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I would like to share some press material for the upcoming Suqqu Autumn/Winter Collection so that we can all start making our lists. The collection is inspired from jewelry and will be released on the 21st of August in Selfridges and 28th of August in Fenwick Bondstreet, London. Fenwick is the new Suqqu Counter in London where I can't wait to visit during my next visit to London. If you are outside of London, you can order the items from Selfridges Online Store.

The theme of the new Suqqu collection is "subtle luminosity and sophisticated radiance", all of these words remind me of Suqqu so I can't wait to try their limited edition split pan eye shadow palette  Ex-21 Murasakisuishou which offers so many possible combinations. The brand also releases a new product, Eye Color Palettes with three colors combined for a wet look. They offer the most shimmery finish at the Suqqu's history so I am very excited to check these out in person. There are also semi-matte lipsticks, which sound so interesting. For more details, keep on reading.

I would also love to know about your wishlist...

Inspired by the elegance and beauty of your most treasured items of jewellery, SUQQU’s newest collection exudes subtle luminosity and sophisticated radiance.

This striking collection, presents both natural and vibrant hues that will add brilliance to any occasion. The color variations available throughout the range evoke depth of color and playfulness.

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow Ex-21 Murasakisuishou (£45)

A stunning eight-in-one treasury box creating a radiant and luminous look with each added layer. The subtle nuances, achievable through all eight colours, creates a profound yet delicate impression around the eyes.

How to use
Combine - translucent, delicate and beautiful shades are achieved by combining the two colours in each tray.
Use separately - the four colours placed on the outer rims of the palette create a refined and elegant, purple-based finish.

The four inner colours offer a classic brown-based finish.

A: Light Colour (pearly)
A translucent colour, this “wet-type” formula glides on to the skin and spreads smoothly on to the eyelid, giving a radiant shimmer. The outer purple contains silver and red lamé, while the inner gold contains silver, gold and red lamé.

B: Arrange Colour (pearly)
A glamorous and playful colour option, full of light. The pearly colour shifts at different angles, creating definition and dimension around the eyes. The eye impression will differ according to how and where you apply this colour. The “wet-type” formula, like colour A, gives a bright, radiant finish around the eyes.

C: Deep Colour (pearly)
A unique and defining colour that has both depth and translucency. The exquisite intensity gives a stronger impression around the eyes. The brown contains gold pearls, and the navy contains silver pearls, which adds an overall luminous accent.

D: Pale Colour (pearly)

The pale colour is key to creating a base that blends with the eye area and prevents dullness when eight colours are layered. The Soft Focus Powder diffuses light and covers up dullness, darkness and fine lines.

Suqqu Eye Color Palette (£35)

This glamorous yet playful eye shadow palette is made up of three complimentary colours. The easy to apply moist eye shadow glides evenly and comfortably on to the eye lids with a translucent, satin-like finish. A unique colour combination creates a luminous “wet look” whilst still radiating sophistication. The three new shades contain the highest amount of lamé in SUQQU history – a challenge that was set by the brand in order to give women of all ages the confidence to play with “wet look” shades, whilst still feeling elegant and sophisticated, and without being overpowered with glitter. After a long process of trial and error the SUQQU Eye Colour Palette was born – an exquisite balance of lamé, pearl and radiance.

01: TOUTOUSEKI — Pink & Beige [Natural Elegance]
A subtle look for natural elegance
02: KINSHISEKI — Yellow & Purple [Intelligent Femininity]
A feminine eye that’s polished and sophisticated
03: AORURI — Glow White & Deep Turquoise [Stylish Chic]
A stylish eye with refined taste and subtleness

A: Highlight (pearly)
A soft shade full of light, containing lamé that blends with the eye lid and creates a glamorous brilliance. The combination of minute pearls and pearlescent creates radiant depth, a translucent and sophisticated luminosity, and an exquisite intensity.

