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I hope your week started wonderfully. This week we have a so called Spring Holiday, hence no lectures. I am using it to prepare the rest of the lectures I have until the end of June. This year has been so hectic, I feel like I already deserve a summer holiday!

By the way for those of you who carefully observed that some things have changed on the blog front, you are right. I was using a slider, one that showed some photos of the recent posts on the top of the page, then it started not working so I contacted the designer. She offered me that I install the new version of the theme but I lost all my fonts and the slider has some problems at the moment. Also the page counts dropped dramatically since I changed to the new look. I am not sure if it is because of people not being able to see it properly and close it? If you are having problems with this one please let me know and I will check that out.

Let's get back to make up. Today I would like to show you my picks from MAC's main summer collection Vibe Tribe. I am usually not big on summer collections but I think within MAC limited collections, summer had always been an highlight for me. Last Year's Wash & Dry Collection (reviewed here and here) as well as legendary Alluring Aquatic Collection (here and here) were all summer collections after all. All in all I found this year's collection a bit of a let down once compared to the last two years but there were still gems in there. Here are my thoughts about the pieces I picked up.

MAC Lipstick Pure Vanity, Gleamtones Powder, Blush Modern Mandarin, Eyeshadow Palette Call of The Canyon

The packaging... MAC sometimes does some really funky take on their packaging, especially for summer. This year's packaging has a vibrant yellow orange and turquoise indian influenced pattern. Being blunt, I am not crazy about it as much as I lied Alluring Aquatic or Wash & Dry but it might be just me. I don't like the fact that you can't see the product inside because the lid is painted opaque.

In Germany Breuninger received the collection a week earlier. I was there to check it out but some of the lipsticks were already sold out so first I picked up MAC Lipstick in Pure Vanity, Gleamtones Powder, Powder Blush in Modern Mandarin and Eyeshadow Palette Call of The Canyon. Later on I called the MAC Store in Berlin to get my hands on Hot Chocolate Lipstick, which is exactly my type of a shade. It just arrived today so I don't have an FOTD wearing that one. You will probably see one in another post though since I am already obsessed about it.

MAC Vibe Tribe Packaging

First my thoughts about the Eye Shadow Palette, Call of the Canyon. Upon swatching this, I was really excited. It swatched so beautifully, the textures are smooth and buttery and they are nicely pigmented. Upon trial on my eyes, I am very disappointed. They don't blend well, so the black shade produced a stripe on my crease. This is why there are no eye looks in this post because I couldn't make it work nicely. I will work on that once more and let you know if my opinion changes. Also the most beautiful shade Summer Sun which made me purchase this palette on the first place doesn't look anything like on the swatch when on the eyes. It fades into a yellowish apricot shade on my eye lids although I apply it over a base. So thumbs down from me for this pick.

MAC Eyeshadow Palette Call of The Canyon
Swatch: MAC Eyeshadow Palette Call of The Canyon

I think the highlight of this collection is MAC Gleamtones Powder. I love the consistency of this one so much and the cool shades do it all for me. I apply this on top of any blush and it brings glow to my cheeks like nothing else, major crush! I swatched the shades for you one by one as well since you can also pick them up with an eye shadow brush and use it on your eyes for a wash of color. I am loving it, I think it is a must have.

MAC Gleamtones Powder and Powder Blush Modern Mandarin
Swatch: MAC Gleamtones Powder

I picked up Lipstick in Pure Vanity at the counter after trying it out but I wasn't wearing any make up so it all looked fine. With make-up it looks a bit too nude for my taste and the undertones are not flattering me. You can check out FOTD below and let me know. If you pick Pure Vanity though, make sure to combine it with Modern Mandarin, they go so well together. I love Modern Mandarin, it is a repromoted product but if you don't have it, make sure to check it out. 

My all time big love, another must have from the collection is Hot Chocolate Lipstick. I wore this today, it is such a lovely shade, big crush here as well!  It is a little hard to catch in Germany at the moment. I purchased mine from Berlin MAC Store and had to pay some $$$ for post fees because it was sold out at the stores here.

Swatch: MAC Lipstick Pure Vanity and Hote Chocolate, Powder Blush Modern Mandarin

Here is the finished look with Call of The Canyon on the eyes, Modern Mandarin and Gleamtones Powder on the cheeks, Pure Vanity on the lips. You can see the glow Gleamtone brings although the photo was taken in the shadow without direct light.

FOTD: MAC Vibe Tribe Collecton

Final thoughts: I am not very crazy about this year's packaging. My hits of the collection is Gleamtones Powder and Hot Chocolate Lipstick. My miss of the collection is Call of The Canyon Eyeshadow Palette. It is fine once swatched but on my eyes it didn't work well. 

Have you picked up anything from MAC Vibe Tribe? What you you recommend/not recommend?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were purchased by me. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I swatched this collection when I was briefly in Germany last week - they had it all in Alscerhaus, Hamburg. I was very tempted by Modern Mandarin but decided to go for the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay palette instead which I had somehow overlooked before. I agree this Mac Summer collection is a bit lacklustre and I thought the packaging looked cheap. Susan, London

  2. You really got some amazing shades here! Hot Chocolate is suuuuch a lovely shade. Too bad the eyeshadow turned out to be a disappointment on the eyes though... the shades are so pretty.

  3. I actually really like the packaging, you look beautiful x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Instagram

  4. Mir gefällt die Verpackung dieses Jahr überhaupt nicht und interessiert hätte mich nur Hot Chocolate, aber leider ist sie in Österreich noch immer nicht online gegangen....

  5. Hey Sara, you're looking tanned!! And so tribal, I love it! I will msg you separately on the page count drop issue.... xoxo

  6. I love the packaging of the southwestern Aztec design and the colors also. I love you in those colors but I'm not one for dark or berry colors in makeup.


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