Le Métier De Beauté The Galore Collection, Palette for the Face and Eye, Review & FOTD

Some months ago Le Métier De Beauté released a new type of product, called Palette for Face and Eye. Four blushes and four eye shadows were placed together in one rechargeable palette. The first release was called Zeitgeist, offered rather cooler and lighter tones for eyes. Just the name alone was calling me and thinking about the superb quality the brand usually offers, made me ponder for quiet a long time. Then Castaway was released, hosting deep green and brown/earthy tones. I wished I would have gotten Zeitgeist because the latter was too warm for me. Just in two weeks, I have seen Galore and I knew it was the right Face and Eye Palette for me, just enough of warmth, some lila shade and a deep black for contouring, it was denser and yet had right amount of warmth to it.

Le Métier De Beauté Galore Palette

Le Métier De Beauté Galore Palette has the same blushes which Zeitgeist and Castaway have on the top raw. These are particularly hard to take a photo of. I thinks the picture above (rather than the one below) shows the differences much better in the pan. I have taken those pictures right before I was leaving for holidays and left this palette behind, not to ruin or loose it on the way, but I think swatches later on in this post give a good feeling of the colors.

Close-up: Le Métier De Beauté Galore Palette

The bottom raw of the palette consist of four gorgeous full size eye shadows, which are inspired by precious stones. They are buttery and very pigmented as one would expect from LMdB. Shades are as follows from left to right:

Topaz: Mid-toned bronze brown with satin finish (defined as warm shimmering copper by LMdB)
Quartz Light cool lavender with matte finish (defined as soft lavender by LMdB)
Tanzanite True blue with golden shimmer and metallic finish (defined as deep indigo with flecks of gold by LMdB)
Diamond Noir: Cool deep black with sparse silver sparkles and satin finish (defined as glinting onyx by LMdB)

Le Métier De Beauté Galore Palette, eye shadow swatches (bottom raw)

For the below eye look I used the following steps:

#1: Primed my lids with Nars Pro-Prime.
#2: Used Quartz (matte lavender) all over the lid as well as along lower lashes as base color.
#3: Applied Tanzanite (metallic blue) on the outer half of upper and lower lid.
#4: Defined the outer V with Diamond Noir (black shade)
#5: Padded Topaz (bronze brown) on the mid of the upper lid to give an accent and some warmth.
#6: Defined the eyes further with a few dots of black eye liner (smudged later on) and mascara on top and lower lashes.

Eye look with Le Métier De Beauté Galore Palette eye shadows (bottom raw)

The upper blush raw of Galore Palette consists of the following shades:

Dusk: A sugary pink leaning peach with satin finish (defined as classic pinky-peach by LMdB)
The Factory: Cool mid-toned pink with matte base and sparse silver flecks (defined as bright pink by LMdB)
Coral Reef: Reddish understated coral with satin finish (defined as golden shimmered warm coral by LMdB)
Punta Cana: Mid-toned golden bronze with satin finish (defined as satin blond-bronze by LMdB)

Le Métier De Beauté Galore Palette, blush swatches (top raw)

The blush colors look a bit odd in the pan and also swatched since they are very pigmented. The idea is to use these also on the eyes to add a bit of something to the look, which I will definitely try next time. After I applied them to my cheeks, I was surprised by how natural they look. For the look below, I used Dusk on the cheeks and layered on top with Punta Cana for some warmth. I applied them with TF blusher brush and it wore over 14 hours. Needless to say, I was so impressed by the staying power!

FOTD: Le Métier De Beauté Galore Palette on eyes and cheeks

Also check out Lola's Secret Beauty Blog for more swatches.

Final thought: Nothing gives you a smokey eye like a good LMdB Palette or Kaleidoscope, it is easy to apply yet complex in the way it looks. Although I probably own many of those colors one by one in one way or another, I love Galore. I found matte lavender to be the most unique of four and still find this one to be a good deal ($125 for 4 eyeshadows + 4 blushes). I think alone the blushes which wore like iron over 14 hours are worth the price. Galore is currently in stock in Saks Fifth Avenue website, shipping internationally.

Are you eyeing any of LMdB Face and Eye Palettes? Do you like the concept or would you rather pay a little less and get a Kaleidoscope?



  1. AHHHHHHH this is GORGEOUS!! The blushes! Everything looks AMAZING on you!! They ship internationally??????? GAWWWWWD Sara WHY did you tell me this hahaha!
    P.S. Your skin is PERFECTION. What foundation are you wearing?

    1. Hi Tracy *waves*
      Thanks so so much! I think I loved the look it gave me too, oh and so many playing options it offers. I am definitely try one of the blusher shades on the eye next ;-)

      For my complexion, I am wearing Guerlain BB Creme and Chanel Les Beiges in 20. This is my go-to or this summer. Glad that you liked it :-)

  2. LOL @ Tracy

    Seconding on the skin thing - gorgeous! Love the shadows over your eyes especially.

    1. Hi Liz, thanks so much, comments from your ladies mean a lot to me :-**

  3. You look so good! I love the eye look. Ha just realized you have the same eye color as my bf and I always want to put make up on him ;)

    As for the palettes, I love the concept of cheek and eye palette! I hate the fact that I have both Zeitgeist and Castaway palette and the blushes are all the same!! So as much as I like the eyeshadows in the Galore palette, I am not sure I can pull the trigger on this palette :-\

    Who knows I might cave later :)

    1. Hi Yin.
      LOL, it is funny, I am also always thinking what color of eye shadow would look nice on hubby. There are times I can barely hold myself not to apply make-up on him :-D

      I know what you mean about the blushes. I managed to keep away from Zeitgeist Palette for almost a month but lately I gave up. I do want it, so bad... Although it is very close to Galore (probably). Now it is on the way to me. 3 times the same blushes is a but too much though LoL.

    2. Aww! It seems like a more neutral palette then Galore. I have only wore it once but that's because I have been playing with the new Dior's fall palettes (surprisingly i didn't like bonne etoile as much as constellation) and Fusion mono shadows (that i wasn't going to get) and G Armani's fall collection (OMG! <3).

      I hope you are going to do a comparison swatch then I can really tell if I should get it or not ^.^

    3. Yes I believe Zeitgeist is lighter and more natural. I couldn't resist the shimmery lavender shade, wish they wouldn't have included it, then my job (in resisting) would be easier LOL. I would love to post a comparison but I am on holiday (although I don't look like I do LOL) and I am going to receive it after I am back, on mid of September. Then if Galore is still on stock, I am certainly going to post a comparison. But honetsly, I think 2 of those Face&Eye Palettes should be enough blush for the next years ;-))

      Oh and I love GA's Fall collection, probably my fav collection of this season, so pretty ahhh..... ;-))


  4. This is stunning on you, Sara!!! Thanks for the shout-out! xoxox

    1. You're welcome :-) Are you still considering to get this one? xox

  5. Such a lovely range of shades, the look you have created is stunning :)


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