Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres, Rose Aux Joues, Kiss Kiss Rose Lip Morning Rose & Pink Me Up for Fall 2015, Swatch, Review & FOTD

I am about to go to a holiday within holiday so I figured out that I should show you the products from Guerlain Bloom of Rose Fall 2015 Collection before I do that. I have been playing with them in spite of the heat and worn them on several occasions. Holiday within holiday? I will be meeting one of my best friends who I know since high school on Friday and we will stay in a holiday from this Friday to Monday. I don't know if I will blog during this time. I might just choose to lay low and take a few days off or prepare one post for the weekend. I will see what I can do until then.

I hope you are having a wonderful week and that I can make it more colorful with this gorgeous collection. Guerlain revamps their blushes and releases six brand new shades called Rose Aux Joues. They also introduce Tinted Lip Balms which are called "Kiss Kiss Rose Lip". There is also a new Écrin 4 Couleurs in town. Let's check these out in detail...

Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres, Rose Aux Joues, Kiss Kiss Rose Lip Morning Rose & Pink Me Up

I am enjoying Mediterranean flowers  so much for shootings at the moment. Aren't these Bougainvillea gorgeous? I would like start by one of the items I was most excited about, Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres. I am usually a fan of Guerlaid Quads and own many of them. After the introduction of the new pattern on the powder with the already amazing formula left unchanged last Spring, I loved all three quads which were released (swatched all three here) but I was not impressed by two quads which were released last Fall (#504 Les Précieux is reviewed here) so I didn't know what to expect from Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres. I am glad to report that Les Cendres resembles Les Sables of which I loved the formula and the concept. These consist of three matte shades and one shimmery, you can create the eye look using all matte shades but if you are lacking lustre, you can pop a bit of it on top.  

Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres

Here are the shades you can get with Les Cendres (the ashes in French):

Left: A cool to neutral medium brown/taupe with matte finish. I love the quality of Guerlain eye shadows with matte finishes and these are no exception. It is buttery smooth, very finely milled, have great pay-off and applies beautifully without fall out. I like this particular shade mostly on my crease. I can imagine using it as a contour elsewhere too.

Top: My favorite shade in this palette, a natural mid-toned pinky nude with matte finish. You can just pop this one all over the eye and you are finished. Beautiful everyday shade which would look good on many complexions. 

Bottom: Very deep cool brown with matte finish. This is the shade to go if you are in need of more drama on your crease and outer corner but it would also work as a liner. Although I love drama, I didn't need this one in the eye look I will show you below because the other two shades are intense too. Nevertheless I am happy it is there.

Right: This is the only shade in this palette I am not so crazy about. It is a shimmery light  champagne/gold. The powder crumbled a bit during swatches and later on during the application. It also doesn't provide enough contrast against my skin tone so blends way too much and doesn't provide me with a highlight. I wished it would be a bit lighter like the shades in Les Sables or Les Aciers. It does later well with the other shades though without becoming patchy but the result is not very visible.

Close-up: Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres
Swatch: Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres

After the swatches I was blown away but when I applied, I didn't know if Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres is a love or like for me. Below I applied the shimmery shade on the inner corner, pink nude on the outer corner and taupe/brown on the crease which I deepened just slightly with the deepest brown. This way it worked fine but later on I tried to apply the pink all over the eye and deepen it with the deepest brown, which looked a bit muddy. Three of the matte shades have the tendency to blend into each other a bit too much and look inseparable. The result is still beautiful for an easy natural eye make-up for the day though. I am using Urban Decay Mushroom as a liner for this look.

If you are looking for a natural looking cool-to-natural leaning eye makeup with mostly matte finishes, you may love Les Cendres. Since Les Sables was way too warm for me, I know I will put this one into good use.

In-action: Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres

It must have been time for Guerlain to renew their blush line. The old blush duos was the worst product of their otherwise amazing permanent line up. I believe I have one of them which shocked me in a bad way and never got around another one since then. 

I am glad to tell you new Rose Aux Joues are amazing. Two of the shades I have, #01 Morning Rose and #06 Pink Me Up are both smooth to touch and have great color pay-off for a blush. They are not as pigmented as Tom Ford blushes but it makes them more fool proof this way. These are easy to build up with a regular cheek brush.

