Dior Vernis #403 Palais Royal, #803 Metal Montaigne, #494 Junon Couture Colour Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Polish, Swatch & Comparison Part 2

Today I would like to share Part 2 of my review and comparisons of Dior's new gel shine formula with you. After this post, i was considering to compare nail polish brushes of different brands, please leave a comment if you think that would be helpful. As I stated in my previous post (Part 1), the new brush is very close to Gel Effect Top Coat brush. 

At Part 1, I presented you some cheerful colors, here comes taupe & grey: #403 Palais Royal, #803 Metal Montaigne and #494 Junon. 

Dior Vernis #403 Palais Royal, #803 Metal Montaigne, #494 Junon Gel Effect Nail Polish

EDIT: Before I even released this post, there were questions regarding the brush of the new Dior nail polishes, so I managed to get a photo for you below. New Dior brush is close to YSL brush, thiner and a tad longer than old Dior brush but still it is wider than Chanel's. Hope that helps.

Comparison of brushes from Chanel, Dior (old), Dior (new), YSL and Guerlain nail polishes

#403 Palais Royal is a mid-toned taupe creme. It is not warm nor cool, which makes it more interesting  for me compared to the older taupe of Dior, Trench. Because of this slight coolness once compared to other taupes, I find Palais Royal more modern. The formula is great, it is opaque with two coats, below it is swatched without a top coat.

Swatch (shadow): Dior Vernis #403 Palais Royal
Swatch (sun): Dior Vernis #403 Palais Royal

I like taupes on my tips, so here is an extended comparison. Chanel #559 Frenzy is lighter, Armani #104 Greige is also lighter and cooler. Dior #306 Gris Trianon is lighter and slightly cooler. YSL #39 Gris Gallery is lighter and a tad warmer. Armani #105 Taupe Greige is the closest of the bunch but it is a tad more mauve. Chanel #505 Particuliere is warmer and slightly darker. Dior #223 Trench is warmer, therefore for me the new shade #403 Palais Royal is a modernized version of Trench.

Comparison of Dior Vernis #403 Palais Royal with similar shades

Talking about grey, #494 Junon is a mid-toned bluish grey creme. The formula of this one was also great, not too thin nor too thick, self-leveling and opaque with two coats. It appears very blue on the photos but I found it to be more grey in real life. I also swatched it against some blues later on and have seen that Junon was looking more grey. To me Junon is one of the modern and edgy shades of the new Dior nail polish line. 

Swatch (shadow): Dior Vernis #494 Junon
Swatch (sun): Dior Vernis #494 Junon

I was expecting #803 Metal Montaigne to be metallic, but it has more of a pearly finish. It is a deep anthracite with very fine silver shimmer, which gives that pearly effect. The formula was again perfect, below you see it with two coats and no top coat. Metal Montaigne is not really a very new shade but while testing Front Row, I found out that this type of pearly finish has more of a gel shine effect once worn together with Gel Effect Top Coat, so I can't wait to have Metal Montaigne on all my fingers. By the way check out how beautiful it shines with direct sun light <3

Swatch (shadow): Dior Vernis #803 Metal Montaigne
Swatch (sun): Dior Vernis #803 Metal Montaigne

Dior Metal Montaigne is close to Chanel Steel but definitely is a revamped version with a prettier shimmer. Chanel Black Pearl leans more blue, Dior #072 Metallic Silver is more metallic, less pearly.

Dior #497 Junon leans more blue than Dior #707 Gris Montaigne. YSL #38 Gris Underground has a similar blue tingle but is much lighter. Burberry #203 Storm Grey is also another blue leaning grey which is darker than Junon.

Comparison of Dior Vernis #803 Metal Montaigne and #494 Junon with similar shades

I am going to review three more shades soon, which are on their way to me at the moment. 

Intermediate thoughts: I am loving the shiny finish of these and how they look on the nails. I am still testing Front Row (reviewed here) and I don't have even minor tip wear after 3 days although I am constantly typing. I will let you know at Part 3 how the test ends ;-)

Dior Couture Colour Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Polishes are already available internationally and  retail around 23€ for 10 ml.


  1. Oh I'm digging Palais Royale for sure! Thanks for the swatches, Sara!

    1. Yes! Palais Royal is gorgeous. I was wearing it last week and I really liked it.

  2. I love all three!!! I don't know how they did it, but somehow they transformed me into a nail varnish lover with these new beauties :) :) I checked out few more shades but I got some £5 off vouchers, so will use them at least :D I love your nails. They are so perfect and long!!!