B: Middle (pearly)
The colour spreads evenly and softly on the eye lid, with a lightweight texture that’s easy to work. The formula combines minute pearl and lamé with a radiance that catches in the light. It is not only light, but also bright with a satin finish, creating an elegant feel and definition. Play with the colours to layer and build intensity.

C: Shade (pearly)
The creamy shade defines the contour around the eye lids, while the colour sharpens. This colour combines both depth and translucency, giving the eyes a vibrant and playful accent. Use it to line the eye, or to blend in - it can be used to create a variety of eye impressions.

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist (£27)

The Lipstick Moist collection, famed for its lip balm-like texture and moisturizing properties, now comes in a selection of new elegant colours evocative of coral and moonstone. The series’ unique moisturising quality still exists, but with a new soft colouring and a semi-matte finish/texture. The colours in the new collection give a refined and elegant look with a modern twist.


Veil Glow (Semi-matte) 

07: Sangoseki — Coral [New shade / Fresh Elegance]
A dense, red coral shade that creates a bright, fresh complexion.

08: Tougyoku — Pink [New shade / Glamorous Femininity]
A pink shade with an exquisite intensity to brighten up the complexion.

EX-15: Benikiseki — Red [Seasonal limited edition new shade / Refined Sophistication]
A red lipstick that achieves a refined and polished look.

Regular Glow

09: Zakuroseki — Rose Pink [New shade / Conservative Sensuality]
An opaque, radiant rose pink shade.

Introducing the new veil-glow version - a new type of radiance
The formula retains the internal moist feel that is characteristic of the Moist Series, and gives a semi-matte finish. The Moisture Matte Complex formula enables a skin-fitting sensation without compromising on colour. The Moist Series’ unique feel repairs dryness and signs of ageing with a single application.

Other Items

Suqqu Creamy Eye Liner Ex-03 in Ruby Navy (£28)

This pearly, cream-like eyeliner in an exquisite navy hue, adds definition around the eyes whilst exuding depth, softness and intensity. The waterproof formula ensures a consistent, beautiful, thin line from one end of the eye to the other, and will last all day long.

Suqqu Nail Colors (£18)

These two colours will brighten up your hands during the autumn and winter season, which often tends to have a melancholy feel. Achieve a certain translucency and radiance that creates luminous fingertips that seem to attract light with a single coat.

EX-07: Nanairoseki (Lame) [Refined Glamour] — An aurora-like lamé nail colour that resembles scattered gems. This sophisticated lamé has a refined glamour that will surely stand out amongst the crowd.

EX-08: Kouseki - Ruby Pink [Cool Femininity] A beautiful hue that has the depth and translucency of rubies. A glamorous colour that is both impressive and sophisticated.



  1. Thanks for this it's great to see a detailed description of the Fall collection. I know I will personally stay up all night refreshing the Suqqu page at Selfridges on Aug. 21st. Great to see they are in Fenwicks! I love that store, we used to live in the UK and I would go there often. Which products from Suqqu Fall 2014 are you eyeing Sara?

    1. I will check the online store too but i am fortunate enough to have a friend in London who is going to help me get some of the items. I am eyeing the quad, one of the semi matte lippies and I would like to definitely try the new blinky trios :-) I am curious about how blinky and yet wearable they are. Suqqu always manages to make everything elegant. What will you be getting?

    2. How lucky!! Definitely getting ex-21 and No. 2 in the eyeshadow trio. I agree, Suqqu is quite elegant and sophisticated. Looking forward to your thoughts on the collection!

  2. How come I don't know this brand? Am I an idiot for not knowing this brand? The collection looks wonderful though.

    1. LOL, don't worry, Suqqu was very exclusive and hard to get so it is natural you didn't know them Now the brand is available over Selfridges online shop in case you would like to try out.

  3. Great post, Sara! Oh I would LOVE to try Suqqu makeup but their prices are way out of my range. -__-" I can only admire from afar haha.

    1. Hi Jaa,
      do you mean with shipping? Because the prices are not different than brands such as Dior/Chanel and if you live in US, they deduce the tax, which in the end compensates the shipping. Just saying ;-))


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