Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It Hairstyler and Surf Infusion Spray, Review

I was determined to make the best out of the last days of my holiday before super busy time at new job starts but bad luck started rolling in one after another. First I got a back ache, which was almost going away the second day, but right after came some stomach problem and before it is over now I got a cold and a sore throat. Right now I am sitting here, sneezing and cleaning my nose while writing. Such a lovely way to spend the last days haha!

After getting sick yesterday, I got very bored. While sitting at home, I decided to give the blog a face lift. I appreciate it so very much if you tell me what you liked and didn't like. For example how do you find the new portrait? Do I look like the living dead with a lipstick (yes I think I do!)? Don't hesitate, just tell me! 

I have been testing some hair products from Bumble and Bumble lately and two of them made it to my favorites this summer, Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It Hairstyler and Surf Infusion Spray. My thoughts about them are after the jump.

Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It Hairstyler and Surf Infusion Spray

To start off I would like to tell you about the condition of my hair and what I normally use. As you might have already seen, I have natural waves which are mostly at the tips. My hair is normal to dry so doesn't get oily easily. Once I style it, I can usually use it two three days. I used to have short hair, middle-length hair and now it grew to a point it is way too long for my taste but didn't have time to go to a hair dresser because of all the things going on with job at the moment. I am planning to get them cut around my shoulder once I am back from holidays. I also want more layers for them to look more voluminous. One more thing about my hair, it is normal to thick. So there are two things for me about hair styling: Hair shouldn't look frizzy, the waves should be accentuated.

During winter time, since I don't wash it everyday, I use a hair foam and I air blow to dry them. A regular hair foam, once used moderately, doesn't make my hair look sticky nor hard. If I air blow directly afterwards I get more waves because the wet hair is heavy and pulls the waves down and results in less waves.

Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It Hairstyler and Surf Infusion Spray

During the hot summer in Stuttgart and afterwards my holidays, to blow dry it was out of question. It would have been to the hell and back. Everything which causes heat was banned from my life, including toaster! This was when Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It entered my life. Now this product, it is genius but... The name? Do you see the pun? Anyway hope you don't haha! Alright back to the product. It is a creme to distribute on your hair and afterwards you can give shape to your hair with your hands. What I do is that I push the waves up with my palm after I apply it directly to the wet hair (right after argan oil). It makes my otherwise frizzy looking hair soft and it looks blow dried. If I only use this, I get very soft waves at the ends and almost straight hair at tops. This is when Surf Infusion Spray comes out to play.

To make the waves a bit prominent, more wavy, I spray some of the new Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion Spray to the tips. When I asked you at Instagram how you feel about the previous product, many said that it was drying. I haven't tried the previous version but I have been using Surf Infusion every single day since three weeks and it didn't dry my hair. It is known though that salt induced products and sea water dries up hair but I have been using my Argan Oil after the beach and Aloe Vera spray at the beach and it has been fine so far. Below you can see how the combination of these two products work on my hair when it naturally dries. As you see, it is not frizz-free but it is good enough for me.

Wet/Dry Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It Hairstyler and Surf Infusion Spray

In one of the recent FOTDs, you have seen my hair styled that way. You can see that on tops it is flatter than usual but it doesn't look, dry, frizzy or out of style. I also use very little product to get this result. If you want it to look a bit more "done" you can apply more. All in all I am loving this combination for hot weather.

FOTD with Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It Hairstyler and Surf Infusion Spray

Final thoughts: For wavy frizzy hair, I am loving the combination of Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It as a way to style and give an air dried look. It works fine on my thick hair, I believe it should work even better with thinner hair. Surf Infusion is salt based but didn't dried up my naturally dry to normal hair. I love to give it a shake and spray it a few times to the tips to accentuate my waves. 

Do you air dry? What are the hair stylers you are loving at the moment?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration.
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Hey Sara, I like the new layout! The profile photo is interesting. I'd personally prefer to see a regular photo of you (because they're pretty), but this one is very artistic.

    Soooo I can't let my hair air dry, and I can't remember the last time I did! My hair air dries really flat and that's just not something I want. My hair tends to HATE salt as well tho. I think I should sit these out!

  2. Sara, hope you are feeling better really soon! When it rain, it pours. I like the new layout, I think the new picture is hysterical, but I still prefer the old one. I've been using that Bumble Bumble Don't Blow It, and I love it. I have straight hair with oily roots that tend to fall flat, but the ends get dry and coarse. See my problem? I mix a little of the B&B with some heavier styling creams and oils, apply only to my ends, and let it half blow dry (on low) and half air dry. My hair has volume, bounce, slight wave, and the ends are hydrated and shiny. I love it ! And my hair looks better since I'm not blow drying as much

  3. Oh no, get well soon!!! I like the idea of a black and white pic with lipstick but actually I'd prefer a pic of you like the one in this article (so soft and pretty!) only looking into the camera. I air dry, but I have wild dry frizzy unruly curls so I Moroccanoil it to the max. Treatment, Hydrating styling cream, curl defining cream, that's me done. I don't even want to know what I'd look like with sea salt spray. Let's leave Lionel Ritchie's 'do in the 1970's LOLOL!