Guerlain Rose Aux Joues #01 Morning Rose & #06 Pink Me Up

#01 Morning Rose is a beautiful blush especially for fair complexions. It does show up on me nicely but I would say those who are deeper than medium should go for other shades. I love me a light cool pink blush so wanted to have this one in my collection.

#06 Pink Me Up is a medium toned natural pink which is very pigmented so I have to make sure to take some off at the back of my hand before the application. Once on my cheeks, it looks very natural and beautiful.

Both of the shades have matte to slight satin finish.

Guerlain Rose Aux Joues #01 Morning Rose & #06 Pink Me Up

Another new product in the line are Guerlain Kiss Kiss Rose Lip Hydrating & Plumping Tinted Lipbalm. There are six shades introduced with similar packaging to Kiss Kiss Lipsticks (swatched here) but with gorgeous pearly white color. R373 Pink Me Up have enough color to show up and R371 Morning Rose is a special Lip Balm which is said to react to the pH of your lips and look different on everyone. On me it emphasizes my natural lip color. I am loving it.

Both of the lip balms hydrate my lips without becoming too slippery nor thick and feel nice. They stay around 2 hours on me, which is good for its classification.

Swatch: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Rose Lip R373 Morning Rose & R371 Pink Me Up

Here are a few looks I did using the products. For the first look I am wearing Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres on eyes, Rose Aux Joues #01 Morning Rose on cheeks and Kiss Kiss Rose Lip R371 Morning Rose on lips. It is a great no make-up makeup, cheeks who's up better in real life and get washed out on the photos.

FOTD: Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres, Rose Aux Joues, Kiss Kiss Rose Lip Morning Rose 

The second look has more color on cheeks and lips but still very natural. I am wearing Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres on eyes, Rose Aux Joues #06 Pink Me Up on cheeks and Kiss Kiss Rose Lip R373 Pink Me Up on lips. 

FOTD: Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres, Rose Aux Joues, Kiss Kiss Rose Pink Me Up

Check out more swatches of this collection at MostlySunny, Silverkis, mel-et-fel and Kirschbluetenschnee (latter two are in german).

Final thoughts: Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres is a nice quad if you are in search for a cool neutral eye shadow palette. Three matte shades have very nice textures but they end up blending too much and turning muddy easily. The shimmery shade doesn't have enough impact on my skin tone, so this palette is rather a weak like than a strong love. To me, the highlights of this collection is the new cheeks products Rose Aux Joues and Tinted Lipbalms called Kiss Kiss Rose Lip. I am in love with both of these. Blushes have good color pay-off, are not powdery, apply and blend beautifully. Kiss Kiss Rose Lip feels good on the lips, hydrates without feeling too slippery nor thick and provides a nice tint. 

What are you eyeing from this collection? Do you like tinted lip balms?

Disclaimer: Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #19 Les Cendres, Rose Aux Joues Pink Me Up and 
Kiss Kiss Rose Lip Morning Rose was sent for my consideration, others are purchased by me. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Glad to hear you like the blushes! I am looking forward to swatching them. I like the Roselip I have as well, but for the moment I am writing a rather painful review of the blue palette :p

  2. I love both the looks you did here. I always love a good "no makeup" makeup look. The palette and the blushes especially look very tempting. I will have to check these out in person.

    My local Chanel counter FINALLY got the fall collection and I was able to play briefly with the testers today. I have to say...I think I'm going to like Entrelacs? I'm going to wait to buy until I can try it on my lids, but it swatched pretty nicely on my arm. It doesn't look like we're getting New Moon though. *sob*

    I hope you enjoy your holiday within a holiday!

  3. Everything looks stunning on you. I've ordered Les Cendres, I hope I'll manage to apply it without it looking muddy :). After reading your review I'm also tempted by the tinted lip balms and I'll have to swatch the blushes.

  4. Hi Sara, don't worry about the blog and just enjoy your holiday! This collection seem a little underwhelming, maybe because Guerlain always outdoes itself. I do like the looks of the blush, but I don't know. I'm not particularly enamored with any of these. Whew! :-D

  5. If Guerlain ever comes out with a great formula for their shadows, my wallet will be empty, but so far, nothing has impressed me enough for that price

  6. This looks very fresh and natural on you-love it!-besides the sub par quality of the shadows!

  7. Very natural and fresh ! I'm not crazy about morning rose Kiss Kiss, it's look too much like a simple balm to me, but other products look nice, as usual with Guerlain colors are élégant and weareable.

