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Some of you may have noticed that I took the Friday and the Weekend off blogging. I was having a holiday within the holiday. We drove to a hotel to meet one of my best friends from high school. I was determined to cut the internet time. I left behind my notebook, which I regretted the minute we were in the car but decided to stick to the plan. It is an interesting feeling, the moment I stop blogging, I fear I might never be able to come back. But then again I can't wait to show the exciting posts I planned for you this week so I here is a tiny post as I work my way back to the blog.

Here are two light weight, swipe and go summer lippies I have been enjoying at the moment, Lancome Shine Lover #321 BC Beige and bareMinerals Pop of Passion Tangerine Pop. Hope you like them and the looks.

Lancome Shine Lover #321 BC Beige, bareMinerals Pop of Passion Tangerine Pop

I would like to try Lancome Shine Lover for some time now. I like the sleek white packaging, very minimalistic, very me. I was considering to purchase one when I found out that my lovely friend Melanie from one of my all-time favorite blogs mel-et-fel inserted Lancome Shine Lover #321 BC Beige as "surprise" inside our swapping package. Thanks so much for this lovely gift!

The story goes on like this: Unfortunately in Germany it seems like Lancome changed their online marketing strategy this year. I am not sure if it is a global or just a local change but suddenly most of the beauty blogs weren't sent samples anymore. Instead I have observed "fashion blogs" were the new advertisement ground. Which company wouldn't like nice photos, no swatches and hardly any reviews. Bad product, no worries. You put it next to your new designer bag and it will sell. It is the image of the brand after all, it is not about conscious decision making consumers. Some believe beauty blogging is in decline, brands support websites which look like the new interpretation of magazines which either copy and paste the promotional material or write a few sentences and no in depth reviews. *shrugs* I think we will wait and see if that is true. I wouldn't expect it from Lancome though, especially after they recruited Lisa Eldridge. 

Back to the shades, Lancome Shine Lover #321 BC Beige is exactly my type of everyday nude pink which goes well with dramatic eye looks and natural makeup alike. I don't know how I feel about the name though. BC Beige? What is BC, does anyone know? Before Christ? Was a beige a pink before Christ? Other possibilities are: Bien Conserve (almost good), British Columbia (no way), Book Club (hmmm) and Birth Control (no comment).

Swatches: Lancome Shine Lover #321 BC Beige, bareMinerals Pop of Passion Tangerine Pop

Bare Minerals just released a hydrating and nurturing Lip Oil slash Balm. From eight shades, four of them are supposed to be sheer whereas four with more pigment, described as pop of color. Tangerine Pop, a mid-toned, not too vivid and very wearable coral is one of the pigmented ones. bareMinerals Pop of Passion Tangerine Pop is a great summer shade. It feels great on the lips, light weight and very hydrating. I would like to call it my favorite summer lippie but unfortunately it melts very easy so I decided to leave it in the refrigerator instead of taking it in my purse. It doesn't have a particular taste nor smell, which is always good in my book. Once it is not over 35°C anymore, it will join my favorite lipsticks in my beauty bag. You have seen me wearing it in this post, please refer there to have more info about the rest of the make-up.

FOTD with bareMinerals Pop of Passion Tangerine Pop

Dear Melanie's choice of color from Lancome Shine Lover line was spot on. I love this shade so much so I decided to wear it on my birthday. Some of you asked for my birthday look, here it is. I am wearing MAC I Like 2 Watch Dazzle Shadow on my eyes which was a fail buy since it is the worst of the four eye shadows I picked from Le Disco Collection (two are reviewed here) in terms of fall out and sheerness. At the end of my birthday night, I ended up with all the glitter on my cheeks *le sigh*. Back to Shine Lover, it is a lovely light weight swipe and go shade. I like the packaging, I like this particular shade and I like the fact that it is without any smell and taste. It is just that their blogger strategy is making me frown so probably I won't be getting any other shades from the line.

FOTD with Lancome Shine Lover #321 BC Beige

Final thoughts: I love both of these shades as an easy swipe and go summer lipstick. Both of them are free of taste and smell, which I appreciate. I recommend both for sheer lippie lovers.

Do you like fashion blogs? Do you refer to them to decide on which makeup to purchase?

Disclaimer: bareMinerals Pop of Passion Tangerine Pop was sent free of charge for consideration. 
Lancome Shine Lover #321 BC Beige was a gift. I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I really love the Lancôme Shine Lover! I have 2 shades already but I think I'll grab a beige nude for the fall/winter season. And I've also been very tempted by the these new launches by bareMinerals! Have you had a chance to try the new cream blushes?

  2. Oh wow, Tangerine Pop is so cheerful and bright! I doubt very much I'll be able to live my life disconnected. I'll probably go nuts!

  3. " Was a beige a pink before Christ?" Haha, I love your writing style ^^
    I'm glad that you like the lipstick. About the blogger strategy.... we talked about it... it's sad :(

  4. I never really follow fashion blogs. I do watch Wendy's Lookbook on Youtube though - because she makes some really awesome videos. I really like the Lancome one on you Sara. It looks so natural, but so pretty and feminine at the same time :-)

  5. Oh Wendy's Look Book, after now you told me I watched a travel v-log, it was fun. YouTube in general is very time consuming though, a video takes about 15 min to watch although I can scam through (and even leave comments) for 3-4 blogs during that time. Thanks, yes BC Beige is really a nice everyday shade, love it!

  6. Hahaha, I was confused about the name but the lipstick is spot-on! Love it, thanks so much <33

  7. Hi Sunny,
    I was thinking about you when I wore Tangerine Pop, exactly your kind of shade!
    Do you have bareMinerals there?
    LOL, I have to admit, I had my iPhone with me though.

  8. This one is a great nude but it is a pink nude although the name suggests beige ;-)
    Cream blushes? of bareMinerals? I checked and we don't have them here yet, I hope we get them too!

  9. Nope but I can get it online from the UK!

  10. I share your angst about the turn towards "influencers"... anyway, you made me laugh with the BC - birth control talk! LOL! Love Tangerine Pop on you!!!


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