Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush #86 Discretion vs. #44 Narcisse

A few days ago I have shown you two Joues Contraste Powder Blushes which Chanel is about to release. After coming back home (home sweet home, the roof over my precious stash ;-) ) I went through my Chanel JC collection. I was almost about to write that I haven't found anything similar, until I opened a new package which just arrived and inside found this...

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush #86 Discretion (right) vs. #44 Narcisse (left)

A few weeks ago, Belly from Wondegondigo showed us that discontinued Chanel blush, which was looking so stunning on her. On that very day, I have seen that someone was offering one on a German swapping website and got hold of it. I was so excited to try it out but at the same time I was on holiday, so had to wait until I was back. So here I got it, at the same time as #86 Discretion, I also present you #44 Narcisse.

Now comes the interesting part, can you mark the differences?

Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush #86 Discretion vs. #44 Narcisse

Here are the differences I can see:
  • Hair of the brushes are different, can the right one be real hair?
  • Left brush has the logo, right brush has brand name written on it and it is written in white.
Other than these two, I was unable to point out any other difference so I decided to swatch them...

Swatch under direct sun light: Chanel Joues Contraste #86 Discretion vs. #44 Narcisse

After looking at them side by side under different light conditions, here is by observation:
  • #44 Narcisse leans very slightly cooler (more blue) and therefore #86 Discretion is slightly more peachy and warmer.
  • #86 Discretion has very tiny pink sparkles in the pan which transfers like a subtle glow on the cheeks and the formula is just so slightly less powdery.

Swatch in shadow: Chanel Joues Contraste #86 Discretion vs. #44 Narcisse

Final thoughts: If you have Narcisse, I don't think you need #86 Discretion. If you always wanted to get hold of Narcisse, I can recommend #86 Discretion, better formula and slightly more peachy which would look good on light to light medium complexions, even if you are slightly warmer.

Do you think these are dupes or different enough to own both?



  1. These are so very close! Thanks for this great comparison. Both are lovely pale shades and they show up nicely on your arm, too. Is Discretion also a baked formula?

    1. I reviewed it so that you don't have to drool on the new JCs during your no-buy since you already own Narcisse ;-)
      Both of mine are baked formula. I don't have problem with this one as a blush, though, I don't see the point as I never applied blushes wet before. I am sure they will release the powder formula in US:

  2. They look rather similar, just that one is peachier like you mentioned. I have Narcisse so I guess I would pass on this.. more money for polishes! ;D

    1. Yes polishes yay! Are you eyeing anything recently?

  3. Oh I missed Narcisse, so this would be great. Oh boy, I'm a sucker for Chanel blushes... or blushes in general.

  4. hello, I bought narcisse 44, but discontinued. then to 86 I can replace discretion.


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