Giorgio Armani #302 Clash, #303 Dazzling, #505 Eccentrico Nail Polishes Swatches & Comparison from Eccentrico Collection for Holiday 2013

Today I have some eye/nail candies to share with you. The nail polishes from Giorgio Armani's Holiday Collection, Eccentrico. These are dazzling, clashing and definitely eccentric for holiday season, so the names are just right, let me introduce you to Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer in #302 Clash, #303 Dazzling and #505 Eccentrico.

Giorgio Armani #302 Clash, #303 Dazzling, #505 Eccentrico Nail Polishes

Before I start with the swatches, I would like to apologize for some blurriness going on in there. Mind you I have made hundreds of photos, each of them turned out to be that way. Apparently my photography skills are not good enough to work with crazy brights. Have any tips for the next photo shoot? Please leave a comment below...

I would like to start with #302 Clash, a very bright apricot orange. This one is basically glowing. I don't know if it is neon, maybe not that but very close. The consistency is rather thick, but I find it good for a bright creme. With the first coat Clash is a little streaky but the second coat evens it out. I used two coat for the photo below.

Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer #302 Clash 

Next comes #303 Dazzling. After the crazy orange Clash, this bright orange leaning coral looks more wearable but don't be fooled by its appearance. On the nails this is also very funky, brighter than all of my other corals. Consistency of Dazzling was perfect, no streakiness, almost opaque in one coat but I used two for the photo below.

Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer #303 Dazzling

Crazy orange, bright coral, what else would you like? Maybe a funky pink? There you got it. On the nails #505 Eccentrico is the brightest blue based pink of them all. Perfect consistency, no streakiness, almost opaque with one coat. Below I used two coats and loved how it looked against the blue sky.

Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer #505 Eccentrico

I was very excited to check out my collection to find out any similar shades. I started by checking the summer collections... Dior, Chanel, were they bright enough?

Stash comparison: Giorgio Armani #302 Clash, #303 Dazzling, #505 Eccentrico Nail Polishes

I picked up two to three closest shades and put them all together for a group photo. Doesn't they look so playful?

Comparison with close high end shades, Giorgio Armani #302 Clash, #303 Dazzling, #505 Eccentrico Nail Polishes

Below you can see all of the closest shades together. Armani #302 Clash is closest to June from the Chanel's I own, which is paler and more subdued. Dior #438 comes close but is more yellow. Armani #303 Dazzling is more orange than Riviera #537 from Dior. Chanel #617 Holiday is close to Dazzling but a little more red and darker. Armani #505 Eccentrico is closes to Chanel #489 Rose Insolent, which is more blue based and a little darker. Chanel #571 Fracas comes close to Eccentrico but slightly warmer.

Nail Wheel Comparison: Giorgio Armani #302 Clash, #303 Dazzling, #505 Eccentrico Nail Polishes

Below I swatches closest shades on the nails to give a better idea. Dior Mango from 2013 Cruise Collection leans more yellow. I find Armani Clash to be more flattering than Mango, so if you missed that one and if you are into oranges, you may want to check Clash out.

Giorgio Armani #302 Clash vs. Dior #439 Mango Nail Polishes

Armani Dazzling is close to Chanel Holiday, which is a tad darker. On the nails Dazzling glows and next to it Holiday, although bright, looks rather understated.

Giorgio Armani #303 Dazzling vs. Chanel #617 Holiday Nail Polishes

Armani Eccentrico is close to Chanel Fracas from 2013 Spring Collection. Eccentrico is a tad more blue based and again brighter once compared.

Giorgio Armani #505 Eccentrico vs. Chanel #571 Fracas Nail Polishes

Final thoughts: They are bright, they are loud. I don't know if I would be brave enough to wear them during winter but I know I can't wait until summer. Either way I am planning to mix&match these candies with the equally flashy Armani Maestro Lipsticks from the same collection, which I also picked up and have been loving since then.

Would you wear bright corals, pinks oranges during holidays and winter?



  1. As gorgeous as these are I live in Canada and so they would clearly clash with my current wardrobe. I'm sure they would work fine if I were to spend my winter on the Côte d'Azur but even so, I'm not sure I would go so bright. :)

    1. Hi Icaria,
      believe me Germany is no different. Started getting really chilly since a few days. Those colors need a little bit of sun shine but maybe I can wear one or the other if I feel too depressed during a long and dark winter day ;-)

  2. I like Dazzling and Eccentrico, but it looks like I've got near-dupes already! Not sure the red cap works well here: I really only like the red packaging of Rouge Ecstasy ;)

    1. Yes, I agree with you on the red cap, it clashes with the colors here but I think the whole idea is bright colors clashing with each other so maybe they did it on purpose ;-)

  3. First, let me say - beautiful swatches! Gosh, the nail wheel photo with the beautiful cloudy background is just lovely! Also, I love the shape of your nails, sara! Nail envy right here!

    Eccentrico and Dazzling are on my list for beach-ready summer nails! They are quite similar to Fracas and Holiday respectively though so I'm not sure I'll be picking those up. And I'm not quite sure about the packaging - it looks.. too minimal? Also, my obsessive compulsive self is not liking the shape LOL! I want squares, dammit. Hahaha!!

    1. Hi Sharina,
      thanks so much, another very lovely comment from you. the blue sky seen through the clouds is not very common here these days, so I also loved to see it showing itself i one of my pictures so nicely.
      I totally understand you liking the nail polish packages with edges. the same here! And it is hard to picture these because they don't stand still LOL.

  4. Definitely not for me. Too, what's the word I want--neon? Bright? Eccentric? (Pun intended) I can see how you would love them--they are certainly you, Sara :) and I do see them as more of a spring or summer collection than a winter one. I think that was the point of the whole collection in the first place--unexpectedly, clashing, vivid colors. Awesome post and swatches as usual!

    1. LOL, Jenny, believe me I don't have the courage to go that bright during winter yet. Those re even too bright for me ;-) And also, I love rather vamps, like dark polishes which I can't wear that much during spring and summer so I'd rather enjoy that time of the year with my favorites :-)

  5. I love both the Armanis and the Chanels, especially the pinks and the corals and your photographs are lovely! I live in Canada and would definitely wear these no matter the season. I have been reading your posts since I discovered your amazing post on red nail polishes, Chanel Cinema & Fifty Shades of Red - best post I've ever read on nail polish... ever!

  6. Hi Fifi,
    thanks so much, it was the beginning of blogging with 50 shades of red and I was trying to be creative. I am glad that you liked it. I like fun posts too but unfortunately not many liked it all so much so I stopped doing it.


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