Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Colour Reds, Review, Swatch & Comparison

Happy Friday! Between the dying flowers and some free work days I managed to put together some posts. The biggest challenge had been the flowers really. How come some of them die the next day before I can snap a few photos *shakes head*

Chanel reformulated their nail polishes and as usual these were released in the States like months ago. You can tell that I am slightly frustrated to keep up with the new releases in Germany, especially from Chanel. Most of the other brands are keeping up their dates rather close across the globe. These are made in France so I can't help but wonder why our neighbours keep sending it across the ocean instead of letting us have some of that *frowns*.

There are ten new shades as well as some of the classical shades being rereleased in the new long wearing formula. I have purchased the new shades. I would like to share the first five of them with you today. These are Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #500 Rouge Essentiel, #506 Camélia, #508 Shantung, #510 Gitane and #512 Mythique. I am working on the comparison swatches of the other five which I will soon report about. I am glad that I could also give three of these a long week's test. My thoughts are after the jump...

Chanel Long Wear Nail Color #500 Rouge Essentiel, #506 Camélia, #508 Shantung, #510 Gitane and #512 Mythique

I have read mixed reviews about the new nail polish formula of Chanel. Before I show you the swatches and comparisons, I would like to sum up my general thoughts after my test and swatches. Hereby I leave shade specific properties out. 

  • I find the new formula more long wearing than the old formula. All of the shades I have tested lasted almost 5 days without any chipping nor tip wear. Previously I have to reapply after the 3rd day.

  • The consistency is different across the shades. I don't have a general opinion about this but a few of the shades (such as Monochrome) are hard to apply. Previously I didn't have such problem with Chanel nail polishes.

  • I didn't experience any bubbling which some of the bloggers reported about.

  • My personal thought, I don't like the naked bottle design. Not only it makes blogging and watching harder, also when I reach for a shade, it is frustrating not to see which shade it is before searching for the fine print at the back side inside some information no one needs. 

  • The brush is slightly thicker, which is fine with me but it has a strange shape which gets thicker on the tip. I prefer the older brush but can live with the new one as well. 

If you also tried the new formula please share your experience with us below in the comments section. I would love to hear them

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #500 Rouge Essentiel

I grouped the shades into reds and nudes/vamps. In reds category, the first shade is Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #500 Rouge Essential. As the name suggests this is a classical neutral medium tones red. It was not too warm nor cool. Compared to Dragon it is a little warmer. You can find the comparison swatches at the end of this post.

The consistency of this one was great, the formula applied easily. The swatches are with two coats.

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #500 Rouge Essentiel

One of my favourite reds in the collection must be Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #510 Gitane. It is a vibrant orangy red, which is not too over the top. What I always liked about Chanel nail colors is that they are not leaning towards the neon direction. Some Dior shades I purchased recently are not all that wearable for me. 

The formula is good but a little thin. You can see that my ring finger, which has some surface imperfections needed a filling base coat for this shade. Nevertheless I love it. Two coats for the following swatches.

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #510 Gitane

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #510 Gitane

Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #508 Shantung is for those of you who like their reds in cooler and berrier part of the spectrum. It is the kind of red I like on my lips as well as on fingers tips, especially during Fall. 

#508 Shantung has great formula while application. The consistency is also just right. You can see that the ring finger doesn't have the same problem I had with Gitane, this one is definitely more smoothing and not that thin. I am wearing two coats for the following swatches.

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #508 Shantung

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #508 Shantung

Another favourite of mine must be reddish pink Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Colour #506 Camélia. I am wearing this one since 3 days and I don't even have tip wear. Camélia has a jelly consistency but it is nicely opaque with two coats. It looks more more pink in the photos below although worn on its own, it is a shade between red and pink. During the swatches I found out that this shade is one of the most unique compared to the previous releases, something to keep in mind if you are trying to make up your mind. I am wearing two coats for the swatches below.

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #506 Camélia
Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #506 Camélia

The last shade is a classical vamp, one like Chanel's Rouge Noir but a little lighter. Chanel Le Vernis #512 Mythique is a deep berry red which is not blackened. It has less purple in the base compared to Provocation and it is cooler than Accesoire. You can find the comparison swatches at the end of this post. The consistency is good, could be a little thicker but I am fine with it. It is easy to work with. The following swatches are with two coats.

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #512 Mythique

Swatch: Chanel Le Vernis Long Wear Nail Color #512 Mythique

I have two photos of the comparison nail wheel. The first one is in the shadow and second one is under sun light. I figured out that in shadow one was see the shade differences of reds better whereas under sun the vamp shades are more distinguishable. I hope it helps.

#510 Gitane is one of the most orange reds, more orange than #473 Coromandel, #159 Fire and #677 Rouge Rubis. #500 Rouge Essentiel is close to Dragon but it is just a tad warmer. I found the closest shade to #508 Shantung to be #08 Pirate although Pirate is warmer. #71 Laque Rouge has similar undertones but it is deeper.

