Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance, Review, Swatch, Comparison & FOTD

Hope you are having a great week. I finished working this week and I will take a few days off to visit a friend in Berlin who just had a baby boy. So excited about the visit which we were planning for months now but what a pity that I just started having a sore throat. Fingers crossed that it gets better until Thursday. 

Today I would like to share my thoughts about one of the new Tom Ford Eye Color Quads. These are recently released to replace some of the older ones. You can see the other palette I reviewed yesterday called Disco Dust here and links to all the other quads I have reviewed over the years here. The one I have today is a very unusual combination of green blue and brown. I love its name, Last Dance. What does it remind you? I kept singing this song while I was playing with it. The number is driving me crazy, #21, what happened to the quads from #15 to #19? Grrr... The collector in me is very upset but I think I can survive, if, this one performs better than Disco Dust did.  Did it? Right after the jump.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance

A few things to note down about Tom Ford Quads, these have either  regular formula or wet & dry one. The palettes which don't have TF letters pressed on the eyeshadows are regular formula. You can see my review of Nude Dip here. That one has wet & dry formulation. Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance is one of the regular powder formulas. Tom Ford quads may have one or two glitter shades, last dance comes with one glitter shade and three eyeshadows with satin finish. Tom Ford quads are on the pricier side but also have lots of product in them. Each quad has 10 g of eye shadow. Together with pigmented and long lasting formula, this fact makes them great products to invest into and use for years to come. As for us crazy collectors, they are usually too pretty to pass so you may end up with all of them *shows herself*.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance

If Tom would ask me, I would call Last Dance something like "Forest Dusk" or "Nude Dip on a Mountain Lake". Think about a blue lake or sea meeting a forest, it is what Last Dance is.

Top left: a light ivory gold with satin finish. This one is very close to my complexion hence doesn't show up on me all that well. I know it is hard to satisfy all skin tones but I wished it would be more pigmented and a little lighter. This shade is my least favorite of the bunch.

Top right: A gorgeous mid-toned brown which is not too warm nor too cool. It has a beautiful satin finish and incredible pigmentation. This type of formula and finish makes me fall in love with Tom Ford make-up all over again.

Bottom left: Now let's appreciate a beautiful glitter shade which does more than just adding a few white glitter bits over a make-up just to see that they fall under the eyes in an hour or two (Disco Dust, I am looking at you). This blue glitter is superb. It adds the most beautiful accent to the base make-up you can achieve with the other shades. Big love!

Bottom right: A beautiful deep forest green. It is one of the most flattering beautiful greens I have in my stash. It can be applied on the crease for definition or worn all over if you want. The undertones of this one is perfectly natural so different skin tones can pull it off, including me, who can't wear greens well.

Close-up: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance

Swatch: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance is beautiful in all ways. My only problem with this quad is the lightest shade which doesn't show up all that well. To compliment my eye shape and create some distance between my eyes, I need to apply a lighter color to the inner third. Although I went over it many times for the eye look below, it insisted on not showing. After I applied the brown all over and green to the crease, I went over it with some more ivory so it was just a little bit better. I then applied a touch of the blue glitter in the middle. 

In-action: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance

I was wondering how the glitter shade in Tom Ford Last Dance compares to Cream Powder Duo Midnight Sea (reviewed here). I was almost certain that they are the same but I am happy to report that they are not. Although I love the glitter in Midnight Sea, I love the one in Last Dance even more (who would have guessed that?) because it has more complexity.

As for the other shades, I pulled out Tom Ford Quad Sahara Haze (reviewed here) for a comparison since that is the only green quad Tom Ford ever released. You can see that Sahara Haze is much cooler and has more of a grey touch. The green glitter shade in Sahara Haze though is warmer than the forest green shade in Last Dance. All in all they are not similar to me.

