RMK Urban Gold Fall 2015 Collection, Review, Swatches & FOTD

It is already weekend, isn't that amazing? I came back from holiday for just 2 more working days but now I kind of regret that I didn't finish up everything and went to holiday to come back for a fresh start. If you ever change jobs, do it that way. I have the feeling that the last 2 days are eating up all the energy I need for the fresh start with the new one. 

Back to make-up shall we? I am planning to write a wrap-up post for all the Fall items I have tested and reviewed since 2 months but all in all this Fall some brands I love, such as Dior, left me cold. RMK on the other hand surpassed my expectations by a good deal. Not that I didn't expect a good collection from RMK, because they usually have cute themes and nice products but the coordination of the shades and the textures of RMK Urban Gold Fall 2015 Collection really impressed me. Let me show you the pieces I have tested.

RMK Urban Gold Fall 2015 Collection

I am told that Urban Gold Collection is inspired by twilight in NYC, RMK calls it as "an urbane world of shining modernity", the colors are selected to be "modern", "sharp" and "glowing".

The star piece of the Urban Gold Collection, RMK Gold Impression Illuminator, may look like a piece of golden chocolate to you (yummy!) but instead the geometric design suggests NYC skyscrapers. If you are living in NYC, let me know which one do you see in here after making sure you are not hungry. Gold Impression Illuminator is a finely milled warm gold highlighter which is not powdery but has a decent color pay off. I can imagine this working all over the face or on your collarbones if you are rocking such a strapless top. I apply this using Chikuhodo Z-3 over my cheekbones and I love the golden shimmer it gives. I am wearing it on both of the FOTDs in this post if you want to see it in action.

Swatch: RMK Gold Impression Illuminator

Onto eyes and cheeks. Urban Gold Collection features a new cream/powder duo, called Gold Impression Eyes, for eyes which come in six shades and they are all limited edition. I have selected two of those to try out, I went for a soft everyday nude called 05 Pink Bronze and a more dramatic fall color called 03 Red Gold. RMK Blushes are known to be superb in texture, so I would like to try the Ex-11 Orange Beige which I though would go beautifully with the golden hues of the collection.

RMK Urban Gold Fall 2015 Collection, Eyes and Cheek

While I was swatching the collection during my holidays outside at 40°C, my first impressions with the eye duos were mixed. The cream part of these melted a little on the surface which is no news since almost all the lipsticks melt in this temperature. It feels though as if the cream would never set. When I came home to apply though, it applied easily and set nicely with the powder. I was impressed by how fast it was to create an eye makeup with this. I think the cream part of this product is not meant to be applied on its own but it is best once set with the powder. It lasted on me all day too.

RMK Gold Impression Eyes 05 Pink Bronze has a neutral pink cream and rose gold glitter powder. In combination it gives a very soft and feminine look with right amount of shimmer which is not over the top. This duo is particularly nice to combine with any of the eye liners from the collection, which is another item I am loving at the moment. It also reminds me of Golden Peach Duo (reviewed here) from Tom Ford which has a more metallic base and more glittery powder, it is also warmer than Pink Bronze.

Swatch: RMK Gold Impression Eyes 05 Pink Bronze

RMK Gold Impression Eyes 03 Red Gold is a combination of warm rusty red cream and a neutral gold glitter powder. The combination of these two is so stunning. This piece is my favorite piece of this collection. When I wore it, hubby was complimenting almost each hour like "wow your eye make-up looks really stunning". I will show you an FOTD at the end of this post but probably it won't do it a justice. The glitter shows itself much better and more complex over a deeper cream, the resulting color is a pinky bronze which is oh so flattering on green eyes. It also doesn't look all that red once combined so it would work even if you shy away from reds.

There are six shades of Gold Impression Eyes in this collection, you can see the promo photos here. All available shades are: 01 Shiny Green Gold, 02 Deep Brown Gold, 03 Red Gold, 04 Orange Gold, 05 Pink Bronze, 06 Deep Shiny Grey. Now I believe I need Deep Brown Gold as well!

Swatch: RMK Gold Impression Eyes 03 Red Gold

There are two blushes in the collection. an Orange Beige and a Nude Beige. I went for RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks in Ex-11 Orange Beige. This is very close to my skin tone at the moment and shows up like a super subtle highlighter since it has a shimmery finish. I suspect it would look beautiful on fair complexions as blush and deeper complexions as a proper highlighter. The texture is wonderful, it is not powdery, nicely pigmented and soft to touch.
Swatch: RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks N, Ex-11

Onto lipsticks and eyeliners before I present a few looks with these. RMK introduced their new Irresistible Lipsticks this Summer. I have reviewed Bright Lips here and Glow Lips hereIrresistible Glow Lips became one of my favorite lipstick formulas. I was happy to see that there were three limited edition shades being released with the Fall Collection. Below you can see Ex-05 an apricot nude and Ex-06 a pink/red berry. 

RMK Urban Gold Fall 2015 Collection, Irresistable Glow Lips, Ex-05 (front) and Ex-06 (back)

You can see the swatches of Irresistible Lips along with Ingenious Liquid Eyeliners. Glow Lips formula is close to Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine formula, it is very hydrating and has some transparency to it which makes it great for casual on the go application.