    1. Thanks Irena, I am having hard time to type with long nails but it is worth it :-P
      Vouchers sound great! Which store gives them? We get them here as well, like 5 EUR ones and it is always a bad argument not to shop after having them lol.

  3. Oooh, these look so much prettier on your nails than in the bottle. I especially love Palais Royale which is interesting because I usually shy away from those shades.

    1. Yes, this is the thing by new Dior line, on the bottle they are like not that special but on the nails, they really look pretty. I love each of them but Palais Royal might be my favorite from this bunch, together with Junon :-)

  4. Going to need to check out Junon in person, i dont think I have a similar shade. As much as I love the others, I already own similar dupes. Must stop the temptation.

    1. LOL, yes that temptation :-)
      I think Palais Royal is also unique in a way. I find it to be a unique cooler taupe which is a modern version of Particuliere.

  5. Gosh, I would wear all of these! Such a lovely colour collection. Thanks for the helpful swatches and pics :)


    1. LOL, yes right? All of them, I told myself the same, that is how I ended with all, lol. I am happy someone can understand my madness ;-)

  6. Oh thank you Sara for the brush comparison! Seems a little closer to Guerlain which I'm starting to appreciate more. I'll be having a look at them real soon for a nude polish. Can't wait to try this new formula. :)

    1. Hi Icaria,
      Guerlain's brush is fluffier and more straight if that makes sense (have the same thickness on the neck as well as the tips) but this one is really close to YSL brush, which I really like. I am curious, let me know how you liked the formula after trying it :-*

    2. I'm so excited! Thank you so much for your post and the picture of the brushes! I LOVE YSL brushes and I love Dior formula so I'm excited about the fact that Dior improved their brushes! Yay!!

  7. I love these photos, Sara! They look gorgeous and cheerful in sunlight. :D I really like Junon the most — such an interesting color. I agree with Teri that they look better painted on your nails than in the bottle. :)

    1. Hi Jaa,
      yes Junon is the most unique shade I think, I like greys, I like blues so that one is love for me.
      I think they look nicer on the nails because of the finish, it is very shiny almost to the point being like a mirror, which makes it very pretty and lively as opposed to being dull.

  8. Hi, thank you for the great swatches. I recently discovered Dior nail polish and I'm hooked ! I mean, I have lots of Chanel shades and I love them but from what I tested so far, I think I prefer Dior....
    I think their wide rounded brush is amazing. First time I opened the bottle and saw it I was startled and thought 'how I'm I ever going to use this ???' But it turned out to be so much easier for me to apply than with many other brushes.
    I live in Tenerife at the moment and unfortunately, they don't seem to have the new Dior gel effect polishes yet ;-( CANT WAIT !!!!
    Do you know if these are limited editions or not. I will be visiting my mother in Berlin mid May so I'm hoping to get them in Germany then if they don't arrive to our little island by then. I hope I will still be able to get my hands on some.... I love them all but especially Front Row, Metal Montaigne and Junon :-)
    Can't wait for your swatches for the other shades !

    1. Hi Adikile,
      Wow! You live in Tenerife? You are so lucky! I mean people work all year to save up money to spend a week in your island :-)
      These are not limited editions, so don't worry, in the end it will reach each and every Dior counter and the older line will be replaced by this one. You selected great shades, Front Row is stunning, Metal Montaigne kills on the nails and Junon is so unique and modern. Your waiting will eventually pay off but I don't think you have to wait that long. These didn't reach all the counters in Germany yet either :-)

    2. Hi Sara, thank you so much for your answer.
      I guess I will just have to be a bit patient and wait ;-)
      Yesterday I swatched Dior Nuit 1947 at the counter and I guess it was still from the older line.
      Nevertheless it was still extremely beautiful and the formula was great. I really fell in love with it and had to show a lot of self control in order not to buy it ;-) after hearing so much good stuff about the new formula, I might as well wait for the new Nuit 1947, right ?
      What do you think? Does this make sense ? Is the new formula so much better than the older one
      ( which is pretty great too, right ? )
      Danke ;-)

  9. They are all so pretty but the one that stand out most to me is the Metal Montaigne. I super like the color and coverage. I find it classy and perfect for any occasion.


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