Dior Vernis #501 Caprice, Backstage Studio Exclusive

Here comes a bit of an unusual post. I would like to talk about a nail polish I enjoyed wearing very much during this weekend when I was visiting Greek Islands Symi and Rhodes. This part may not sound so unusual but since I am not carrying my stash with me around the world, I find another way to show you the color or in others words to compare it with "something" and this approach was rather new to me. 

Dior Vernis #501 Caprice

Dior Vernis #501 Caprice is one of the four Backstage Studio Exclusive shades and was sold out in Hong Kong. I found it from eBay for a rather reasonable price and went for it. Other shades are #801 Malice, #258 Rosalba and #398 Froufrou, the latter two were also Japan Exclusives for Spring 2012. Caprice is a beautiful bright yellowish green with subtle shimmer in the bottle but goes with creme finish on the nails. I really liked the formula and the consistency but it was a little sheer after the second coat so I opted for three. I believe some of you may also like to go for two. 

Dior Vernis #501 Caprice in shadow

Dior Caprice may remind you of #602 Lime from last year's Cruise Collection. Since I don't have this shade with me, I can't compare but I can tell you easily that Caprice has more yellow inside (thus Lime is greener). I was trying to find a way to be able to compare Caprice, with something, to give you an idea of the shade, so I looked around. All I have seen were some delicious fresh fruits so I decided to give it a try...

Comparison #1: Caprice vs. Green Apple

Dior Vernis #501 Caprice and a Green Apple 

I thought Caprice would be very similar to a green apple but it turns out it is more green, less yellow once compared. Thanks to the hotel breakfast buffet in Rhodes for sponsoring this valuable comparison. *big grin* One should always give credits!

Comparison #2: Caprice vs. Kiwi Juice

Dior Vernis #501 Caprice and Kiwi Juice

Kiwi Juice is almost on the spot! Once the seeds are ignored, the base color is almost the same. By the way Kiwi Juice was delicious and this time around it was not sponsored, but the view, it was priceless. Thanks to island of Symi for the inspiration.

Final thoughts: Love Dior Vernis #502 in Caprice for my prolonged summer. You may still hunt this one down in eBay if you are lucky or maybe it ends up as an exclusive shade, like Froufrou from the same collection appeared a few months ago as Sephore Exclusive (names as Lilac Colorvision) so keep your eyes open and keep checking if you would like one.

Do you also compare your nail polish shades with fruits, flowers or the like? Would you wear such a bright yellow kiwi green?


  1. OOOO I love the pics! Caprice seems like an ultra fun shade! I'm curious about how such a shade will look on my skin tone. Maybe I just have to swatch a similar one and see if I'm repulsed or otherwise LOL

    1. Hi Sunny,
      yes it is so fun and summery. There were times (not so long ago) that I couldn't wear certain greens and almost no yellows. Now I discovered I like yellowish greens! :-) Therefore I knew I would love that one before I ordered sigh unseen. You should try a close shade too!

  2. Gah, I love this. Looks lovely, I'd wear this in a heartbeat

    1. I am so glad that you are also so crazy with nail polish as I am ;-)


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