Dior Vernis #777 Bloom and #187 Perle from Trianon Collection for Spring 2014, Swatch & Comparison

One of the highlights of Dior's Spring Collection Trianon must be the nail polishes. There are six different nail polishes released around the globe, four of which are available in Europe. I have reviewed two of the available shades, #457 Bouquet and #204 Porcelaine. With the unique color of Porcelaine and perfect formula of Bouquet, both have been hits for me. Today I would like to talk about the other two shades I picked.

Dior Vernis #777 Bloom and #187 Perle from Trianon Collection

Dior Vernis Trianon Edition #187 Perle is a frosty, almost matte top coat with a very beautiful multi dimentional, multi colored shimmer. Dior Vernis #777 Bloom is a vibrant fuchsia creme for those of you who find pastels rather boring.

Dior Vernis #777 Bloom and #187 Perle from Trianon Collection

I would like to start by apologizing for the state of my cuticles, lol. Please concentrate on the shades instead ;-) Dior Vernis #777 Bloom has the best of Dior's formula. It has a slightly jelly character to it but by two coats it was opaque on my nails. It is a vivid cheerful shade for spring and summer.

Dior Vernis #777 Bloom without flash

Depending on the light, Bloom may look cooler or warmer. Below you can see it looking a bit cooler with flash.

Dior Vernis #777 Bloom with flash

Bloom has a pretty shade but most of us have similar ones in our stash, I took out a few for comparison.

Dior Vernis #777 Bloom and similar shades from my stash

Chanel #339 Cassis is darker, more blue based and more muted. Tom Ford #06 Indian Pink and Chanel #111 Boa are redder. Spring 2014 shade of Givenchy Rose Addiction (reviewed here) is lighter and slightly redder. Dior's Summer shade from last year #678 Creoles (reviewed here) is darker and brighter. Dior Plaza and Chanel Splendeur pull warmer (redder). Chanel #74 Kabuki (discontinued) is darker and cooler. Illamasqua Obsess is much more blue based.

I couldn't find an exact dupe for Dior Vernis #777 Bloom but some of the following shades were very close: Dior #678 Creoles, Dior #579 Plaza, Chanel #111 Boa. If you have any of these, you may want to shop your stash first.

Nail wheel swatches, Dior Vernis #777 Bloom and similar shades

Dior Vernis #187 Perle is more of a top coat and sheer on its own so I didn't want to insist on building it up on all my nails and use up half of the bottle. Instead, below you can see it alone on my pinky and applied on other shades of Dior's Spring collection, like #777 Bloom, #204 Porcelaine, #457 Bouquet on the second picture. First picture has two coats of each, second picture shows three coats of Perle alone and one coat applied over two coats of each nail polish.

Dior Vernis #777 Bloom, #187 Perle, #457 Bouquet and #204 Porcelaine from Trianon Collection
Dior Vernis #777 Bloom,#457 Bouquet and #204 Porcelaine (two coats each + one coat #187 Perle)

Below I added one more layer of Perle on each, so that Perle alone had four coats (you can still see the nail line!) and two coats over two coats of each other polish. I found out that the difference between applying one coat or two coat doesn't really make a big difference in terms of the finish but it takes forever to dry. So lessons learned: One coat of Perle over two coats of the polish of your choice is enough to get the most of the pretty effect.

Dior Vernis #777 Bloom,#457 Bouquet and #204 Porcelaine (two coats each + two coats #187 Perle)

Final thoughts: Dior Vernis #777 Bloom is for those who would like something more vibrant for Spring. It is pretty and has a very nice formula but not that unique to my stash. Perle, on the other hand, is more interesting. It adds an oomph to your polishes and looks especially nice on pastels. I can't wait to wear it on Porcelaine this spring. Love it!

On a side note as once requested, you can now see my nail polish stash by checking out tab "Stash" on the top of the page if you are interested. Some lines are completely missing though, like OPI and YSL. I will try to update and add these soon.

Which Spring polishes are on your radar?


  1. Hey Sara, I already have Plaza so I will most probably skip Bloom. Perle however, has been on my mind! I don't wear pastels much and I almost never use any special effect top coat, but Perle really gives pastel shades that frosted candy look that I find adorable!

  2. Oooh Bloom is just lovely! The others are not my kind of colors but I love the effect of Perle and might go for that one to layer over other colors.

  3. Omg!!! The bloom one is so pretty. I super love the color for its not too light and not too dark. i think its perfect for everyday wear. Love it!

  4. I love them all! haha, this is going to hurt my wallet.
    Great swatches Sara, and what a comparison! Thanks to it I decided I need bloom. So I'd probably settle with bloom and porcelaine.
    Your blog is the ultimate colour encyclopedia for makeup junkies.
    And the search tool is back!!!! wohoo!

  5. I have to get me som perle:) Bloom is the least unique shade of the collection I suppose - but your stash pic made me smile to think of it.

  6. I tried them and fell in love with the bright cremes (perfect application and super glossy)...I tried Perlé just on its own, but I agree on the fact that it's more pretty as a top coat :) thanks for the useful comparisons!!

  7. I am beginning to mind the absence of accents on French words on beauty blogs. On one hand, the review never appears completely achieved to me, without the orthography. On the other hand, it changes the meaning of the word (which I mind a bit more); for example, Perle and Perlé do not share the same meaning: Perle means Pearl and is a noun, Perlé is an adjective.

  8. Bloom looks close to Creoles but it's not ;) Creoles is warmer.. I have both in my salon and Bloom looks little cool (a few clients described it "purple-ish"), Creoles seems to be more versatile it seems :)
    Creoles has a FANTASTIC formula as well
    I don't have Plaza though, so I can't compare.


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