Shiseido Maquillage True Eyeshadow in BR722, Review, Swatch & EOTD

This post was prepared some time ago but because of emergency call (Chanel new quads and Givenchy bronzer) it was delayed. Here is to something a little bit different than what you see at the counters, if you are living outside of Asia because Maquillage is Asia Exclusive line of Shiseido. Today I would like to present you True Eye Shadow Palette in BR722 which is from their permanent line.

Shiseido Maquillage True Eyeshadow in BR722

True Eye Shadow palettes have 5 shades. The compact is divided into four. Two of the darkest colors share one space. Bottom left there is a matte shade to use as a base or on the crease to make blending easier. I assume other palettes have a similar concept. The idea of dark shade not dominating the palette can be explained considering popular Asian make-up preferences, since these are used more as a liner. I would rather get a little more of the dark shades but my complaints stop right here because I was smitten with everything else...

Shiseido Maquillage True Eyeshadow in BR722
Close-up: Shiseido Maquillage True Eyeshadow in BR722

BR722 is composed of:
Top left: light champagne with peachy undertones, shimmery finish
Bottom left: Light skin color shade with matte finish
Top right: Medium to light peach shade with shimmery finish
Bottom right (left side): Medium bronze with rose undertones with subtle shimmer
Bottom right (right side): Deep brown with very subtle shimmer.

The shades are all very pigmented and soft to touch. Once applied on the eyes, shimmer is very subdued, even with light shades. They also don't accentuate fine lines so they would also work on mature skin.

Swatch: Shiseido Maquillage True Eyeshadow in BR722

Below I opted for a more intensive look. I used top right shade all over the lid, top left on the inner corner and darker shades to define the crease.

Today I am wearing this palette again with a softer look. I love it both ways, the shades and the subtle shimmer is very pretty on the eyes. Also it blends like a dream. All thumbs up for this formula.

In-action: Shiseido Maquillage True Eyeshadow in BR722

I got my palette sent from Singapore (thanks so much to a dear friend. Hugs! she knows who she is). If you are tempted though, you can find them at Ichibankao (link is just for your convenience, not affiliated). These palettes have only 3,5 g of product but their prices are reasonable (4650 JPY including shipping, which is like 33 EUR/$45 at the moment). Go ahead and pull the trigger if you are feeling a little adventurous and want to try a new formula, I don't think you will regret it. ;-)

Final thoughts: Dear Shiseido, what about slightly changing the form (making dark shades taking more space) and bringing Maquillage to rest of the world?

What was your last blind buy?



  1. The Japanese do soft, sparkly subtle palettes the best, but it can get a little repetitive, and I don't think I've looked at the Asia exclusive Shiseido palettes for years now, since my existing ones are still good dupes.

    My latest blind buy is Illamasqua's Glamore collection. I waited for the initial reviews to come out before I made the purchase, but more or less went with their website pictures.

    1. I was so excited about this one because the quality reminded me of Suqqu although it was half the price (and almost half the quantity, lol)
      Yes Glamore reviews were rather slow. I got the nail polishes just to find out that these are too flashy for me to wear even on the weekend but who knows maybe I get used to it. What did you get from the collection?

    2. I got all 3 of the lippies, and 2 nail colours. I skipped on the orange nail colour because I feared it would be too bright and loud for me, but then I had a better look at the promo pic, and the model rocks that orange nail... Still, I like my oranges to be cream or creally rather than blingy. Did you get all three of the nail polishes?

  2. Oh this is stunning but you're right, that little tiny pan of dark isn't enough! :)

    1. Yes kind of designed for different kind of makeup, but still love the end result vs. the money I had to pay for it. :-)


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