My Nail Polish Pick This Summer and Beyond, A-England Excalibur (new version)

A short post for tonight to share with you what I am enjoying right now...

Sun, sea and and a pretty nail polish...

Enjoying a pretty nail polish by the beach

... called Excalibur. It is no secret that I am a sucker for foil finish metallic nail polishes but this must have been the prettiest I have so far. It is a gorgeous silver but not so harsh on the eye or doesn't clash with my (now darker) skin tone since it has golden flecks scattered on the surface. Overall effect is a warm silver if this makes sense.

A-England Excalibur (new version) by shadow

It is gorgeous under the shadow, when the golden flecks become visible. Under sun light, it has multi dimensional and multi colored shimmer added to this gorgeousness. Right now I am wearing it and I see that under artificial light, my nails almost glow. So pretty!

A-England Excalibur (new version) under sun

One more close-up for you to see the golden flecks of different sizes and the gorgeous foil finish which is almost fully opaque by the first coat. Perfect consistency, as I would expect from an a-england polish. And the most shocking truth is yet to come, I have worn this beauty 4 times in the last two months! This is a real success given the size of my stash... 

Close-up: A-England Excalibur (new version)

Oh and I have also given my mom a mani with this and she also loved it. A side note here, she is rather conservative when it comes to nail polish, but this one, although so "shimmery" was not too much for her. 

Final thoughts: Nothing but love for the new version of A-England Excalibur. I am loving it for this summer but I will surely be wearing it all year around. If you are also fan of foil finish, you need this!

What is your favorite nail polish of this summer?



  1. It definitely looks like "excalibur" gold specks on silver...This one is on my to get soon list. XO

    1. It is really sooo pretty! Be quick and enjoy it sooner. Xox

  2. that's beautiful. this time of year I love metallics for nails--I'm tired of corals, and it's too hot for the colors of autumn. your pics are gorgeous, where are you on holiday???

    1. Hi Silvita,
      I can't agree more, this one is a nice alternative to "classical" summer shades.
      I am right now in Bodrum, Turkey.

  3. So pretty! Reminds me a little of Kaleidoscope but with gold flecks.. would love to take a visit to the beach! My summer colours are usually pastels or bright pops like Chanel Holiday (typical, I know hehe).

    1. Hi Xen,
      Yes I also thought to Kalidoscope and if I weren't so far away from my stash, I would love to make a few comparisons. Excalibur can be a little cooler than Kaleidoscope but also more unique because of the flecks. If you wouldn't associate this one with summer, why not check it out for upcoming Fall? ;-))


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