Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in #26 Shameless, #27 Trophy Wife Swatch & Comparison

It is this time of the year. There are reds, reds and more reds. Then some golds and reds again. So it is not surprising that today's post is about reds. Reds on your finger tips.

Tom Ford reds together with other reds from my stash

Recently Tom Ford released two new nail polishes. #26 Shameless is what you would call classical Hollywood Red. It is a mid toned red, which is a little on the warm side. Application is flawless, great consistency, needed two coats for full opacity. 

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in #28 Shameless,

The phrase "Trophy Wife" must have been given a prize for "mostly used nail polish name". (China Glaze, Essie, now Tom Ford). Do you also have the same feeling?

Trophy Wife of Tom Ford is a polish that I made me gasp after the first brush stroke. The fuchsia sheen in the bottle transfers on to the nails as a gorgeous dimension. It has perfect formula, which covers the nails in one coat. Below I used two coats just to intensify the color a little. I remembered of my first encounter with Chanel's Rouge Carat, which is still one of my absolute favorite reds to date. Trophy Wife has definitely potential to become one too.  

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in #27 Trophy Wife

I pulled out some reds to check out if I had something close to these, close being meant in a beauty blogger way (everything which are subtly different can be justified to have a place in the stash)

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in #28 Shameless, #27 Trophy Wife and similar reds from my stash

Chanel #595 Rouge Moire is leaning very plum, #541 Tentation is very pink once compared to Trophy Wife. Chanel #587 Rouge Carat is fairly close but a tad darker and warmer.

I was thinking Chanel #581 would be close to Tom Ford Shameless but Shameless turned out to be darker. Chanel #475 Dragon and Dior #999 Rouge are also lighter and a little cooler. Chanel #08 has jelly consistency and is cooler and lighter too. I added the reds of Tom Ford from their permanent collection to see how they relate to the new shades. Tom Ford #15 Smoke Red is more blue based and therefore cooler. As we have seen earlier, Chanel Rouge Rubis and Tom Ford Carnal Red are close in shade but these two are more vibrant once compared to the rest of the bunch.

Nail wheel comparison of Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in #28 Shameless, #27 Trophy Wife with other reds

Final thoughts: Two lovely reds from Tom Ford if you are in search for one this holiday season. Both have great formula but to me Trophy Wife stands out by its beautiful fuchsia sheen and perfect opacity by one coat. 

Do you have place for any other reds in your stash or are you bored of them?



  1. Both of these are gorgeous! Thanks for the comparison as well, Sara!

    1. Hi Sunny,
      you're welcome. You are the one who look stunning in red. I envy that so much :-*

  2. Thanks for the swatches!! Long time. I been sick :( still reading your posts tho <3

    I have all of the chanel reds you mentioned except Dragon and I still have yet to wear Cinema, Pirate and Rouge Rubis. Reds just don't excite me I guess. I still have not wore YSL #1 yet as well and a few DL reds.

    1. Sorry to hear that you were sick, I hope you feel better now...

      I know, I also buy these, then I am like "let e wear blue today", next day is like "let me wear green", it goes on nude, gold, vamp, black. It seems this list very rarely comes to red. I like deeper reds though, like Rouge Noire or Malice.

  3. Wooooow holy sea of beautiful reds!!!!! I've yet to try TF polish...what's the brush like?

    1. Hi Gummy,

      brush is like the one of Chanel, rather thin but easy to work with.
      It is really a sea of reds. Although I don't wear reds very frequently, there is something hard to resist about them :-)

  4. Trophy Wife is just lush, you have such a great collection of nail polish!

    1. Hi Clare,
      yes I love Trophy Wife too, so pretty...
      Thanks *blushes* have been sometime since I started collecting.

  5. :O at that collection of REDS - um, didn't know you had the RED SEA over there in your place, Sara! :)
    Trophy Wife looks like Rouge Rubis but I'm not so sure! It's a pretty jelly-looking red like RR though. Also may I ask how different is the TF formula to Chanel, Dior? :)

    1. Hi Shari,
      TF formula depends on the polish. Sometimes it may be not that great but both of these polishes have very good formula. I would say they are both at least as good as Chanel's fomula, which I think also improved last year.
      Yes, lol sea of reds. Wished that would be it. I have sea of each and every shade lol.

  6. Love your blog, Sara! Such a beautiful reds:)


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