Le Métier de Beauté Carnaby Street Kaleidoscope Eye Kit, Review & Swatches

I am back! *trumpets*

At least I am slowly getting back to life after an extraordinarily nice trip to Berlin and a terrible time driving back by car. Usually I love driving over untouched landscape of Thüringer Forests offering many shades of green and autumn insprations but this time around it was one traffic jam after another. It took us almost 10 hours to get here for only 630 km. Anyway for our time in Berlin was totally worth it!

I prepared some posts before going and thought I would have time to publish them while I am there but it turns out there were better things to do *winks*. Today I would like to show you this little beauty that I am enjoying for a few weeks now, Carnaby Street Kaleidoscope from Le Métier de Beauté, take a look...

Le Métier de Beauté Carnaby Street Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

It is almost always tricky seeing how the shades cooperate since they cannot be captured altogether. Below I tried to form a traditional quad for you to see how unusual and pretty the color combination is.

Le Métier de Beauté Carnaby Street Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

The shades can be described in the following way:
  • Cameo (Tier #1): Soft peachy pink with satin finish
  • Anorak (Tier #2): Mid-toned khaki leaning taupe with multi colored shimmer.
  • Jackie (Tier #3): Light mauve with matte finish
  • Dandy (Tier #4): Deep blue with lighter blue shimmer
I also layered all of these together to show you the resulting effect once used as Le Metier prefers by applying it with their signature "couches de couleur" technique. 

Swatch under direct sun light: Le Métier de Beauté Carnaby Street Kaleidoscope

I have to admit I like stronger eye looks but this one is too pretty to pass. It gives the softest, most subtle smokey eye ever and it is hard to over do it. I imagine ladies among you with lighter skin tones rocking this quad even more.

Below I used Tier #2 on inner corner, Tier #4 on the crease and Tier #3 on the mid of the lid for a twist. Who says you can't use matte for an accent? I used Tier #1 to blend that a little on the edges. I hope you like the resulting look. It was looking much better in real life but usually it is hard to capture subtle beauties than the louder ones.

In-action: Le Métier de Beauté Carnaby Street Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

Also check out Jenny's post for beautiful photos and Sabrina's post for comparisons to other Kaleidoscopes. Le Métier de Beauté Carnaby Street is still in stock at Neiman Marcus online.

Final thoughts: If you are searching for a subtle smokey eye look for everyday and a little bit of a twist to that one, be sure to check this one out.

Totally unrelated, how bad was the worst traffic jam you had to drive through. What have you done to kill time? I seriously started thinking to apply a nice eye makeup during driving, wouldn't that be cool? ;-)



  1. Sara - You always combine the greatest eye looks. They are very inspiring, even if I'm not picking up this kaleidoscope or the quad you happen to be reviewing. Have you done anything *new" with the Chanel Mystere quad? If so I'd LOVE to see the look...hint hint... : )
    Worst traffic jam, too many to recall the specifics but I always seem to get stuck in one on my annual trek from Illinois to Florida in December. Last year I think we drove about 5 miles in 2 hours...that was fun! Take care

    1. Hi,
      what you write is so sweet, thank you.
      I have a few looks with Mystere, I posted two of them I suppose, one with Mystere post and the other one on Chanel creme blush post, if you would like to check out.

  2. Maaan THAT SECOND TIER! Kinda think it's worth it just for that one shade!

    So sorry to hear about the traffic jam! I'd probably listen to the radio and sing along ;)

    1. Sing along! Yes I do that pretty often.
      But this time we were stuch in the middle of no where and there were no radio stations available. Ugh :-(

      Yes that 2nd Tier is so pretty.

  3. I know you like bolder looks, Sara, but wow--Carnaby makes your eyes just pop! They look even more beautiful if that's possible. And I love the shot you made of all four tiers together!!!

  4. Probably the best Carnaby Street swatch and EOTD I've seen anywhere. Beautiful blend of colors and they suit your skintone and eye color sooo fantastically. You are THEE EYESHADOW QUEEN for me!


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