  4. Nice to see you full length of hair-- it suits you. Hope you are feeling better-- sounds like a detox reaction due to the heat. By odd coincidence I read your blog as I passed the Bumble and Bumble shop -- on my way to a salon where I get my annual late summer ultra-conditioning because I have wavy, dry, baby fine hair and at this time every year it's all tangled. So I stopped in B + B and got a sample. Can't wait to try it. My feelings on a salt spray are ditto what Bella said. Not in this lifetime.

  5. Oh, this makes your curls look lovely! Bumble & Bumble rarely get it wrong. Feel better soon, Sara! xo


  6. Hey, Sara, sounds like you are having a hot weather detox + immune system burst. Time to take some probiotics. As to hair, I actually have very similar hair to you. Mine is fine but there is a fair lot of it. I happened to be walking past the Bumble and Bumble shop as I read your blog on my phone. I stopped in and got a sample of Don't Blow It, which I can't wait to try. You also inspired me to do my own conditioning treatment with some argan oil I had sitting around. I realized that the full oil was good for saturating those dry areas. So thank you! Will probably pass on the salt spray-- not right for me. But if you discover a volumizer for the top flat area, please tell.

  7. Hi Sara-

    You have great hair. Mine is super curly, and I always wish my curls were less tight. I love the wavy, slightly undone look have going on it this post.

    As for the new profile pic, to be honest, I find it kind of spooky and a bit of an odd choice for promoting your beauty blog. If you were into very alternative makeup, maybe it could work, but I think a full-colour picture of you with a flawless, made-up face would better represent you and your "brand." Just my two cents! It's not a bad picture per se, but I don't think it matches your blog and your style.

  8. Hi Sunny,
    thanks for the comments regarding the blog. Many said my pic is scary lol, so I will probably change that to a regular one soon. You used hair drier this summer at 40ºC? You now got my full respect. I was not "no way" and let it dry on its own the way it is. I am also not particularly happy about it but be it lol.

  9. Hi Katherine,
    thanks for the comments about the lay out and the photo. Photo needs to be changed, as everyone pointed out. I had that feeling too lol. I love the way you use Don't Blow It. Once it is very cold outside, I just can't air dry, although in our flat it is almost always warm all year around. You are right though, heat is always bad for the hair.

  10. Hi Alison,
    it might really be something because of the heat. Anyway I will be back soon, then I know I will get something this time because it is cold. Good news is that though, in Germany it looks to be still warm. Over 30ºC! How is that ever possible, it is almost September. I have the feeling that the States got colder and Europe got warmer or something, do you think it is true?
    I am so excited to hear how you find Don't Blow It. Let me know! LOL about the salt spray. My waves need to be accentuated since they are not that much but I understand if you have more waves, curls than me, that is a no go.

  11. Oh volumizer for the flat top area, I need that too. I am hoping to get the hair cut in layers there so that they can have more volume. As for the product, I will let you know if I find something. Let me know too if you do.

  12. Hi Jess,
    Curly hair rocks! Right now it is full on trend, it is always voluminous and looks right if you find the right products. Love you hair :-*
    Thanks so much for the comment regarding the photo. I will change it, that is for sure. I am now waiting to find the right photo. I wanted it to be a little catchy but I didn't want people seeing my "walking dead with lipstick" photo in their nightmares, hahaha, no not good!

  13. Hi Bella,
    that pic is going to change after hearing everyone's thoughts. Some were scared of me after this artsy fartsy attempt. I also use lots of Moroccanoil on my hair and it works great. Hahaha about the salt spray, you cracked me up!!!! I need some definition on my waves but I understand you having the curly hair and sea spray on top hahaha.

  14. Yeah I actually did... It wasn't fun, but I usually use the Clinique scrub on my body after I shampoo my hair (I shampoo twice a week tops) so the minty feeling keeps me going LOL

  15. oh shucks theres nothing worse than falling sick at the end of your holiday!!! The hair problem is real i tell you... in fact I'm heading to the salon today yay!!! I love how beach-tossed yours look... i need a vacay bad!

  16. No one noticed this fabulous dress??? Where did you buy it?

  17. Hello there! As I have a different type of hair, the products you mentioned are probably not for me. But I wanted to wish you good luck at your new job. Also, you new design is gorgeous! Have a good week! Fell better soon!

  18. Oh sorry, this one was from a local boutique in the area but it is made in Italy, pure silk, the brand name is written as: Lala Mia. Hope this helps.

  19. Oh your hair looks so fab, I loved it. I have to go to the salon too, soon, they grow and grow, they were never that long (no like)

  20. Hi Pia,
    thanks so much for your lovely wishes. Xox
    I will start next week, super excited, I am planning to write a post on that, just don't know how to lol.

  21. Hahahaha this cracked me up.
    I suspect it is a very small local brand or something.


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