Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon, Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

Hoping that you all had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday night we met with some old friends and went for a cocktail. The weather started to get nice and warm here so after that we took a walk at night at the city center. It was a nice evening, it reminded me that there is a life outside the house *cough cough*

I know that Tom Ford Summer started to arrive blogosphere and it can even be purchased right now in the States. Here in Europe though, we are getting Tom Ford with lots of delay. Tom Ford Spring arrived at the stores just two weeks ago. It gives the feeling of living in an island in the middle of Pacific which no on can locate on a map. Thanks for loving us Europeans Tom!

Long story short, you might know that I have a Blog Series about Tom Ford Quads so I am trying to review all of them. I have reviewed two of the new Quads: Last Dance (here) and Disco Dust (here). I will try to get the remaining two quads soon as well. From five of the new releases, Honeymoon was the only one with wet&dry formula, similar to Enchanted, Emerald Lust and Nude Dip (reviewed here). This formula is praised and it certainly deserves it. Here are my thoughts, some looks and swatches.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon

The color story of Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Honeymoon is warm, reddish browns with a touch of purple. The formula of wet & dry eyeshadows are a little different than the regular formula. Once you sweep your brush over a shade, with very little product you can reach a very good intensity. Similar formulas are e.g. MAC Extra Dimension (reviewed here) and Nars Dual Intensity (reviewed here, here and here). Wet & Dry Quads have only 6 g of product as opposed to 10 g in the normal quads but since the formula is different, these quantities are comparable. The pans kick less powder and each time you need less product. You can understand the wet & dry formula by looking at the surface of the pans, these have an extra TF embossment. 

The shades are all very nicely pigmented and very easy to work and blend. Although they are pigmented, they also layer relatively well. These have all metallic finish although I really like the deepest shade being less metallic, it works wonderfully on the crease and on the outer corner. 

Close-up: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon
Swatch: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon

On the down side, the shades are a little too close. It makes a nice transition if you are after a seamlessly blended look but the shade on the right upper corner is like a mixture of gold and red and on the eyes it doesn't appear so different. I wished instead there was a lighter shade to this quad for people with lighter complexions. I think this quad will especially go well for medium to deeper skin tones. Also the shades are made to make green eyes pop, yay! 

By the way, I started experimenting with my lashes and trying everything to make them look up. Look down to see that it is possible! I will talk about how I do this later on but isn't that amazing? Just when I was about to give up!

On this look I used the pinkish shade (bottom left) on the outer half and gold (top left) on the inner half. I used the deepest shade on the crease to define. I completed the look with Tom Ford High Definition Eye Liner in Ebony. I am trying the eyeliners at the moment, thanks to Melanie (her review is here) generously handing me her press samples because she doesn't use these type of eyeliners (big hugs!). I am trying these over a week now and I have mixed feelings which I would like to share in another post.

You can see the look in context in my last post here.

In-action (Look 1): Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon

Here is another look with the bronze shade (top right) on the outer half and the golden shade (top left)  on the inner half as well as the deepest shade on the crease. The result is different but not very much if you know what I mean. I wished this shade would be another interesting shade, like a cooler taupe or a lighter champagne. Below I completed the look with Tom Ford High Definition Eye Liner in Black. I like that one more than Ebony, it also stays better.

In-action (Look 2): Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon

Here is the full look for the bronze placement with black eyeliner. I wore Honeymoon over and over again last week. I really love it but I wished it would be a little more versatile.

FOTD (Look 2) with Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon is being said to be the new "Burnished Amber" which was discontinued some years ago. Burnished Amber has a special place in my heart since it is my first. After spending an hour at Berlin Tom Ford counter, it was my choice and I love it so much. Right now you can only get it over Evil-B for insane monies. Too bad! That said Burnished Amber is a difficult Quad to pull off. You might end up with rabbit eyes. I believe it was the reason why it was discontinued. I think Tom Ford did a good job by released Honeymoon, which is a much more wearable version of a similar color theme. That said, it doesn't replace my all time big crush Honeymoon. Here are the comparison swatches for your reference. I also like the fact that Honeymoon has a deeper shade. 

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon vs. Burnished Amber
Swatch: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon vs. Burnished Amber

Final thoughts: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon is Tom Ford wet & dry formula as its best with a gorgeous warm, reddish brown color theme. I just wished that there would be a lighter shade in the quad instead of the bronze but it must be my blogger self trying to find something to complain about. This one is gorgeous really, really! Oh and much less shimmery than Nude Dip in case you found it to be too metallic.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #04 Honeymoon is permanent but mostly sold out at the moment. Similar to Nude dip craze, try to stay cool, it will eventually be restocked.

Have you picked Honeymoon up?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was purchased by me. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I was going to skip this altogether, but gosh, it looks great! I'm tempted but since it's permanent, there's no hurry...

  2. Spannende Farben! Steht dir sehr gut :)

  3. Superbe ! Your eyes are pur gold !
    As-tu essayé les fards Charlotte Tilbury ... Les harmonies de couleurs me semblent proche ( mais je n'ai malheureusement aucun produit Tom Ford ni Charlotte Tilbury). Honeymoon seems very close to Dolce Vita, doesn't it ?

    Bonne journée Sara

  4. argh..... I can't wait til August for this!! It's stunning on you Sara!! And those new liners.... they're not very smooth are they? ;(

  5. Honeymoon really is a gorgeous quad- really tempted me! I agree that the shades are a little similar, though- and were close enough to other shades I already owned. Very pretty on you!

  6. Hi Lily, I think you like warm eye shadows and this one is something you should check out. Nude Dip would be another if you like shimmery neutrals. I think wet & dry formula of Tom Ford is much better than their regular ones.

  7. Liene Melanie,
    vielen Dank. Ich liebe diese Töne :-)

  8. Hi hi there, missing you :-**
    You are so right, this one is close to Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita but Honeymoon is a little warmer, less orange, more pink if that makes sense. I like both the palettes but this one, I can't stop wearing!

  9. Hi Linda,
    if you want, I can try to find you one. Just drop me a line, you know how it goes ;-)
    The eyeliners are a bit of let-down to be honest. Such a tiny product for the price and it doesn't even blow my mind.

  10. Hi Jenni,
    you can definitely find closer shades in your stash. I know you like those burgundy tones as much as I do so you might have multiple dupes of each. Still I love the palette since it has one of my all time favorite formulas.


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