Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eye Shadow Duo in #06 Two Parisian from Fall 2013 Violette de Madame Collection

Guerlain's Fall 2013 Collection Violette de Madame started appearing on the counters around the world. Ever since the promo pictures were released, it is one of the most excited/talked about collections of upcoming season in Beauty Blogosphere. I would certainly start my review by introducing the gorgeously designed blush compact, the star of the collection, Blush 4 Couleurs in Madame Rougit. Unfortunately after trying out the blush yesterday and an unsuccessful attempt to swatch it (we will come to that soon), as a statement, I decided to start with another piece of the collection, one of the new permanent eye shadow duos in #06 Two Parisian.

Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eye Shadow Duo in #06 Two Parisian

This fall, there are a few duo and trio releases, one of them being Guerlain's new permanent line, Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs. Be it Ecrin 6 Couleurs or much-loved Ecrin 4 Couleurs as well as their singles, Guerlain's eye shadows are famous for their buttery texture, great color pay off and longevity. That is to say, they are usually very consistent in their quality. This is why the expectations from Ecrin 2 Couleurs is very high. 

Let's start with the compact. The packaging is very luxurious and well designed. It has a slim metal compact with gold coating and comes in a velvet porch. It is similar to their Ecrin 4 Couleurs compacts but looks like as if cut in half, if this makes sense.

Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eye Shadow Duo Packaging

Intuitively I tried to open it from the longer edge, but its design has a twist here. The shorter edge is the opening edge, which, in my opinion, gives a modern touch to the design. Two shadows are places on the right hand side. Next to it there is a long sponged-tipped applicator with one normal and one slimmer end. The lid hosts a mirror, which I find to be easier to use given that it is longer rather than wider.

Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eye Shadow Duo in #06 Two Parisian (nail polish: YSL Rose Baby Doll)

From the promo pictures, #06 Two Parisian appeared to me like the ultimate smokey eye duo, with a soft pink and a deep black which could be used as a liner and as a definition on the crease and outer edge. What promo photos and such kind of close-ups don't tell you is the texture of the eye shadows...

Close-up: Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eye Shadow Duo in #06 Two Parisian

After I swatched it, I was surprised to see that the light delicate pink has glitter finish. Don't get me wrong, I was not disappointed, if you follow my Tom Ford Eye Shadow Series you know how much I like glitters, it was just unexpected to have glitter in a eye shadow duo. Think about it, you only have two shadows and one is glitter on an almost transparent base. I didn't know right away if this would work. What would be the base color then? Luckily the black color has very good quality. It is not that buttery, but I find it helpful in terms of longevity if matte shades are a tad drier. This one has great color pay-off, has no fall out (yes a black without fall out!) and can be controlled to sheer or dense application.

Indoor and outdoor swatches of Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eye Shadow Duo in #06 Two Parisian

I didn't know how to start with the application. I usually apply the base color on entire lid, but base color? Which base color? Anyway I applied a tiny bit more primer to make sure that the glitters stick and don't fall out. I tried two techniques, one on each eye. It turns out that they give exactly the same results.

Approach #1: 
I assumed the glitter shade would be my base color, so I started applying it all over the lid, stopping right under the crease, then started defining the crease and outer corner of the lid with the black shade. I then padded some more glitter shade with my fingers on the lid. 

Approach #2: 
I started by defining the crease and the outer corner with the black shade, going sheer at first, building up the intensity slowly. I then padded the glitter shade with my fingers on the lid. I went back to define the crease a little more as a finishing touch.

I then lined and smudged a black eye pencil along upper and lower lash line, finished the look with mascara on top and bottom lashed.

Result: I was impressed! This one wore like a rock on 40ºC all day long, the glitter didn't wander all around my face and the black shade didn't fade.

In Action: Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eye Shadow Duo in #06 Two Parisian

Final thoughts: New eye shadow duo line from Guerlain is very inviting with its luxurious compact and interesting shade choice. I was more than skeptical having a duo with one glitter and one very deep shade to start with but I am impressed with the result. Glitter stays put and doesn't wander on the face. Black shade had no fall out and great color pay-off. Result is exactly at the right point of being not over the top but giving you this shiny magical eye. I can imagine with a creme shadow base of the color of your choice, this duo offers endless possibilities.

Do you like the idea of eye shadow duos? Are you lusting over some of the new eye shadow duos from Guerlain?



  1. I would definitely not have picked this as something that would work as a combination but it looks absolutely stunning on you! Has made me want to check out the collection although I am not sure if it has launched here in Dubai! One thing I am buying today which is your fault (lol) is the Armani Eyes to kill Mystery palette I saw swatches of on your blog! Xx

    1. I love Armani Eyes To Kill Mystery palette! Enjoy it!

      Yes I was also thinking both of these colors are like supplements to something else, but to my surprise, they work well together :-)

  2. wow the black one is sooo pigmented! :-)

    1. Yes, and no fall out, really an impressive matte black :-)

  3. Looking at the press photos, I think that all the duos area a satin/ glitter combination, with one shade intended to be more sheer/ sparkly. This one certainly looks beautiful on you!

    1. Hi Kate,
      Thanks! :-)

      I also got "Two Gossip" which is a combination of satin gold with matte deep purple, there is no glitter in that one. I would like to try two different textural combinations. I am going to post about that one as soon as I try it out.

  4. oh, that's the duo I want as well but I think I have dupes already. I love Guerlain so much, looking at all the e/s palettes I have from them I think I am obsessed with this brand, haha. I don't think that I need this duo and the quality seems to be kinda meh as well but the colour combo looks very pretty on you Sara / Claire xxx

    1. Yes it was one of the combos I selected because how classic it is, no color involved and I thought I can pair it with crazy lip colors I am into at the moment ;-) It worked well but I am sure all of us make-up enthusiasts have something similar in our stash. Quality is not bad, glitters doesn't wander and black doesn't fall out. With a cream shadow underneath, would even work better I guess.

  5. Stunning! If I ever do a smoky eye look I do the same kind of thing - use a light sparkly colour (like Shu uemura glitter gold) and a dark shimmer (like NARS night series shadows) so this is right up my street.
    Your application is flawless!

    1. Thanks so much Georgie! I also like dark shimmer and sparkles but recently I have a sweet spot on dark matte colors. I found out that these make my crease appear extra deep. I rarely purchase matte shadows, other than the ones which come in the palettes, so I am still experimenting...

  6. That looks super gorgeous on you, I would have written it off going by swatches had I not seen your look.
    From what I have read thus far the shadows are getting quite mixed reviews, I think the collection comes out here on Thursday so will have to go and have a look :)

    1. Thanks Clare!
      Let me know after checking out how you like them. I have a second duo to review, Two Gossip. This one has no glitter shades (satin + matte) and more interesting color combination. Two Parisian works really good for someone who doesn't want to go super complex but would like a glamorous look as well :-)


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