RMK The Silver Screen Fall 2016 Collection, Swatch, Review & FOTD

I hope you had a great weekend and you are not too disappointed that it is over. Am I? Maybe just a little but as someone who just came back from holidays, I don't think I have the right to do so, booh.

Our living room is full of products I would like to share with you but they are mostly from Fall Collections and I know some blogs started with the Christmas Collection reviews. Nevertheless I am hoping to blog about the highlights, as these are still available or some are even just being released in Europe. Starting from tomorrow, I will start wearing make-up again, so I am hoping to share my FOTDs with you as well, although right now it is hard to get decent contrast on my face. You will see at the end of this post how tanned I am even though I tried my best with reapplying high SPF (read: every half an hour) and not going to the beach before 4pm but my complexion changes color by the merest of sun light. It will be fun to find a foundation tomorrow in the morning.

During my holidays, I rarely put on make-up but from the brands and products I took with me to take photos and test, one collection truly stood out, to the point that when I was traveling to Greece for a week with a tiny bag for both me and hubby, I only got these with me. It is the collection of RMK for Autumn/Winter 2016, called The Silver Screen, inspired by the old Hollywood movies. You can check the full range of products here. There is also a lovely movie there if you have time.

Here are my thoughts & swatches of the products from the collection I got to test...

RMK The Silver Screen Fall 2016 Collection, Classic Film Eyes, Gloss and Cheeks

One of the interesting products of the range is for the brows, RMK W Eyebrow Color. It is double ended and comes in four different colors. I opted for #03 Golden Mauve since it looked like the second lightest in the range with cool undertones, hence mauve. I think the color is right. Eyebrow mascara is really nice, gives a good brush through the fine hair and colors them at the same time. Eye Brow Liner part doesn't have a fine tip like Suqqu Brow Pencil to draw individual hairs but instead it colors the base. The shade is great if you have cool toned browns and everything looks like they caught fire. ;-)

RMK W Eyebrow Colors #03 Golden Mauve Swatch, Close-up to Double End

The rest of the products are all liquid and except the nail polishes, they are in a sleek flat package. It is so weightless, looks so chic and it is very effective and fast to apply. Can you tell that I love the concept!

It is given that the products have to be well shaken before use although I didn't do that most of the time and didn't really have problems. The applicator for cheek and eye products as well as the lipgloss are the same, as shown below. I think it works perfectly to apply the first color. I usually then tap with my fingers on the eyes and the cheeks.

Applicator of RMK Classic Film Eyes, Gloss and Cheeks

The eye range is making me drool, there is a shade called Mocha Sepia. I am hoping to get my hands on that one if Beauty Bay stocks the collection. I see that the color Sepia is sold out at Selfridges. 

#01 Silver Screen is a neutral silver, almost a taupe. If you have problem with wearing silvers, you might have luck with that one. Usually the silver shades of Japanese Brands never turn out to be very cool, which I really like.

#03 Classic Film is an antique gold color. Long term readers know I am the one person on earth who can't wear /doesn't like antique gold but again, this one is really nice. You can see how complex these shades are from swatches.

#04 Classic Pink is a shade which is not me but I can see others liking it. I am considering to use it as a highlighter, not only on the inner corners of the eyes but also on the cheeks.

Swatch: RMK Classic Film Eyes #01 Silver Screen, #03 Classic Film, #04 Classic Pink

Lip glosses, called RMK Classic Film Gloss, of the range have no glitter/shimmer but a highly glossy finish on the lips. They are also semi transparent therefore for my pigmented lips, it is hard to tell the difference between #02 Light Pink and #04 True Rose.

Swatch: RMK Classic Film Gloss, #02 Light Pink, #03 First Rose, #04 True Rose

The cheek colors, RMK Classic Film Cheeks, are recommended to be applied inside the palm and pat on the skin. I applied directly with the applicator on the cheeks and then patted on it and it worked that way as well. #01 Classic Peach is a lovely peachy coral, #02 Charming Pink is a very cool toned pink, which brings lots of light to the complexion. 

Swatch: RMK Classic Film Cheeks, #01 Classic Peach, #02 Charming Pink

Here is one of the rare occasions I wore make-up during the holidays. We were going out for a dinner. I am wearing Guerlain's renewed formula of Lingerie De Peau Foundation as well as the matching concealer, both of which I am loving at the moment. My sample was too dark but after I got some tan, right now it works perfectly.