    Bonnes vacances, ces bougainvilliers sont somptueux !

  8. Now I finally know what Bougainvillea means, recently all new lipsticks were called after it :) I like this top shade as well, I realized that this palette replicates my favorite combo of givenchy cream shadows rose dentelle and taupe velours. Or Burberry Antique Rose with Dark Sable.
    I swatched it and I don't know. The shimmer shade is useless - too dark and way too shimmery to be combined with all matte shades (not the most elegant combination of textures). Pigmentation is insane and they are soft as usual, so I am also afraid they will mix into a stain of mud. I have many Guerlain quads because they are beautiful and swatch well on hand, but I have never used any of them more than once because they are difficult to use (ironically despite the great pigmentation and softness). I bought few 6-ecrin palettes on sale recently and this was a completely different story for me (so I finally realized where the problem with quads lies). Rue de Passy gives a similar look, just not as dark and intense. Maybe I should better buy a backup of Rue de Passy than this one. Overall, for 4 and 6 ecrin palettes, I wish Guerlain comes up with some more elegant highlighter formula, something more fine and leaning towards sateen rather than glitter (which I don't mind but not combined with full matte shades).
    Happy holidays, Sara! I hope you will get a chance to enjoy some fun summer holiday looks, fall can wait :)

  9. kirschbluetenschneeAugust 13, 2015 at 4:18 PM

    Hach, mir gefällt die Kollektion echt super gut und nach deinem Bericht will ich das Pink me Up Rouge auch noch haben :) Ich hab dich mal direkt verlinkt :)

  10. Looking gorgeous as usual Sara! I was rather underwhelmed by most of collection. Les Cendres was very hard to swatch for me, and half of the blushers swatched badly too, but you definitely make them work! I picked up the chameleon KissKiss balm and the Naillift base coat only.

  11. The only fall item that really piqued my interest was the new blusher. Guerlain has put out some of the most beautiful LE blushers in the past and so it always amazed me that the permanent selections were only so-so. I was pleasantly surprised, though, by their new effort. I’m NC15 and when Morning Rose was tested on me, it had good color payoff without the need to build it up. As the name would suggest, it is a delicate color befitting the morning's soft light. Despite its delicacy, it wore well and didn't start fading away until the end of the day. Guerlain uses descriptions like “veil of ultralight texture” and “subtle wash of color” to describe their new blushers and the description is perfectly accurate. Anyone who is expecting something opaque and densely pigmented is going to be hugely disappointed. At my age I'm definitely at the less-is-more stage and so I appreciate the natural look of the Rose Aux Joues.

  12. I really like the naturalness of both looks-- and the products that draw me the most are without doubt the two blushes. But I probably have the same exact shades in like 5 different brands, so I probably won't pick them up.

  13. Hi Sunny,
    just read about the blue palette. I was suspecting it, *sigh* Roselips are really nice and I think you can enjoy the blushes, I love the texture, they are not too dense but nice and delicate.

  14. Hi Jess,
    The shades and the textures are very delicate and romantic in this collection, also great for everyday. I love me a nice natural lip tint and a matching blush too.

    Make sure to try Entralacs on your lids, it is a bit of a let down for me but I know you like soft shades so you might like it.

    Thanks so much :-*

  15. Hi Anne,
    If you want to use all the matte at once, it might turn muddy but in real life we never do that. I usually use 2 shades, on a good day 3. It might be a blogger problem that they turned muddy, lol. I hope you enjoy the palette and let me know how you like it.
    Blushes and Lip Tints are so nice for daily effortless looks, definitely check them out.

  16. Hi Alison,
    I would love to post a comparison with Chanel Joues Contraste and Tom Ford ones which I love but unfortunately I left them at home. I might include one later on. Which one is pinching your interest?

