Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #17 Yomogiiro for Spring 2014, FOTD, Swatch & Review

As far as my Japanese research went, Yomogi means mugwort and ori is color. Please correct me if I am wrong but hey, look at that one, this green, it tells me that I might be right.

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #17 Yomogiiro

Number 17 Yomogiiro is one of the three palettes which is released for this spring and going to join Suqqu's permanent line. I reviewed #16 Hanashuobo previously, which is another one with purple theme after Japanese Water Iris, as its name suggests. Yomogiiro combines tan brown with mossy green and throws in an interesting light lavender in there.

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #17 Yomogiiro

The textures in this palette are close to Hanashuobo's, under day light they are mostly satin with very subtle shimmer but with yellowish artificial life they have a beautiful multidimensional sheen.  Bottom right of Suqqu's quads have the base color, to apply all over the lid. With these quads, Suqqu reformulated them and made them less powdery, more silky. One more thing to note is that they were previously matte and now they are shimmery. It all depends on your choices I guess, but I rarely use base eye shadow to make a full on color application possible, so I can't comment on how well these perform. I have to note though, being semi sheer, they don't effect the application afterwards in an undesired way.

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #17 Yomogiiro

I took a photo outdoor and indoors to give you some idea about the textures and shimmer. 

Upper left: Very pale lavender. I swear I am seeing much blue in that. On some skin tones this might pull pink but on me everything pulls berry.

Upper right: Appears like a antique gold in the pan but once swatched it is a cooler brown base with golden shimmer. Finish is satin, shimmer comes to life under artificial light.

Bottom left: A beautiful forest green with golden shimmer, which makes it appear more yellow toned under artificial light, like moss green. Finish is similar to the brown shade.

Botton right: Pale ivory with semi opaque finish, aimed to be the base color.

Outdoor swatch: Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #17 Yomogiiro
Indoor-swatch: Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #17 Yomogiiro

Below I used the pale lavender on the inner corner until the mid lid, then blended that one with the green which I applied starting from two third of the lid outwards. I then layered the brown on the green on the crease for a soft definition. As you see close to the lash line on inner corner there appeared a lighter shade of green, which is the result of lavender and green layering beautifully. Yomogiiro gives a soft green smoky eye, nothing very dramatic but pretty.

In-action: Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #17 Yomogiiro

Here is FOTD with Yomogiiro, used also new blush duo from this collection called Momoshiuro on the cheeks and Giorgio Armani Sheers #314 Delirium (reviewed here) on the lips.

FOTD with Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #17 Yomogiiro

Final thoughts: Suqqu's Spring launches are everyday wearable palettes, Yomogiiro is no exception. If you like green eyes, softly defined looks with a twist (lavender in there) and a palette with good longevity and great consistency, you need Yomogiiro. If you are after something creative for a dramatic eye, this might not be for you, at least not without a black/dark base.

I purchased this one from Ichibankao, it should also be available in Selfridges shortly. It is not limited edition.

What do you think about dramatic eye looks for spring? No way?



  1. Love dramatic eyes any season and love this quad on you! :)

  2. I think this one is very pretty-I think it is more interesting than the purple quad-am now eagerly waiting for your review of the last Suqqu spring quad:)

  3. The colour combo reminds me of Dior Trianon but this looks so much better. The green is absolutely breathtaking! Love the look you did here too, Sara :-)

  4. I didn't realize there's lavender in that palette! But it looks like the sort of shade that just turns chalky white on me... can't say i'm very excited by this season's offerings to the relief of my wallet!

  5. Wow it's beautiful. Could you possibly do a swatch comparison with Hisuidama? Thanks!

  6. You are so very lucky to have gotten your hands on some Suqqu products :) I've been obsessed over getting their brushes ever since I saw the great Lisa Eldridge use it in her videos :)

    Great blog!

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  7. This is so pretty. I love the color combos and it looks great on you. You look stunning. This is the eye makeup that I usually prefer for its light and natural which is perfect for everyday wear.

  8. mybeautyblog/AndreeaFebruary 23, 2015 at 4:02 PM

    I have it and I love it! It looks effortless and sophisticated, very natural but not boring. And it does not fade... But it was expensive, when I think of the shipping. Will get me some other itmes later though! The Frame Fix Foundation ist also great it seems.

  9. No Andreea,
    you fell into Suqqu hole, it will be expensive hahaha
    The light reflection properties and how long lasting it is... There is no other eye shadow like that in my opinion.


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