Dior Vernis #382 Destin, #992 Galaxy from Mystic Metallics Collection for Fall 2013, Swatch & Comparison

Oh pretty Fall 2013 Collection of Dior and its stunning quads and nail polishes. I have already talked about how much I love both of the quads, Bonne Etoile (reviewed here) and Constellation (reviewed here). Today your horoscope tells you that your stars are aligned to make you fall in love with two metallic nail polishes, Dior Vernis #382 Destin and #992 Galaxy. 

Dior Vernis #382 Destin, #992 Galaxy from Mystic Metallics Collection for Fall 2013

I usually don't post promo photos (I prefer taking my own) but I just made an exception giving how cute they look together, the stars and the bottles. Before I start introducing them to you, let me tell you upfront that these two are by far my favorite nail polishes of upcoming season, sharing top three with YSL #38 Gris Underground (reviewed here). Let me show you why...

Outdoor, direct light swatch: Dior Vernis #382 Destin

Destin is a metallic nude with beige, mauve and taupe undertones. It is darker than most of the others in this category, which you will see at comparison swatches. This one looks different under each light, so I made three pictures to give you a better idea. Especially outdoor shadow picture shows the cooler, mauve side of this shade while the other two gives a warmer impression. While wearing it, I found myself looking at my nails and wondering how I would describe this shade. 

Indoor swatch: Dior Vernis #382 Destin

Dior Vernis #382 Destin was opaque in two coats and had very light brush strokes. Those were almost invisible once compared to other metallic finish nail polishes. Formula is perfection, pleasure to work with, not too thick or thin.

Outdoor shadow swatch: Dior Vernis #382 Destin

I pulled out some shades from my stash for comparison. Destin was not close to anything. I swatched it against #593 Rose Moire (previously reviewed here) from Chanel, which was lighter and more pink/peach. I also added Chanel #73 Violette and Guerlain #463 La Petite Robe Noire which are close to Rose Moire (I pointed this out before in this post) and those two are also lighter and more peach/pink compared to Dior #382 Destin.

Dior Vernis #382 Destin and its comparison to similar colors

I was thinking Chanel #525 Quartz would be similar, but it turned out to be warmer and more beige/gold. Chanel #96 Metal Argent (discontinued) is lighter and also more gray. Chanel #367 Trapeze (discontinued) is more gold and lighter. I found Dior #382 Destin to be a unique metallic nude, which looks stunning on the nails without being over the top but also providing enough uniqueness not to be boring.

Dior Vernis #382 Destin and its comparison to similar colors on nail wheel

The second shade #992 Galaxy is a beautiful warm plum with metallic finish,  both name and finish fitting to the motto of the collection. The shade was changing between having more or less red hues depending on the light. It is a deep shade but not blackened so that the plum tone definitely shows up.

Outdoor, direct sun light swatch: Dior Vernis #992 Galaxy

Formula was great for this one too. I could almost get away with one coat but I used two to intensify the color a little. There were no visible brush strokes and the consistency was just right.

Indoor swatch: Dior Vernis #992 Galaxy

Reddish plums (or plums in general) are my weak point so I was smitten by Galaxy, but at the same time I was almost sure I would find something similar, because I do own many purple polishes, some of them having metallic finish.

Outdoor, indirect light swatch: Dior Vernis #992 Galaxy

I searched my stash for similar colors. There was some discussion regarding Chanel's new nail polish, Rouge Moire (reviewed here) being close to Galaxy, so I swatched them side by side just to see that they are very different. Rouge Moire is a pearly deep red, therefore much more red once compared to Dior Galaxy. Illamasqua Charisma is a tad more plum but yet very red. Chanel Strong (discontinued) has similar undertones but more blackened, therefore darker than Galaxy. Chanel #499 Gondola (discontinued) is also more red/pink. Recently released beauty Chanel #583 Taboo is more blue based and the red flecks give a different finish, which is not metallic like Galaxy. 

Dior Vernis #992 Galaxy and its comparison to similar colors

The closest shades to Dior Galaxy were Tom Ford #21 Minx from Fall 2012 collection, Chanel #54 Spirale (discontinued) and Chanel #42 Troublant. Chanel Troublant is a duo chrome, so it is only similar at a certain angle, which leaves us with the other two. I found Chanel Spirale and Tom Ford Minx to be only marginally different so if you own any of these two, you may want to give it a second thought. These little differences are: Minx is slightly more coppery, Spirale is slightly darker.

Dior Vernis #992 Galaxy and its comparison to similar colors on nail wheel

Also check out Jenny's and Sabrina's review for more swatches and comparison.

Final thoughts: I love both of these shades, actually I like almost everything from Dior Fall 2013. I found Dior Vernis #382 Destin to be more unique but both of the shades are stunning and perfect for fall. I should also mention how easy to work with the formula is. Those are limited edition and available around the globe at Dior Counters right now, in Germany available for online purchase since yesterday.

Which one is your favorite? 



  1. I'm really eager to see them in stores here, Destin shows really an impressive color shift, and Galaxie is a perfect Fall purple!

    1. HI Aly, these should arrive very soon, let me know if you like them after checking out in person. I personally love both of the shades, I can't wait for Fall to come so that I can wear them both :-))

  2. I picked up Destin. I passed on Galaxy... i am not a huge fan of the Dior nail polish brush (I think it is too thick) and you get less product than other brands. But your swatches makes me want to get Galaxy! Although I do have Minx, which I love.

    I'm going to be good and pass LOL since I saw Tom Ford is having a Fall Collection as well :)

    1. I know, we all have colors like Destin in our stash but still it looks pretty ;-) Tom Ford Fall nail polishes doesn't seem to be very moving to me (although I ordered them both and I will report on it as soon as it arrives) but eye products are very pretty so some $$$ should be saved ;-)

      I want to be good too, but I couldn't success even on holiday. I keep sending packages to hubby, he might quit getting them at some point LoL.

  3. They look lovely! I wonder when I can expect to see them in stores here.

    1. It should be any time now. It is released in UK and a few days ago in Germany. I see Sephora France still haven't received them (at least they are not online) but they should arrive in a few days. Do you know escentuals website from UK, they have good prices and shipment doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

  4. I love Destin! It's very natural yet unusual :) Very pretty!

    1. Hi Memoiselle,
      I love Destin too, probably the most unusual nude I have :-)

  5. Hi! I just found your blog because I was looking for comparison swatches and I'd like to thank you. I wanted to see how these polishes compare to Chanel's Rose Moiré and Rouge Moiré. I think right now yours is the only blog with any pics! I'm happy to see they are different, they are also beautiful. Thank you for your great swatch pics. Very nice blog! :)

    1. Hi Bernadett,

      it is because Dior's collection was not released in Europe but instead Chanel's Moire Collection came, which is not yet released in US so it was not easy to put both of the shades together. Luckily a friend from US helped and I received Dior polishes before the time. ;-) Glad to hear that it was helpful.


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