Caught In Action: Burberry Complete Eye Palette #15 Sage Green from Spring 2014 Collection

A few days ago I posted my first impressions, swatches and comparisons of one of the two new Burberry Quads here. For a complete review, I would like to wait to play around with it. This week I used it two times, and here is what I think...

Burberry Complete Eye Palette #15 Sage Green

As I mentioned earlier, the darkest color in the quad, which is a bronze brown is almost as light as Pale Barley. I am telling it for reference here because many of you own PB and you can tell how much it shows on your lids. I was a little let down by the fact it was very soft because there were no shades to define an eye look, unless i would combine it with another palette.

I was very happy with the ivory (up most) and vivid grass green (bottom most) shades. They are indeed very pigmented. Bottom most grass green shade is very interesting. I would buy it if it would be a single. The only problem with these two shades are that they are like half the size of the other two "not that pigmented" shades. Green in the middle is rather muddy and the color pay off of bronze shade could be better.

For the following look I used the ivory in the inner corner, bronze and green on the lid, tried to define the look with bronze, didn't really work though. Then I added the grass green shade to the bottom and to the mid of the lid extending it outwards. It gave me a soft springy eye without being too pastel (which is a good thing since pastels may wash me out).

In-Action: Burberry Complete Eye Palette #15 Sage Green on eyes

I tried those shades with Dior Backstage Primer (yet to be reviewed) and Nars Pro-prime. With Nars Pro-prime it worked better but I experienced some fading throughout the day. I know many of you reported that Burberry shades wear especially well on oily lids but for my rather dry lids, it does somehow "fade". At the end of the day, (about 10 hours later) the shades look even softer. In this case it is a concern because they are anyway very soft to start with. I know other formulas which work better on my skin (like Suqqu). Here is the complete look.

FOTD: Burberry Complete Eye Palette #15 Sage Green on eyes

All in all I am a little torn. I would like to love this one and I do like the soft but colorful look it gives but I find the middle two shades lacking some pigmentation. As for the formula, I still prefer Burberry singles over their quads. I think it is a nice quad though, but maybe not "Complete" as the name suggests as I'd rather need another shade to define the look.

Also check out Jenny's review of the pink quad #10 Rose Pink here. She also has similar feelings about hers. I am not sure if those are limited edition or intended to be added to the permanent line. I purchased mine at Burberry German Website (which is a German version of their Website in UK and everything is sent from there).



  1. Oh wow! You've made the grass green work beautifuly on you! I've read mixed reviews about their quads but there seems to be a general consensus about the singles being what to go for with Burberry. :)

    1. Hi Icaria,
      yes it may seem like quad is a good deal in terms of value, in the end I found myself using one shade I like more than the quads, since quads usually have some pigmentation issues. Lately I was at the Burberry counter and set my eyes on a few items, such as their Lavender eye shadow, which might be perfect for Spring :-) I am also thinking about gold and nude radiance...

  2. Oh Sara, does the shop accept returns? If you're unsure about it, then why not get something else? We don't have any return policies here, and we have to live with it, and that's why I usually hold back on a lot of things I'm unsure of. It's a really pretty soft look though :-)

    1. Hi Lily,
      I just checked Burberry europe website (this is where I ordered this). Unfortunately for cosmetics they don't accept return once you use it. If they would accept, I don't know if I would send it back though. The look is muted but I like it overall :-)

  3. Looks pretty on you-but I agree it does lack a certain oomph!-Burberry collections have been hit or miss lately!

    1. Yes, summer collection (appearing in fall) was like what? No one understood that one I guess, lol. I am loving their nail polishes though, big crash, want them all!

  4. I was so excited when I first saw this collection that I was trying to figure out who I could go to in order to use their shipping address, since Burberry won't ship directly to me. Seeing this (and Jenny's review of the Rose palette), I'm kind of glad I held off. I know that Burberry is about natural, but I wanted that grass green to have a little more "oomph". It's a lovely look on you, just not what I was expecting from the photos.

    I think I can approximate it with the two green shades from Armani's Medusa palette (which is itself softer than I thought it would be) + Pale Barley + an ivory highlight (Mac Manila Paper comes to mind). Money saved, I guess.

    What is the lipstick that you're wearing, by the way? It's beautiful on you!

    1. Hi Kate,
      yes I was so excited too so I went ahead and ordered it from UK Burberry Online and paid huge amount of shipping. Wish I had waited for my local counter and swatched them first *sigh*
      Yes Medusa Palette, that one is much lovelier and I agree with you it is on the border light for me too. You can tell I like it smokey! ;-)
      Lipstick is Rouge Coco Dedicace which I am loving at the moment, together with Triomphe. Thanks very much for your kind words!

  5. the palette and swatches are pretty. perhaps use it wet?


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