Comparison swatches: Chanel #500 Rouge Essentiel, #506 Camélia, #508 Shantung, #510 Gitane and #512 Mythique

#506 Camelia is the most pink in the bunch of reds although I tried to put it next to some pinks and then it was too red. It is a very unique combination of both shades which I am loving. The closest shade I have to it is #561 Suspicious which is a little deeper and more red.

#512 Mythique is a little lighter but close to #573 Accesoire. #599 Accesoire has more purple in the base and #18 Rouge Noire is deeper.

Comparison swatches: Chanel #500 Rouge Essentiel, #506 Camélia, #508 Shantung, #510 Gitane and #512 Mythique

Check out Sabrina's lovely comparison post as well. 

Final thoughts: All in all I am loving the fact that these last longer but the consistency of some of the shades is not as smooth. I can live with the brush but not loving the bottle. Still thumbs up for the longevity. I hope they will release more unique shades soon.

Have you picked up any of these?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me.
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Did you use the new Chanel under and top coats with these? I ask because I am not having great lasting results with the new formula over multiple tests of two shades (Gitane and Monochrome). The best I got was 2.5 days without chipping when Monochrome was applied by a manicurist with seche vite base and top (as usual) last week. That's no better for me than the 'worst' wear of Chanel (and I find the old formulas variable - up to 5 days before tip wear with the best; usually about 3.5-4). I can't understand what I am doing wrong unless they have to be worn with Chanel undercoats or the formula just doesn't suit my quite soft nails. The colours, of course, are lovely shades but I also think the new gel formula does not lend itself to the complexity I loved from Chanel nail colours. Taking Gitane for e.g. - it's nice but compared to Coromandel, with that added gold micro shimmer giving dimension on the nail, it lacks depth. I am partly relieved to think this may mean the end of feeling compelled to collect every shade for me!! Susan, London

  2. I have read and seen mixed reviews. And weirdly, I like the naked bottle although I will face difficulties because of presbyopia :) Your hands are really beautiful and the nail colors, lighting of photos just perfect

  3. Hi Susan,
    I never use base coat, that can be the reason maybe these last better on me? I just don't have time to wait for another coat to dry lol.
    As a top coat I used OPI's fast drying one. Again, gel coats take too long to dry, no time ;-)
    I am testing now the 3rd shade from the range and all three lasted almost a week on me. Some of the shades have a formula which is hard to work with I think (Monochrome for example)
    I am not sure about the complexity. Maybe for the first release they only wanted to release basic cream shades. I am hoping for summer we will have more interesting shades. I am also curious how this formula will be in a metallic nail polish and one with hidden shimmer as you mentioned. These questions are yet to be answered.

  4. Thanks so much Amelia for your lovely comment, made my day.

    For the blogs we always take photos with the bottles so the name of the shad was a good thing once you search for the swatches via Google Image Search. Other than that I always store my nail polishes with their boxes so I don't have time finding the right shade after that. Nowadays the trend is more towards writing the name on the bottle though, like Dior didn't have the names and they started a few years ago. So I don't understand the step back if you know what I mean.

  5. Beautiful swatches and you can wear every shade of red-- how lovely. I have some gorgeous reds and last year for the holidays I pulled them out and never wound up wearing any of them so I feel that my red wearing is not so frequent to justify new purchases. Like if I can't bother to wear Ruby Slipper or Erotic, or Lacquistrys to die for bright red at Christmas no less- then that is the proof. I still wear it in fall and winter pedicures, but not my high stash ones, but more ordinary ones. I'm all about pastels this season-- I think also due to nail shape, more flattering. I swatched the new Dior Bluette at the counter and it was kind of, "Okay, but.." for me. When I saw your comparison nail chart, I kicked myself for the hundredth time for not getting Porcelaine. So for a few bucks more I got in on Ebay and am wearing it a lot. It's a better contrast with my skin for some reason. Paler and cooler, really a neutral. In the countryside, hardly anyone wears nail color and this Spring, I am not seeing it much yet in the city. People are really off it. Maybe because of the state of stress our country is in. Went to a conference yesterday and I am pretty sure I was the only one wearing polish.

  6. Aaahhh..... i've been waiting to see what you think about these! I definitely need to go get me some of the reds, because I believe they should be better than the 2 I tried. But for some reason, I'm not in the mood for reds at the moment.... pastels, nudes... but these all look so beautiful on you!

  7. I'm confused. A couple days ago i saw the new shades in the old bottle in Stuttgart and Sindelfingen. I asked the salesperson but the only could confirm me that these are the new shades with new formular. They didnt know a thing of new bottles.

  8. The original formulas lasted maybe 24 hours on my soft nails before they started chipping. So I cautiously bought just two shades to start, Organdi and Rouge Noir. I also bought the new top coat. Organdi with the top coat made it to day three before I saw some minor tip wear and four or five days before I saw chipping. For me that's a huge improvement. After going through my collection of polish and realizing how little I wear because of chipping issues (from any brand) I doubt I will be rushing in to buy more of these.


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