Narciso Poudrée Eau de Parfum For Woman, Review

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Recently Narciso Rodriguez added a third fragrance to Narciso line. I have previously reviewed Narciso EdP here and Narciso EdT here. The former being gardenia&rose and the latter peony take on to the signature musky heart. The new fragrance Narciso Poudrée Eau de Parfum is yet an interesting creation. It has to be my favourite among the three. So much for spoilers, onto the thoughts...

Narciso Poudrée Eau de Parfum 

Narciso Poudrée Eau de Parfum comes in a pink beige flacon, the shape being kept the same as the original but it has tiny tweaks in details such as the metal sprayer being rose gold other than silver. I have previously shared my thoughts on this very modern and minimalistic bottle, I simply love it. If you would see the decoration of my living room, you would understand why. My cupboards fixed to the wall look like this bottle and I searched for them over a year until I found an Italian custom furniture maker which does these. I love how the colour already indicates a powdery feeling before I take it in my hand to spray. The notes are provided as follows:

Top Notes
Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Orange Blossom
Heart Notes
Base Notes
Vetiver, Cedar, Coumarin, Patchouli

Narciso Poudrée Eau de Parfum 

What about a little powder?  I like powdery scents myself when they are not overpow(d)ering. I find the original Narciso EdP to be a lovely musk perfume I especially enjoy during Fall. It has a dryness to it so I need to be in mood to wear it, it is definitely unique and nothing like the mainstream syrupy floral/ sweet fruity designer fragrances. Narcissi juices are all pleasantly woody and musky, aaah, love. But then again, EdT version was a little easier to wear, yet dryness was there. Right in time when I was thinking if they could make it warmer, a little less clean to cut its dry edges a little for us to enjoy its gorgeous heart while bringing it closer to being a body scent, they came up with Narciso Poudrée Eau de Parfum.

Jasmine definitely adds a sensual body like feeling while coumarin makes it less clean, more earthy compared to the original. Narciso Poudrée is insanely long wearing. Just a spray and you can smell it 12 hours later on your skin, an impressive performance. As much as I believe it is not a summer fragrance, I think it is one of the best designer perfumes released recently. Definitely make sure to check it out.

Narciso EdP, Narciso EdT and Narciso Poudrée EdP

Check out the lovely reviews of Melanie and Linda too.

Final thoughts: A light powdery woody feminine fragrance which lasts and lasts, to me Narciso Poudrée Eau de Parfum is the best version of Narciso series so far. Two thumbs up for one of the most interesting and alluring designer releases of the last months.

Are you in game for a little powder?

Disclaimer: The product in this post was provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Ich habe auch alle drei - Narciso EdP, Narciso EdT and Narciso Poudrée EdP - wobei ich vom Narciso Poudréenur eine Maxi-Probe habe. Alle 3 mag ich an unterschiedlichen Tagen und zu unterschiedlichen Stimmungen, wobei Narciso Poudrée sich zu meinem Liebling entwickelt.
    Liebste Grüße

  2. Hi Sara,

    Just wanted to comment that although the page loads ok for me, it's extremely slow and skips when I try to scroll through your post. I'm viewing it on Chrome, and don't know if it has anything to do with it, but if others are experiencing what I'm experiencing, it might account for your drop in page hits lately (that you mentioned in your other post). It's pretty frustrating, and even now when I'm trying to leave a comment, it sometimes lags.

    But it doesn't stop me from visiting your blog. I still love all your posts, pictures, and writings. :)

  3. Aw man, I have to try it! :-) I love the original, but I'm dying to try this new version too now.

  4. I love this too!!! and LOL at "overpow(d)ering"! Thank you for the link love... always! :**


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