Comparison swatch: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance vs. Cream Powder Duo Midnight Sea, Sahara Haze

Here is the look in context. I am wearing Tom Ford Cheek Color in Savage on the cheeks for a bronzy look. I think blues and greens look especially pretty with a little bit of warmth on the complexion. On my lips I have a mixture of Diorific Matte in Radieuse and Fabulouse. I am happy to report that there was no fall out during the application and after through the day. I am still wearing this make-up, it looks like just applied.

FOTD: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance

One last look at this beauty.....

Close-up: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance

Final thoughts: My make-up heart jumps around with joy when I see a unique combination, great formula and the beautiful packaging all in one product. Tom Ford Eye Color Quad #21 Last Dance doesn't disappoint. Even if you don't usually gravitate towards green or bleu, I urge you to check this one out. 

Do you know another quad with green and blue combination like this one? Which type of greens do you like wearing?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was purchased by me. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. This is basically a gucci iconic ottavio mono coupled with the guerlain les precieux palette :) no beautiful light shade in a palette - no buy for me :( Light shade is my main shade, not just a highlight. It is a deal breaker whether I will look good or tired. Also they are more difficult to make pigmented and with a beautiful finish, not too matte or frosty, than darker shades that get blended anyway, so the lightest shade has a special value in my eyeshadow world. Here I skip. Even though I really like this green, but I can wait til Chanel Summer quad for that.

  2. At first glance I would totally pass on this palette. But the more I look, and especially at the swatches, the three satins are incredibly beautiful. I would not really get much use from the blue though.

  3. Wow, this quad is unbelievable on your hazel eyes. I have hazel eyes too--does this mean there's a Last Dance quad in my future???

  4. Ich wäre noch skeptisch wegen dem türkisen Ton. Aber wahrscheinlich es es genau deshalb interessant.

  5. Beautiful harmony of colors, too strong for me ( the blue shade is gorgeous but too bright for me...) but beautiful as your make up.
    I ´d like too try the Honeymoon Quad, this one call me 😊

    Bonne journée Sara


  6. You are so right, harmony is so beautiful and yes it is strong. Probably on deeper skin tones this quad will look much better. I tried to find Honeymoon but I couldn't until now. These will be released in Germany so I will try my chances here. I am hoping to review it soon along with the other two quads, the lilac and the grey one.

  7. Haha, richtig, interessante Kombis sind eigentlich riskant.

  8. Hi Poppy,
    My eyes become hazel whenever I wear blues (greener when I wear purple). Blues and greens are superb on hazel eyes so I think you might really enjoy this one.

  9. The blue adds a little bit of something if you don't apply it all over. I think this one has better quality than the other one but if you don't like the shades, you should rather go for Disco Dust.

  10. Hi Jane,
    yes this blue totally reminds me of Gucci blue. You are fairer than me if I recall correctly, so you are right, this would be too strong on your eyes unless you like it really smokey. I am excited about Chanel Summer quad, the last ones I got from Chanel were all bad quality, including the holiday quads and I passed on the Spring one as well after swatching, it was nothing like their permanent range Tisse ones which I adore. I am hoping the sandy looking one for the summer will make me buy it.

  11. Beautiful quad! Every time I see this palette on internet, the song -Save the last dance for me from The Drifters- comes in my mind and I sing in low voice!

  12. you chose the same two TF quads that I did!!! :-)
    I love Last Dance A LOT. the green is very flattering and the blue is so much fun. thank you for the blog post and pics!! xo

  13. Ooh, that blue is certainly beautiful. I didn't love the one that came in the Midnight Sea duo, but this one is deep and complex for sure. The sad part is that I only want that one shade, and $80 for one color is a bit steep!

  14. This definitely is a unique combination- and beautiful too! I love a good turquoise shadow. Thanks for the swatches! Have a lovely weekend, Sara :)

  15. thank you SO MUCH for the comparison with Sahara Haze!! I sold that one because it was just sitting around and I realised I just didn't love the greens in that palette. Then this Last Dance came along and I thought I was going nuts when this green just worked. They looked similar in the pan to me, but I couldn't compare. This blue glitter shade is a stunner, and I'm so glad you managed to find a green palette to complement your gorgeous eyes!


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