BISC Sunday Read: The Inspiration Behind the Blog Names

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. On the "cold" side of the things, I am feeling better other than a slight head ache. This Sunday I will chill out a little, get some sun, go to the beach. I can't believe I will be back on Tuesday already. Boo! Although it was a long holiday, still I wished it would have been a few days longer. Holidays are never enough aren't they?

I haven't posted about Beauty Influencers Sunday Column (BISC) for ages. Because of tight schedule on my side, I was missing the dates. This week though, thanks to holidays I managed to answer it on time. I am also glad that it is a very interesting question this week, something I would never answer myself on the blog, unless asked. Have you been wondering?

"What is the inspiration behind the blog name?"

Our Lemon Tree, blue Bodrum sky and Rescue Beauty Motorini on my nails.

Here is my answer to the question:

The inspiration behind the name "Color Me Loud"

The story behind the blog name goes like this. Me and hubby were driving to visit my mother-in-law. To kill time we were brainstorming about a cool beauty blog name. We spotted some words which we liked, color, purple, shadow etc. I wanted something which combines “Make-up” and “Music” which is my other life long hobby. When we thought about “Loud Colors” (loud from music, color from make-up), I cheered “Color Me Loud” and he was like “Yes I love it!”. But were were almost sure the domain was taken so we tried to find another option just in case. “Loud Colors and Nudy Tunes” would have been an alternative. Right after we arrived, we packed out my notebook and checked it out to see was free! I registered the domain right there and then. The alternative phrase made it to the description of the blog.

Beach after the sunset, Maria Candida Gentile Finisterre on the photo

Here are the answers of the follow bloggers in BISC Network:

I started out with two separate blogs: a food/travel/lifestyle blog to review restaurants and tourist spots and another blog for my beauty interests. At the time, I was gunning for a career in culinary arts, so I wanted there to be a particular focus on food reviews. I picked a name that encompassed all those topics in a nutshell and presented them in an obvious manner, so it would be easy for readers to find. Eventually, I decided to consolidate all my entries in one place. The name still feels applicable, so I went ahead and kept it.

AGATA | USA | Her and Makeup 

I love this week’s question. When trying to create  the name for my blog, I wanted to come up with something catchy, short, memorable and witty that would reflect the content of my blog at the same time. I ended up with the name “Her and Makeup” as a wordplay on the word “hair”. I came up with the name of the blog long before I wrote my first blog post and I have never wanted to change the name of it since.  

ERIN | USA | Clever Girl Reviews 

When I was a teen we went to see Jurassic Park. There is an iconic scene that became my mom’s catch phrase for me anytime I did something smart she’d say, “clever girl”. That is how my blog got its name! 

LAARNI | Philippines | Xoxo Laarni 

My blog’s name is xoxolaarni, stylized as xoxo, laarni (I have a thing for small letters). XO means hugs & kisses but we already know that, right? Also, I would like to believe that there was a ‘Gossip Girl’ (I am a TV series freak, btw!) inspiration somewhere that’s why I made ‘xoxo’ as prefix for Laarni. It’s very short, memorable, good for people who are always in a hurry (when typing the URL in the browser.) To add, the name was not taken yet (social media accounts, etc), I Googled and it did not have so much Internet presence yet. LOL I am so technical!  

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa 

I registered long before I turned it into a beauty blog and that’s why it doesn’t relate to makeup or beauty. I wanted to put my name somewhere in there because I learned that you are less likely to get bored of your domain name if it has your name in it! Seems to work for me. :) Then I added “Hello” because it’s such a common and friendly word, not to mention the first word you say to someone you’ve never met before. It just sounds so fitting for me. :)

Also check out Sunny's blog for more answers from five more bloggers.

Disclaimer: There are no products to disclose in this post. All photos are taken by me.



  1. Interesting stories. And though I could not see ever becoming a beauty blogger-- beauty and health, maybe, I have the greatest blog name which I have never captured so inspired by this, I just had to do it.

  2. How interesting it is how your blog name came to be. Ah, I've been missing BISC as well. I meant to do this, because it's a good question, but I totally forgot until it was too late :-)

  3. Fun story and great blog name!!!! I always thought it was because you had a secret addiction to loud nail colors or something like that :-) xo

  4. Hi Sarah! Great post-really like your new template too!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

  5. Hi Stacey,
    thanks! I am glad you liked it. It was a spontaneous decision from boredom, now I am happy I went for it.

  6. LOL maybe the secret addiction to loud nail colors was revealed after the name or something. I can't remember which one was first ;-)

  7. Hi Lily,
    yes you should join with the next one. I missed BISC like forever. The last time I remember was Vol 6, this one is 14 I guess. I hope it will get better though ;-)

  8. Hi Alison,
    if you have a name in mind, don't hesitate to get the domain. They are inexpensive and a nice name is always handy when it comes to have some content on the net :-)

  9. Thats such fun, being able to brainstorm with your man like that! And I'm loving your travel picts!!

  10. Hope you're feeling all better now! This is such a lovely background story!! Love how your hubs was an intrical part of choosing the blog name!

  11. I got it! Not sure what I will ever do with it.

  12. Hi Linda,
    thanks, these photos are from last year, they never made it to the blog so I thought to put it here. I like the fact that he brainstorms for me :-)

  13. Hi, thanks! Yes I am much better only my nose is still a little runny lol.
    There might be all kinds of strange stuff with the blog name which I would like to change later on but with mine I am really happy. Only it indicates a bit more "colorful" makeup maybe although it is subtler than it seems.

  14. Well, there is nothing up yet. But if I did do a blog, it would be a real hodge---podge of beauty, health, vintage, and my contrary opinions and approach to stuff. Like right now, I've had the kind of week where you have to break into the vintage Chanel stash. But you don't want to open a pristine bottle, right. So I have about a half-full bottle of Vice-Versa which turns out to be the perfect band-aid nails with a slight tan-- end of summer color. Have now decided that I love Vice-Versa. BTW: Did you notice that Iridescent recently sold for like $800 on Ebay or something. I am ashamed to even know this!

  15. Oh I love Vice-Versa! I have caught Iridescent at some point for $150 but decided against it. Too much for a nail polish and I was thinking it is probably sheer. Do you have that?
    Tell me the name of the domain, I am curious!

  16. No, it was a real lemming for a while, but I got over it. I have always loved Recto-Verso-- one of my favorites. And I have that. I should check your Chanel stash list. I am always meaning to wear them, but this fall maybe. I have a lot of the fall reds, along with a bunch of other things. Was just looking at Goldfinger and wondering whether I would ever wear it. Diwali is more my kind of gold and of course I jumped on that when it appeared. Will tell you the name via FB.


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