Dior 3 Couleurs Glow #751 Silver Glow Eye Shadow Palette from Fall 2013 Mystic Metallics Collection Review&Swatches

Dior's Mystic Metallics Collection for this Fall must have been one of their most successful collections of the last years. Two of the eye shadows, Bonne Etoile (reviewed here) and Constellation (reviewed here) were among mostly reviewed products in beauty blogosphere. There was also a lot of curiosity for their newly released mouse/creme eye shadow line, Diorshow Fusion Monos (reviewed here). Among all the enthusiasm, I found that one eye product was almost forgotten about, Dior 3 Couleurs Glow #751 Silver Glow Eye Shadow Palette.

Dior 3 Couleurs Glow #751 Silver Glow Eye Shadow Palette

I have seen it the day I purchased Diorshow Fusion Monos but I was first able to resist. Later on curiosity got the better of me and I craved for the light and pretty taupe I swatched that day at the counter. I haven't tried any of their Glow Trios and I found this one worth splurging since the existing ones were either too warm (#651 Nude) or too light (#551 Ivory) for my taste. Like Smokey Trios, the packaging of Glow Trios of Dior has an interesting mechanism, by sliding the top cover parallel to the surface, the mirror springs open and the eye shadows come to surface.

Dior 3 Couleurs Glow #751 Silver Glow Eye Shadow Palette

Silver Glow Trio, similar to other glow trios, consist of one eye shadow base shade (upper left), one glittery highlight shade (upper light) and one liner shade (bottom).  The top two shades appear almost identical in the pan but they differ in texture. This concept is similar to the new trios of Tom Ford, thus reminds me of a lighter/cooler version of She Wolf in a way. 

Close-up: Dior 3 Couleurs Glow #751 Silver Glow Eye Shadow Palette

Silver Glow consist of the following shades:

Top left: A light silvery taupe with satin finish
Top right: Silver glitter on a very light gray basis
Bottom: A cool deep matte brown basis packed with silver glitters.

Swatch under direct sun: Dior 3 Couleurs Glow #751 Silver Glow Eye Shadow Palette

I took pictures of the swatches under sun light and in shadow to give you a better idea of each shade. My favorite of three is the complex light silver taupe (top left) shade, which sold me the palette. It is cool but yet workable on my now olive skin tone blame the beach holiday. I am sure it will work much better once I am back to NC20-25. This shade is buttery and pigmented, I really love it. The liner shade at the bottom of the palette is rather dry, as one would expect from a liner. I like using it wet for liner but wished it would be tad smoother to be also used on the crease. Color pay-off once applied dry is not top but certainly workable. Glitter shade (top right) is a little different than what I am used to. This one has smaller sized glitters compared to Tom Ford formula but therefore more can be picked up at once, giving a more frostier/metallic look if that makes sense. Thus I find it more day time appropriate but has less of that oomph, so it is up to you to decide which one you are after.

Swatch in shadow: Dior 3 Couleurs Glow #751 Silver Glow Eye Shadow Palette

For the below look, I followed these steps:

  • Primed my eyes with Nars Pro-Prime.
  • Applied silvery taupe (top left) all over the lid) and along the lower lash line.
  • I used the liner shade to line top and bottom of the lid, starting halfway, in the direction of outer corner. I also used the same shade to define my crease lightly.
  • I picked up some of the glitter shade (top right) with my finger and gently padded that on the lid towards inner corner.
  • Applied some mascara on top and bottom lashes (Shiseido Mascara Parfait Full Definition)
  • ...and apparently I forgot to even comb my eye brows on this one, sorry for the mess ;-)

In-action: Dior 3 Couleurs Glow #751 Silver Glow Eye Shadow Palette

Final thoughts: Dior's Silver Glow evolves around a gorgeous silver taupe shade which worked for me but would look even better on cooler skin tones and fairer ladies out there. I find the glitter formula of Dior more day friendly given that the glitter sizes are smaller. I only wished the liner shade was a bit softer and easier to work with on the crease, it works wonderful as a liner though. Dior 3 Couleurs Glow #751 Silver Glow Eye Shadow Palette (5.5 g/ 0.19OZ, 43 EUR/$48) is limited edition and now available in Europe, Asia, Japan, USA & Canada.

Have you checked any of Dior's Glow Trios? Do you prefer finer or chunkier glitter for your looks?



  1. Think the liner would work to make a smokey eye look?

    1. Hi Alicia,
      I used the liner shade to define the crease and along the upper and lower lash line to smoke the look out a bit, it does work but it could work better it it would be slightly softer. Good thing, it doesn't produce fall out, bad thing it takes sometime to build up the color. If you want a very defined crease, it may not be for you.wet application helps to intensify the color.

  2. such beautiful shades! I might have to check them out:)

    1. Those would look stunning on your light skin and blue eyes :-*

  3. This is so much greyer and smokier than I thought from the pan. It really is stunning, especially the shimmer in the light shade.

    1. Yes the application and color in the pan is a little different. Shimmer shade is like Tom Ford's but the glitter particles are smaller. I am thinking about a post on comparison of glitters of different brands.

  4. I does look like She Wolf but I think TF he Wolf is much better :) XO

    1. This one is lighter once applied, also more understated. Depends in what you would like but I guess I also like TF more ;-)


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