  17. Hi Eileen,
    like you I also didn't like the blush duos. They were not keeping up with the quality of the LE blushes as you nicely pointed out. I love Morning Rose even on my NC20 complexion and imagine that one being a holy grail blush for fairer girls than myself. They wear long on me too although many blushes (other than Tom Ford and Chanel) fade on me at most in 5 hours. You are so right, these are not crazy pigmented, like Tom Ford but it makes them so wearable and pretty. Love mine and will definitely check the plum one once they are at the counter near me.

  18. Oh they didn't swatch well? These are all very buttery smooth on me. Can it be that all the fingering on the samples at the counter made a layer on the products? It sometimes happens. Chameleon Kiss Kiss Balm is "Morning Rose" I am loving it too. To my already super hard nails, I don't need any Lift base lol so happily passing on that one ;-)

  19. Hallo Jen,

    ja die Kollektion ist echt der Treffer! Nach deine Bericht muss ich auch Gloss d’Enfer Candy Hop schauen :-) Ich verlinke deine auch gern. :-*

  20. Hi Katherine,
    for some who like matte and pigmented eye shadows, this palette might be very appealing. Do you like more lustre? What is your favorite eye shadow formula?

  21. Thank you. I like a bit more makeup but I am loving these for an effortless natural daily makeup at the moment. Especially considering that I am on holiday and it is quiet warm, I wouldn't like to put more on my face lol.

  22. Hi Lily,
    this sounds like good news, You may save for some other pretties, Fall collections are full of those anyway! This collection is a little interesting as a Fall Collection anyway. It is more timeless and less fall, even more spring to me but I don't care. Me love some natural makeup for the upcoming job, at least in the beginning so that the people don't think I am crazy before they get to know me. ;-)

  23. Hi hi!

    Yes it is exactly like you pointed out, elegant and wearable, very effortless and chic. It is nice to have something refreshing between all the heavy duty metallic colors for Fall,

    I am glad you liked the bougainvilliers too, they are so gorgeous! Merci :-**

  24. Hi Jane,
    Bougainvillea is one of my favorite flowers. I need those lippies, are they hot pink? Yes please!

    You are right about your observation, the shimmery shade is too dark, even on me, it blends to nothing and doesn't show up properly. Other two palettes with similar concept (3 matte 1 shimmery) like Les Aciers and Les Sables had both lighter shimmery shades which worked better. I have some of 6-ecrins, they don't work all that well on me. I have to check if I have Rue de Passy, now I am curious. That I can do when I am back at home lol. I don't think you need back up of that palette, it has a ton of product in there and it would take a life time to finish it.
    Thank you for your kind wishes. I am trying to enjoy the last week of my holidays :-*

  25. Sara, I prefer shimmer and satin, with a matte here and there. I don't have any one brand I'm loyal to, but for powder shadows, I like MUFE Artist shadows, UD, Bare Minerals Ready wear, Colour Pop, NARS Dual Intensity. For cream shadows, I love Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, Giorgio Armani Eye Tints, Dior Mono Fusions. It really depends on how the shadow performs. I really love Guerlain's elegant packaging, but at that price,all of the shadows have to perform well for me to consider, and I have oily lids, so it's tough. I know it will happen someday!

  26. I've tried Les Cendres today. When I tried it first I applied the pink all over the eyelid, the taupe on crease and the lightest shade in the inner corner, it did turn muddy unfortunately. I think it's a similar experience that you had. I then tried applying it the way you did in the photo and while it doesn't look as good as your application I like it. I'll know now that I'll have to be careful when applying this quad. Thank you for the idea on how to apply this palette. :)

  27. Well, I have JCs and Chanel creams in similar shades so my real debate it whether to get the second Dior Cosmopolite stick blush in the paler pink color-- very tempted. The application is so easy on Rosewood. To me, a pigmented stick may be more of a useful variation than another powder blush. Did you ever go for the second blush on the Dior, Sara?

  28. Well it all looks lovely on you. Glad to hear that the lip blam are blushers are hits with you, I really like the two I bought but the blusher doesn't seem to last well on me, shame as I was eyeing up about 3 other shades ;)

  29. You're looking so lovely and tanned there, Sara! I can't wait for my vacation too! Funny thing, I always disliked bouganvillas.... they're just so messy! I'm so glad Guerlain finally improved their blushes!!! Like you said, it's about time!


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