Suqqu Summer 2016 Eye & Cheek Color Compacts, Color Balm Crayons, Review, Swatch & FOTD

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Suqqu is releasing their world wide Summer 2016 Collection this week. The release date was given to be today but I haven't seen the products on Selfridges online shop yet. The collection consists of two Eye & Cheek Color Compacts, Ex-01 Rikkakou and Ex-02 Natsuyuuka, two matching lipsticks in crayon format, called Color Balm Crayons Ex-01 Suzubeni and Ex-02 Tsuyasango. There are also two matching nail polishes. The collection goes with a cool pink theme on one hand and a warmer green theme on the other. It is inspired by Awaseiro, traditional color combinations for Kimonos. without further ado, here are my thoughts on the products I have been testing.

Suqqu Summer 2016 Eye & Cheek Color Compacts Ex-01, Ex-02, Color Balm Crayons Ex-01, Ex-02

The packaging for this year's summer collection has the same minimalistic and chic feeling of the permanent palettes with an elegant touch of gold and silver stripe on both the palettes and the lip crayons. The silver lining represents the cooler tones, the pink palette and the pink lipstick. The golden stripe is for the warmer green and tangerine shades. All in all, the packaging is modern yet very classical and chic. Almost forgot to mention, the dusting bags have SUQQU written either in gold or silver as well. I always think that the details make the luxury and these exactly feel that way.

Packaging: Suqqu Summer 2016 Eye & Cheek Color Compacts Ex-01, Ex-02, Color Balm Crayons Ex-01, Ex-02

The palettes have two eye colors and two cheek colors. I was surprised to see that cheek colors have a cream to powder consistency. They are definitely not your average cream blush. It is not bouncy and once you run your fingers on top, you can hardly see it leave any marks behind. It is a formula I haven't seen anywhere before. You have to run your finger several times to pick up the blush but it applies beautifully on the cheeks. I found it a little hard to blend with the fingers though, so I use a foundation brush for that. I also tried to apply it with a synthetic brush but I prefer to use fingers. The strength of the formula is in the lasting power. Suqqu always nails it n this aspect and this is no exception. On me the cream blush lasted a whooping 10 hours, impressive.

Suqqu Summer 2016 Eye & Cheek Color Compacts Ex-01 Rikkakou, Ex-02 Natsuyuuka

Suqqu Eye & Cheek Color Compact Ex-01 Rikkakou is the cooler option with cool pink and brown for the eyes, neutral pink for the cheeks. I swatched the matching lipstick Suqqu Color Balm Crayon Ex-01 along side the palette so that you can see the color harmony. I found the cool pink for the eyes to cause a little bit of fall out during application but not throughout the day. 

Swatch: Suqqu Summer 2016 Eye & Cheek Color Compacts Ex-01 Rikkakou, Color Balm Ex-01

The cool pink for the eyes swatches more intensely than it appears on the eyes. It has a certain transparency to it which makes it very wearable despite the glittery texture. Browns has a tingle of khaki which is lovely combined with the coolness of pink. Below you can see a quick eye look with this duo where I applied the pink all over and added some of the brown on the crease and outer corner.

Eye Look: Suqqu Summer 2016 Eye & Cheek Color Compacts Ex-01 Rikkakou

I was expecting to like the pink palette more because those are more my colors but the golden taupe in the green palette Suqqu Eye & Cheek Color Compact Ex-02 Natsuyuuka is to die for. It is also less glittery, more satin to metallic in comparison to the lighter shade in the pink palette. The green is so beautiful, it has a satin finish with some blue and deeper green accents. If you like green, don't miss this palette. I also like how this is combined with tangerine/warm pink shades on the cheeks and a nude Suqqu Color Balm Crayon Ex-02 which I swatched together with the palette below.

Swatch: Suqqu Summer 2016 Eye & Cheek Color Compacts Ex-02 Natsuyuuka

Due to my under eye darkness in olive tones, sometimes when I wear green, it looks a little mud on me. Below I applied the golden taupe all over the lid and added green on the outer corner, crease and under the eyes. Maybe next time I should skip it under the eyes though. I love how these blend and layer and how effortlessly Suqqu Eyeshadows blend while not blending too much to become one color (YSL I am looking at you!)

Eye Look: Suqqu Summer 2016 Eye & Cheek Color Compacts Ex-02 Natsuyuuka

A few words about the lovely Suqqu Color Balm Crayons. Ex-01 Suzubeni is a beautiful reddish pink which would be flattering for many skin tones. Ex-02 Tsuyasango is a warm nude. I really love both of them, I think they are the highlights of this collection. They are both very hydrating and feel so comfortable on the lips. They both have a certain transparency but they give enough color. They last moderately on me, don't survive the coffee or a meal but it is so easy to casually reapply even without a mirror, so I don't care. I especially like the pink one, thumbs up. Let's hope Suqqu brings out more shades.

Suqqu Color Balm Crayon Ex-01 Suzubeni & Ex-02 Tsuyasango

Here are the complete looks with the cheeks and matching lip crayons. Below I am wearing Suqqu Eye & Cheek Color Compact Ex-01 on the eyes and cheeks. I applied the deeper shade of the blush all over and the lighter shade as a highlight. On my lips I have Suqqu Color Balm Crayon Ex-01. My hair grew so long again, hubby was just telling me it had never been so long. I am undecided but probably going to get it trimmed a bit. 

FOTD: Suqqu Eye & Cheek Color Compact Ex-01, Color Balm Crayon Ex-01

Here is the green look with Suqqu Eye & Cheek Color Compact in Ex-02 Natsuyuuka on the eyes and cheeks. The blush of this palette is more subtle so it may not show on someone deeper than NC-30. You can see that Color Balm Crayon Ex-02 is a great nude for an effortlessly polished look especially if you go heavy on eyes. 

FOTD: Suqqu Eye & Cheek Color Compact Ex-02, Color Balm Crayon Ex-02

You can get more information about the collection and prices at Suqqu's blog here

Final thoughts: The cream consistency of the Eye & Cheek Compacts are very nice with an impressive lasting power. I am especially loving the green palette Ex-02 Natsuyuuka because of the golden taupe shade for the eyes.  Color Balm Crayons are both lovely, with a very hydrating and comfortable formula. Ex-01 is more pigmented as Ex-02 makes a lovely nude.

The collection launches today. Are you eyeing anything?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. I adore the full look in Ex-01 on you!!! It is so cheerful and adds a wonderful brightness to your face perfect for spring and summer! I love Suqqu products!! These look worthwhile to check out. I also love when brands release eye, cheek, and lip colors that coordinate like these sets do. It makes choosing color harmonies so easy!

  2. Both sets look so beautiful on you. I really like both sets of eyeshadows, unfortunately the blushes are too pink for me. I've been trying to (pre)-order the crayon Ex-01 since Wednesday from Selfridges counter. Finally today they phoned me back, so hopefully I'll get it early next week. I've also ordered the new foundation without trying it first so I hope it'll suit me. Btw, The Ex-01 looks so summery.

    Sorry to hear about your blog problems. I hope you'll get them resolved soon.

  3. Definitely finding the green one tempting. Suqqu quality is so exceptional.

  4. The color balm crayons are calling out to me. Too bad there isn't a very good way to obtain Suqqu in the U.S.


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