On my eyes, I have RMK Classic Film Eyes #01 Silver Screen, on my cheeks I have RMK Classic Film Cheeks #02 Charming Pink and on my lips I am wearing RMK Classic Film Gloss in #02 Light Pink.

FOTD with RMK Classic Film Eyes #01 Silver Screen, Cheeks #02 Charming Pink, Gloss #02  Light Pink

A little close-up. You can see that on the eyes there are no harsh lines because the product is so easy to blend and apply. Loving it! It can also be worn sheered out.

FOTD with RMK Classic Film Eyes #01 Silver Screen, Cheeks #02 Charming Pink, Gloss #02  Light Pink

Lastly I would like to mention that, I tested these in extreme conditions, with temperatures over 30ºC, sweating like crazy and they didn't move a bit. The eye products set nicely around 10-15 seconds after the application then doesn't bulge. Cheek products move a little even after setting but they stayed put on the cheeks for the course of the evening.

RMK The Silver Screen Fall 2016 Collection, Classic Film Eyes, Gloss and Cheeks

Final thoughts: RMK The Silver Screen Fall 2016 Collection is a winner in my book. The eye products stay put and can be blended so effortlessly, the cheek products are great for a swipe and go day. I like how glosses round up the look, matching to the cheeks. The packaging is chic and weightless while being effective in terms of application. 

Availability: You can now find RMK Silver Screen Collection at (not affiliated) Selfridges (in store and online), Beautybay and Lookfantastic. 

Do you like wearing liquid products or do you prefer powder?

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided free of charge for my consideration. 
I am not paid for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Hi Sara-I'm so happy you are back!!-you look well rested! Looking forward to your future blog posts💋💋💋

  2. Thank you for your review. I'm really tempted by the Silver Screen and Classic Peach. I notice they don't have the Ex prefix. Do you know if they are limited edition? I was hoping to order them later when I buy something else to save on postage.

  3. Hello Sara, glad too read you again !

  4. Hey Sara, I too am glad you are back. And it's nice to see the photo of you relaxed and vacation. These products look lovely. I am tempted by the pink eye shadow. Are these metallics would you say?

  5. Hi Sara, don't you look tanned and happy. Jealous! RMK is not a brand I think of often, but I need to try them out. That antique gold eyeshadow is stunning! I like the unique packaging too.

  6. What a glow on you from the holidays! I recently made an order on Selfridges on line and was looking for a few of these, but most of the colors were sold out. I'm going to have to keep watching because these look wonderful. Thank you for a beautiful (and helpful) post!

  7. Aww, thank you. I am so glad to hear from you. How have you been?
    I should catch you in Twitter again. :-**

  8. Dear Anne,
    just got an answer to my query to the headquarters :-)
    They confirmed that whole range is limited edition apart from the Eyebrow product, which will join the permanent line up. Hope this helps. Silver Screen is beautiful, so is Classic Peach, great picks. Check out Lookfantastic. They usually don't have postage.

  9. Hey, hi hi!
    So glad to see you again around here.
    Cant wait for your french comments ;-)

  10. Dear Alison,
    I would like to write you back. I will also review Suqqu products shortly. Did you get something from the last collection?
    Eye products are metallics but they don't accentuate my fine lines since the finish is very complex. I really like them.

  11. Hey hi there! How are your kiddies doing? They should be so grown up already!

    Packaging is great, it is so good to carry around, even passes inside my pocket. This might be a collection to start with RMK ;-)

  12. Dear Belly,
    thanks so much for your Twitter support on the collection. I would like to order Sepia and Mocha Sepia, both colors look so delicious (can one say that for make-up LOL) but Lookfantastic, that has less postage fees, didn't have those particular shades *sighs*. I think you might enjoy the shade Classic Film as well. Which one were you eyeing?

  13. Haha! i was looking longingly at Classic Pink and Silver Screen along with one of the cheek shades. That's good to know about lookfantastic. Didn't realize they carried RMK. I am going to waddle over to take a look and see what shades they have.

  14. Well, Sara, the colors were a but warm for me. I did get the eye liner pencils. And the rust color is interesting -- though not something I would wear a lot. I am really looking forward to Jorge's palettes as the cool colors are just my speed. So glad you are back. I bet the late summer Suqqu quad looks great on you. Right now I am playing the Kevyn A Red Roses palette.

  15. Dear Sara, thank you for the tip. I'll check their website now. Looking forward to your SUQQU reviews. :)


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