Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette for Fall 2015, Review, Swatch & FOTD

Yay for the weekend! I hope you are having a lovely one. My nose is still keeping me busy lol but other than that I went swimming today and intentionally breathed in some water, I felt like it was doing good. I guess we will wait and see.

Some brands went for the full metallic look for Fall, like Dior, some kept it simple and feminine like Guerlain. Laura Mercier on the other hand came up with two capsule collections to give the best of both worlds. Chrome Extravagance Collection is for the metallic and drama lovers. If you prefer softer looks, a new palette is about to be released soon, which is only about catching the light. I have been playing with Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette recently and here are my thoughts.

Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette for Fall 2015

The packaging of Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette is so pretty. It is made of sturdy plastic, the cover has a white pearly finish and on it there is a lovely illustration of artist Chelsey McLaren, a woman by the candle light. Warm and soft light of the candle light is the inspiration of this collection. The collection also has three lip glosses to give a soft effect on the lips. Candle Glow Aluminizing Palette is for the eyes and the cheeks of the look.

Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette for Fall 2015

The top row of the palette has four shimmery eye shadow shades, each 1 g. The second row is the face highlighting powder. This row has two shades, each are as much as 3.2 g. All in all the palette has over 10 g of product. My recommendation to you is not to get restricted by the definition of shades. The top row is said to be for the eyes but I can see these shades working on the face too. Likewise the face highlighters would also work great for the eyes. I perceive Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette as a palette of highlighters. 

Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette for Fall 2015

Here are the shades you get:

Glow: a very light white with shimmery to metallic finish. This is the lightest shade in the palette with good deal of pigmentation. I found out though it can be sheered out easily. I am loving Glow on the inner duct as highlight and under the brow bone when sheered out. If you are fair, you might like this shade elsewhere too. I like the fact that it doesn't look frosty not accentuate the lines. 

Spark: a light peach with shimmery finish. The shimmer in Spark is one of the softest in the palette. I love this shade as a minimal brightening wash of color on the eyes but also on top of the cheeks.

Light: a light champagne with soft shimmer. Light can be applied everywhere, face, bridge of the nose, top of cheek bones, under brow bone if you want a very soft light effect. Great for the day.

Twinkle: a light warm gold. On my arm Twinkle swatches to have lot of pigment but on the rather dark eye lids, it is also a soft wash of color. On a darker base, it can show its beautiful shimmer with a nice dimension. 

Radiance: a medium rose gold highlighter which can also be used as a blush in case you are fair. On me it makes a very subtle blush but at the moment I am tanned. This also can be applied over the eye lids.

Glimmer: the stunner of the palette, Glimmer is a mid-toned bronze copper. I happily wear it on its own as a bronzer/highlighter on my cheeks. It can also be worn on the eyes.

All in all I like the fact that these are not frosty. The face/cheek products swatch better and eye products rumble a little if you want to pick them by fingers but I like the lever of pigmentation in these and the finishes. 

Close-up: Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette for Fall 2015
Swatch: Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette for Fall 2015

Here is me wearing Twinkle on the eye lid, Glow on inner corner and very lightly dusted on the brow bone. On my cheeks I am wearing Glimmer only and no blush. With my tan at the moment, Glimmer is so pretty as a stand alone product for my cheeks. I also have a tad of Spark and Light on the high points of my face. 

FOTD: Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette for Fall 2015

Did you say Strobing? Here is your palette. I have read some review which wrote the eye shades were not very distinguishable on the lid. I don't think the intention of this palette is to pack many shades on the eye lid and see each one of them. In the instruction card it is advised to use the shades on a deeper base, such as a caviar stick for a more intense look. All on its own Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette gives you a very pretty luminious day look with the right amount of glow. I love the result, what do you think? Here is a close-up.

FOTD: Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette for Fall 2015

Final thoughts: Strobing, highlighting or whatever you call it. We have invested in many contour palettes for years, now it is time to turn our heads to highlighter palettes. Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette offers a range of different undertones, more and less shimmery shades to start getting the glow.

Price/Availability: Laura Mercier Candle Glow Luminizing Palette are now available at Laura Mercier online at the states. In Germany it will be available in September at the counters, for about 55€/$58. 

What do you think of a highlighter palette? Do you own any?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



    ((You look so refreshed sunkissed and reflexed!!))


  2. Hey Sara, sorry to hear about your nose! I hope it'll all be better soon.

    I love how this palette looks on your super tanned skin, but I don't think I'll have a lot of use for that. I think I'll be one of those people who think the eyeshadows just don't offer enough definition! And hope, no highlighter palette here. I highlight from time to time, but it's not THE thing I am the craziest about!

  3. This looks gorgeous on, but then anything you wear probably will!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. I love the swatches, but I don't think this palette is for me. I'm never tanned or sun kissed and that looks like who this palette is aimed at. It is beautiful though, and looks great on you!

  5. the packaging is adorable and the colors swatch phenomenally but I'm afraid I'm too fair for most of these shades :(
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Nope, way too much visible shimmer for me. I have recently acquired a some new highlighters (Tom Ford, Becca, Charlotte Tilbury) but I don't have a palette. I don't use highlighter that often and when I do it's reaaaally subtle.

  7. Too much sparkle and shimmer in this palette for me, BUT when I see glimmer on your cheeks, I think you look just perfect, sunny and healthy ( no red nose ?!), so perhaps there's no too much sparkle and shimmer 😋



  8. It's definitely very glowy, but I've never really been into highlighting, so this is a pass. So pretty to look at though :-)

  9. These shades give you such a lovely glow! I actually don't mind the strobing trend, as highlighting is such an easy way to look fresh and awake :) Definitely going to check this one out :)

  10. These do look very pretty, and i love how LM added a lovely illustration on the cover. But they feel a little one-note to me......

  11. i was really interested in this but when i swatched it, the shadows were not that great when it comes to texture :( I didn't care for how they felt or looked :( However, these look great on you!!

  12. I so love the packaging! But if I were going for a Highlighting palette, it would probably be the Tom Ford one.


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