will be on holiday after they were supposed to be sold but she could only agree to pre-order so I decided to get the products from US, thanks to Mari *waves*. Please take a moment to admire this one, isn't it pretty?

Laura Mercier Spellbound Face Illuminator

If you are following Color Me Loud for sometime, you already know that I am usually drawn to eye products first, but for Laura Mercier Dark Spell Collection, I made an exception and went for the highlighter and nail polishes, which I will review soon. Check out the promo pictures and you will see why. The model has such a beautiful light catching complexion, which got my attention before her eye makeup or lips. 

The surface of the highlighter resembles that of a satin fabric folded irregularly to create a breathtaking play of light and shadow. It looks so modern and chic, don't you agree?

Close-up: Laura Mercier Spellbound Face Illuminator

Once I touch the surface, it feels buttery and finely milled. It goes on smooth and shows the color by one swipe on my arm. I took normal and slightly out of focus photos to show you the gorgeous shimmer. I would define the shade as rose gold in a very general sense, it is more gold and beige than rose though. 

Swatches of Laura Mercier Spellbound Face Illuminator, in focus (left), slightly out of focus (right)

I wanted to see how it compares to other highlighters from my stash. As we are talking about "rose gold" or a tone of "beige", I pulled out Chanel Mouche de Beaute (#5) and Lumiere d'Artifices (#4). I also wanted to compare it to two of my favorite MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes in Light Year (#2) from last year and Adored (#1) from this year.

Laura Mercier Spellbound Face Illuminator and its comparison to other similar highlighters

As the swatches indicate, Laura Mercier Spell Bound is a stronger highlighter once compared to MAC Mieralize Skinfinishes or Chanel Lumiere d'Arfifices but not over the top such as Chanel Mouche de Beaute. It is more "rose" than Chanel Mouche de Beaute and more gold than the others in comparison. You can definitely get Spell Bound show up on many different complexions but you can also use a light hand to apply it, it is up to you.

Comparison swatches of  Laura Mercier Spellbound Face Illuminator and similar highlighters.

Final thoughts: Love the design and the quality alike. I think it must be the prettiest highlighter of this season. 

Have you checked out Laura Mercier Fall 2013 Collection? Which products are catching your attention?


  1. Ooohh that's a very pretty design! The shade looks adorable but I might find it too yellow on my skintone. However it looks gorgeous when swatched!

    1. Yes it is pretty :-) I think it has enough rose not to look too gold, but still it is rather warm than cold as a highlighter. I hope you can check it out at a counter.

  2. Love the color!Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx

    Gleaming Spire * Bloglovin'

  3. I am a highlighter junkie. I love to collect almost all kind of highlighters , but I love this one most. it is so pigmented and so gorgeous. I just recently did my winter makeup lesson , hearing this my sister-in-law send me few sets from U.S.A. I got my highlighter there. And I absolutely love this! <3


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