Swatch: RMK Irresistable Glow Lips Ex-05, Ex-06, Ingenious Liquid Eyeliners 03, 04

RMK Ingenios Liquid Eyeliners are the new additions to RMK line. Five of the seven shades which is released will be permanent, which is great news because these are so lovely. They have complex shimmer and apply easily, set and don't move on me. I have selected two shades to try but I will definitely picking up more. 03 is a metallic copper gold shade and 04 is a lovely deep plum. Both of them are love to me. I definitely need the classical shades 01 Black and 02 Brown. There is also two limited shades, Ex-01 Metallic Gold and Ex-02 Metallic Green. These have brush applicators, which I prefer, and they are very fine for detailed work. 

RMK Ingenious Liquid Eyeliners 03 (front), 04 (back)

Now on to the looks. Below I have applied RMK Gold Impression Eyes 05 Pink Bronze all over the eye lids (deepened the crease very slightly with MAC Omega) and completed this super speedy natural look with RMK Ingenious Liquid Eyeliner in 04.  Eyeliners always come a little strange on the photos (go figure) but in reality it made my eyes pop since those plummy tones are great with green/hazel eyes. It also adds a little bit of something to the eyes without being too dramatic. I like going for a thin eye liner since it is hard to get the thick one right in the morning when I am rushing. This one took me only 5 min.

In-action: RMK Gold Impression Eyes 05 Pink Bronze and Ingenious Liquid Eyeliners 04

Here is the full look, I am wearing RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks in Ex-11 Orange Beige on the cheeks along with RMK Gold Impressions highlighter. I have some tan going on right after my holidays so I don't need much for the healthy complexion. On my lips you can see Irresistible Glow Lips Ex-05 in action. Oh and my earrings are the new version of Dior Tribales my hubby got me as present on my birthday. Would you like a review of these too? You can see that there is a third ball hanging in this new version.

FOTD: RMK Gold Impression Eyes 05 Pink Bronze and Ingenious Liquid Eyeliners 04, Glow Lips Ex-05

Now on to magnet eyes look, this one kills in a good way. I am wearing RMK Gold Impression Eyes 03 Red Gold all over the lid. I didn't want to add liner to the look and ended up tightlining with Burberry eyeliner which I also carried around the waterline. I think it was a mistake since the look was soft but catchy all by its own, even without the eyeliner but I think you get the idea. In real life this look just glows, too bad can't be captured on the camera. Love love this eye shadow duo. This one lasted on me all day with very minimal fall out (less than what I got with Tom Ford duos!). The very creamy consistency of the cream eye shadow, which I thought is a disadvantage in the beginning turns out to be an advantage since the powder sticks on it properly and doesn't produce fall out during the day.

In-action: RMK Gold Impression Eyes 03 Red Gold

Here is the full look with RMK Gold Impression Eyes 03 Red Gold on eyes, Tom Ford Cheek Color Ravish on the cheeks combined with RMK Gold Impressions Highlighter swept on the cheekbones. On my lips I am wearing Irresistible Glow Lips Ex-06. On the second photo you can see the eye look and the golden highlighter on the cheeks much better.

FOTD: RMK Gold Impression Eyes 03 Red Gold, RMK Irresistable Glow Lips Ex-06

FOTD: RMK Gold Impression Eyes 03 Red Gold, RMK Irresistable Glow Lips Ex-06

Final thoughts: RMK goes urban with their Fall 2015 Collection and impresses with the the new products and great coordination between the shades. My picks are definitely cream/powder eye shadow duos called Gold Impression Eyes and Ingenious Eyeliners with their long lasting formula and complex shimmers. Be sure to check these beauties out. I see they are already partly sold out online. 

Availability: You can now find RMK Urban Gold Collection at (not affiliated) Selfridges (in store and online), Beautybay and Lookfantastic.

Do you like the idea of cream/powder duos? Anything catches your eye?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration.
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Hey Sara, I probably don't need any of these but I do love the rich autumn tones on you! Best of luck with your new job! Let your hair down for the weekend :)

  2. Lovely shades on you! Its a bit different to the other Fall collections doing the rounds, its really helpful you reviewing these as I don't see many posts on RMK, think I'll pick up a blusher and a lipstick from this collection.

  3. These are all really pretty! I can tell the textures of them are gorgeous.
    And I love the reflections of the flowers on those lipstick cases. I kind of wish they actually looked like that. Haha ;D

  4. The eyeshadows ( cream + powder) are not for me, but glosses and eye-liners are beautiful and very attractive to me ! This brand doesn't existe in France 😢
    You are beautiful with that kind of precious colors !!

  5. I'm quite taken with the eyeshadows although I wouldn't have given them a second glance in store. But they look very pretty layered and on you. RMK is not a line I have gravitated towards. Am I a bit superficial to say I find their packaging boring?

  6. Oh you're so beautiful and tanned! This is a really well coordinated collection and your presentation makes it even more!!i really liked the blush ex11! You once told me about Rmk formula that is really good but i have't found out myself yet! Really nice pieces indeed!!

  7. These look totally gorgeous on you! Stunning eye looks. As usual, I particularly love the eyeliner, and prompted by this review was looking at the available colors, but have not take the plunge. As a New Yorker, I can't really see any particular color affinity between this collection and the city. If anything, that YSL nail color Barbouche in a French mani with black tips would be more like it-- NYC taxis. Or anything black and silvery of course. A really blackened wine or purple. Oh well, people can name their products whatever they want.

  8. Wow, this is definitely a warm-toned collection! Too warm for my skintone, but the colors are really, really gorgeous, and evoke fall and the last days of summer


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